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Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mechanical keyboards have become one of the preferred alternatives for many users when it comes to using the computer since they offer a more visual experience. Razer is one of the biggest brands for computer peripherals, and their keyboards have a wide range. The Razer Pro Type Ultra is one of Razer’s mechanical keyboard models geared towards productivity and not gaming.

Aesthetically, it is far from what we usually see in gaming peripherals, with a reasonably elegant white color, backlighting only in white, and full keyboard format (with numeric keypad). It is a keyboard that can work both wired and wireless.

Let’s see what this non-RGB mechanical keyboard is worth for once at Razer, but of excellent quality nonetheless.

Comfortable typing with wrist restWireless connectivity issues
Supports multi-device pairingExtra loud stabilizers
Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wirelessDoes not support macOS
Long battery life
Wireless connectivity
Quiet mechanical keys

The Pro Type Ultra is a mechanical keyboard with Razer Yellow switches, a linear design, and a silent keystroke

These switches have a lifespan of up to 80 million keystrokes. The peripheral includes white LED backlighting, which matches the keyboard design.

The product attaches a wide palm rest. The keys are resistant to finger marks. Its versatile connectivity peripheral:

  • USB-C cable
  • 2.4 GHz low latency wireless with up to 207 battery life
  • Bluetooth for up to 214 hours

This device has a recommended retail price of 169.99 USD. The keyboard comes with a soft leatherette-wrapped wrist rest, a 2m USB to USB Type C cable, and a quick start guide.


The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a high-end mechanical keyboard, and who says high-end says a beautiful box, white and green this time! Farewell to the black and green boxes and all the colors here; the Pro Type Ultra is not a keyboard for Gamers. The content is quite simple but enough for what you want to do; we find the keyboard, the wrist rest, and the power cable.

Because indeed, we have a wireless keyboard here, which allows you to connect via Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz, for more responsiveness but less battery drain as a result.


The keyboard is all white, which reminds us of the manufacturer’s Mercury range. However, it’s not that because here, the keyboard is essentially made for working and not for playing, although perfectly possible between us.

Where other manufacturers offer ultra-flat and super-thin “Pro” keyboards, this is not at all what Razer offers. We are entitled to a very thick keyboard as we like them, with large keycaps that are also very high and, above all, a keyboard with floating keys, which is increasingly being done.

The advantage of keyboards with floating keys is that the keys do not fit into the keyboard; they always remain above the chassis. This effect is aesthetic; it also prevents dust and other small dirt from everyday life from entering the keyboard. Thus, complete disassembly of the keycaps of the latter makes it possible to clean everything easily and quickly.

There is an aluminum plate on the top of the keyboard, which is very elegant and offers a beautiful finish to the keyboard. The Razer logo is just above the directional arrows but reasonably light and discreet. On the other hand, what bothers me is the order of the activity LEDs at the top right. The number lock LED and the caps lock LED are reversed.

First, we find that of capital letters, second, that of numbers. It makes sense but is a bit confusing. Despite everything, we can see these LEDs, and an inscription just below makes it possible to identify them quickly.

The keys are backlit but not over their entire surface. For example, the function keys at the top, from F1 to F12, only have the backlit multimedia function. Likewise, only the primary function is illuminated each time for the numbered keys.

Under the keyboard is a plastic shell with three pads on the front and three others on the back for a symmetrical whole. Below is a closed slot to store the USB dongle to connect the keyboard in 2.4 GHz.

Double risers are also present, with the possibility of mounting the keyboard with an orientation of 6°C or 9°C.

If we take the keyboard on the front, at the back, there is the switch to turn on the Pro Type Ultra, in 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth connection, as desired. A USB-C port is also available to connect the keyboard for charging, and the activity LED is green this time!

The wrist rest is also provided; the latter adopts the form Razer has wanted to give lately to its wrist rests, that is, very comfortable and smooth. Under a leatherette covering hides a suitable thickness of the foam.


The Razer Pro Type Ultra is indeed a mechanical keyboard. The latter has yellow switches; these have the advantage of being linear and silent. By linear, we mean above all the fact that there is no tactile feedback or click, as we can have on Razer Orange switches (comparable to classic blue switches) in particular. Neither tactile nor clickable feedback.

