Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Cobra Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Razer launched the Cobra Pro wireless series of gaming mice with a symmetrical design targeted at mid-to-high-end gamers. Following the success of the Viper Mini, many gamers eagerly awaited the release of a wireless model. While the classic Viper model already received its Ultimate version and V2 Pro, there has been no update on the Mini except for the ultra-limited Viper Mini Signature Edition.

Pros and Cons

Symmetrical design for right-handersLack of thumb buttons on the right side
Very good finishesA little heavy for its size
PTFE mouse feet for glide performanceCharging dock sold separately
Dual wireless connection
Lighting effects on the bottom


Cobra ProCobra Pro Wired
SensorFocus Pro 30K Optical8500 DPI Optical
Sensitivity (DPI)30,0008,500
Max Speed (IPS)750300
Max Acceleration (G)7035
Razer RGBYesYes
SwitchesOptical Mouse Switches Gen-3Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3
Click Lifecycle90 million clicks90 million clicks
Approx. Weight77 g58 g
ConnectivityWireless (2.4GHz, BLE) & WiredWired

The brand now provides a first response to gamers seeking a compact, lightweight, and wireless mouse with its new Razer Cobra Pro. While it may not be the long-awaited Viper Mini, this new model adopts its dimensions and features a dual 2.4 GHz / Bluetooth connection. However, weighing 77g on the scale, it may not fulfill the hopes of many.

In contrast to the sleek design focused on performance that we have come to expect from the “Pro” models, the Cobra Pro takes inspiration from the Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, incorporating several RGB lighting zones and pre-installed grips on its facades. This decision by Razer is surprising, especially for a model offered at 129.99 USD . Additionally, a wired version is also available for 39 USD.

Inside, there are the following items: 

  • The Razer Cobra Pro
  • A Razer Speedflex USB-C to USB-A cable
  • A USB-A dongle for the 2.4 Ghz connection
  • A USB-C to USB-A adapter to bring the dongle closer to the mouse
  • A user manual and some stickers in the colors of the brand


The Razer Cobra Pro mouse maintains the classic design style typical of Razer gaming mice. It features a matte palm contact surface, enhancing the tactile feel, while the sides have a slightly elastic rubber material with an embossed design, improving the overall grip.

When we look at the Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse from the front, we notice that it primarily orients towards right-handed users, despite adopting a symmetrical design. This is because the thumb button is only present on the left side. Additionally, below the scroll wheel, we find two quick buttons that, by default, function to adjust the mouse sensitivity, allowing users to increase or decrease it as needed.

RAZER COBRA PRO front and rear

The bottom of the Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse features PTFE mouse feet on the front, rear, and central optical sensor. It also has lighting effects on the outer ring. The mouse has a symmetrical design but is tailored for right-handers with two side buttons on the left side, offering a satisfying click with clear activation.

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At the back, there’s a button to navigate between configuration profiles, and on the opposite side, a switch to toggle between connection modes. Three PTFE pads on the rear ensure excellent glide performance. There’s also a small hatch for storing the mouse’s USB dongle or installing the Qi-compatible wireless charging module, sold separately at around $25, which would have been appreciated if included with the mouse considering its price.

The two shortcut keys below the scroll wheel.

On the upper part, there are the M1 / ​​M2 buttons with 3rd generation Razer optical switches. In use, they offer perfectly responsive activation, without any pre or post-travel.


The circular scroll light effect on both sides, has a raised pattern design in the center to increase the tactile feeling when using it.


The design of the right side of the Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse is symmetrical to the left side, but there is no shortcut key configuration.

On the left side of the Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse, you can see two shortcut key designs, which do not have preset functions.

The Razer Cobra Pro closely matches the dimensions of the Viper Mini, making them almost identical in size.

The mouse retains its symmetrical format, measuring ‎4.71 x 2.46 x 0.1 inches, making it well-suited for Claw Grip or Fingertip Grip, depending on individual preferences.

Once the hand grips the mouse, users will experience sensations reminiscent of the Viper range models, except for the difference in weight. Despite its compact dimensions, the Cobra Pro weighs 77g, and it cannot be considered truly ultra-light. To put it into perspective, the excellent Viper V2 Pro weighs no more than 58g despite being larger in size.


Unlike the wired-only Razer Cobra, the Cobra Pro offers the advantage of dual wireless connectivity options: 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth. This versatility brings it closer to the Basilisk V3 Pro, rather than the Viper V2 Pro, which is limited to 2.4 GHz only.

The 2.4 GHz Razer HyperSpeed ​​connection is established through a USB-A dongle that plugs into your computer, or you can use the USB-A to USB-C adapter provided in the box to bring it closer to the mouse. For the best wireless performance, it is recommended to use this extender as usual.


Switching to Bluetooth mode allows you to use the mouse wirelessly without the need for the dongle. You can easily switch between modes using the switch located underneath the Cobra Pro. Bluetooth connection is more suitable for office use or games that do not require ultra-fast responsiveness.


The transmission cable is USB Type-A to Type-C specification, and the overall cable maintains Razer’s consistent Speedflex soft braided material covering design, which is less affected by the cable pull when using wired.

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HyperSpeed ​​Wireless Receiver and Adapter for Razer Cobra Pro Gaming Mouse. The other end of the adapter is USB Type-C specification.

Razer Cobra PRo with charging dock

When combined with the Razer Mouse Dock Pro wireless charging stand, it functions as a HyperSpeed wireless receiver, enhancing the polling rate of the Razer Cobra Pro gaming mouse to 4000 Hz compared to the accessory receiver.


The Razer Cobra Pro incorporates the highly praised Razer Focus Pro 30K optical sensor, known for its exceptional performance in recent Razer mouse models. With the ability to handle speeds of up to 750 IPS and accelerations of 70 G, the sensor provides flawless tracking.

During usage, there are no complaints in terms of performance. The mouse responds accurately to even the slightest movements, whether used in wired or wireless mode.

In gaming scenarios, the Cobra Pro’s combination of the Viper Mini’s compact size and the convenience of wireless operation proves to be advantageous. Despite weighing 77 grams, the mouse remains maneuverable, though it may not be among the lightest options in the market. For those seeking an even lighter mouse, they might anticipate the release of a potential Viper Mini Pro with reduced weight.

Regarding controls, the Cobra Pro adds only one additional button compared to the Viper Mini. This results in a relatively straightforward design, and in comparison to the Basilisk V3 Pro, it may not be as versatile.

Sensor TechnologyOptical (LED)
Sensor ModelRazer Focus Pro 30K
Works On GlassYes
Minimum Lift Off Distance1.2 mm
Maximum Polling Rate1000 Hz

Razer Chroma RGB

Battery Life

Regarding battery life, the brand claims up to 100 hours in 2.4 GHz mode and approximately 170 hours in Bluetooth mode. However, these values will naturally decrease based on the intensity of the backlighting used.

Razer Synapse Software

The Razer Cobra Pro supports Razer Synapse 3, and if you already have the software installed, a simple update will add the mouse to the list of available devices. However, it’s worth noting that Synapse updates can sometimes be a bit finicky and may require a computer restart.

With the Razer Synapse software, you can easily create and manage various configuration profiles tailored to specific games or applications. The “Customize” tab allows you to customize the actions of different buttons, choosing from Razer’s preset options or even creating your own complex macros.

Razer Cobra Pro customize section

There is also the “Hypershift” mode, allowing access to a second mapping when the feature is activated.

The “Performance” tab allows you to configure different levels of sensitivity or to adjust the polling-rate of the mouse. Still concerning the sensor options, there is also a “Calibration” tab allowing you to configure the lift-off distance , with the possibility of selecting a different value when you lift or rest the mouse.


Comparison to Viper Mini

The shape and design of the Cobra Pro closely resemble the Viper mini, making them almost identical in appearance. However, Razer markets the Cobra Pro as a feature-packed mouse, targeting users who desire a combination of performance and versatility. In contrast, the Viper mini caters to those seeking a performance-focused mouse without additional features like RGB or Bluetooth.

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It’s challenging to understand the target audience for the new Razer Cobra Pro. While the mouse itself doesn’t have any significant flaws, it also fails to meet the expectations of many players.

Instead of introducing a Viper Pro V2 in a “Mini” format as anticipated, Razer introduces a new range that appears rather puzzling. By adding RGB lighting and side grips to what could have been the wireless version of the Viper Mini, they end up with a 77g mouse that might struggle to find its place in the current market.

Moreover, with a price of 129.99 USD and lacking additional accessories such as wireless charger, it becomes even more difficult for us to recommend it. Comparatively, the Viper V2 Pro is priced at 120 USD, and the Viper Mini is still available for less than 30$. Our recommendation is to wait a little longer and hope for a true wireless Viper Mini to be released.

Similar Product

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  • Razer Optical Mouse Switches with a lifespan of 50 million clicks for quick and responsive clicks.
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  • Razer Speedflex cable for minimal drag and smooth gliding.
  • 6 programmable buttons for customizable controls and macros.
  • Onboard memory to save up to 5 profiles for easy access to personalized settings.
  • Razer Chroma RGB lighting with various lighting effects for a customizable gaming setup.
  • Ambidextrous design suitable for both right and left-handed gamers.
  • Compatible with Razer Synapse 3 for extensive customization and configuration.
  • PTFE mouse feet for smooth movement on any surface.
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  • Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology for a lag-free and reliable 2.4GHz connection.
  • Rapid charging with a USB-C cable, providing 10 hours of gameplay on a 15-minute charge.
  • Customizable PrismSync RGB lighting with 3 zones for personalized aesthetics.
  • Six programmable buttons with tactile and durable switches for responsive clicks.
  • Onboard memory to store custom profiles for use on multiple devices without software.
  • SteelSeries Engine software for in-depth customization, macros, and sensitivity adjustments.
  • Two swappable side panels (included in the box) for different grip styles and comfort.
  • Durable PTFE glide pads for smooth movement on various surfaces, including cloth and hard mousepads.
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed users with its symmetrical design.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

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  • Advanced Lightspeed wireless technology for a reliable and fast 1ms report rate connection.
  • High-precision HERO 12K Optical Sensor with up to 12,000 DPI sensitivity for accurate tracking.
  • Durable mechanical button tensioning system for crisp and consistent clicks.
  • 6 programmable buttons with customizable controls and macros for personalized gaming experience.
  • Onboard memory to save one profile for easy plug-and-play on different computers.
  • Efficient battery life of up to 250 hours on a single AA battery.
  • Compatible with Logitech G HUB software for extensive customization and configuration.
  • Compact, ambidextrous design suitable for both right and left-handed users.
  • PTFE feet for smooth gliding on various surfaces, including glass.
  • Budget-friendly option for gamers looking for wireless convenience without breaking the bank.