Their activation force is 45 grams, the activation stroke is 1.2 mm, and the total stroke is 3.5 mm. The typing is pleasant. However, it takes a little time to adapt.

The switches aren’t that quiet but aren’t too loud; however, the noise seems muffled. On the other hand, the switches are pleasant on this Razer Pro Type Ultra, and we adapt to them quite quickly. The switches are guaranteed a lifetime of 80 million activations.


Even if this keyboard is not focused on gaming, it is perfectly possible to play with it without any worries. These are not membrane switches found inside but mechanical ones, which offer all the comfort. In-game, it is therefore ideal, although a keyboard with classic red switches is sometimes more interesting.

However, for typing, it’s perfect! unlike SteelSeries Apex 5 with blue switches! the entire layout is nice, with the numeric keypad. They are made of ABS on the keycap side, which is very pleasant to the touch and very soft.

Razer also thought of a good thing on the F5 key. The multimedia functionalities are put forward compared to the functionalities F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, … the F5 key still allows you to refresh a web page. Quite simply because Razer has put this multimedia functionality, which is an excellent idea. Otherwise, you can always do CTRL + R, nothing for the trick.

The only disappointment is the wrist rest. Unfortunately, it is at no time fixed to the keyboard, not even by magnets as Razer had, however, done on the Huntsman V2 Analog. Indeed, it does not move that much on a good mouse pad. But all the same, a shift of one centimeter after a few minutes is painful.


As for the backlight, it is possible to illuminate the keys of the keyboard. But only in white! It’s not a gaming-oriented keyboard.

It is possible to adjust the keyboard’s backlight quite effectively either with Razer Synapse or via the F11 and F12 multimedia keys via their primary function. Either you can press 20 times to increase the brightness in increments of 5%, or you can do a long press to increase the brightness continuously, to the maximum or the minimum, turning it off as desired.

Anyway, as always with Razer, the engraving of the keys is fine; it is, however, possible primarily to see what is written on it; it is pleasant as usual with Razer.

The white coating of the keys gives a nice effect: in good light, the symbols of the buttons are gray, but in the dark, they turn white.

A light touch is all it takes to actuate the key contacts, and the actuation depth of Razer branded switches is about 2mm with a full essential travel of 3.5mm. The claimed resource reaches 80 million clicks.

Battery life

As for battery life, Razer promises 214 hours of battery life on Bluetooth and 207 hours on 2.4 GHz.

Razer has worked very well on the battery of its keyboard. A small detail that helps with this is that the brightness automatically decreases after a few seconds when the keyboard is not touched. You can also use the wired keyboard.


The keyboard can be used in three connection modes: classic wired and dual radio modes, 2.4 GHz, and Bluetooth. For the keyboard to work in radio modes without being wired to a PC, you need to connect the same USB adapter to the computer’s USB port.

Immediately after connecting the keyboard by wire or dongle, the system will detect the presence of the keyboard, and the corresponding icon will appear in the Device Panel. By the way, in different versions of Windows, the keyboard icon may look different.

The keyboard is ready to work. Work in wired mode is possible in any switch position, but to select one or another radio mode, you need to move the switch to the desired position, “2.4” or “BT.” There is no visible difference between these modes; however, the specifications indicate that using the Bluetooth channel gives a slightly lower consumption of the battery built into the keyboard, up to 214 hours of operation against 207 hours of operation in the 2.4 GHz exchange mode.

However, for the entire disclosure of all the keyboard functions, it requires more than a simple connection. Namely, installing the Razer Synapse proprietary program, which controls the keyboard and other Razer devices and links them into a single system.


The Razer Pro Type Ultra is a compact yet full-key mechanical keyboard with 3 connection methods, wired and two wireless. Low-noise tactile switches with a lifespan of up to 80 million clicks make operation comfortable; their clicks do not disturb others.

A soft adjustable backlight allows you to work in the screen’s light. Advanced proprietary software makes it possible to use the keyboard in symbiosis with other Razer computer peripherals.

Its keys are not the quietest we have experienced, but they become pleasant after a few hours of adaptation. Its good battery life and convenient multi-device connection features. Overall, a pleasure to use!


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