Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against AI Developer for Voice Misuse

Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against AI Developer for Voice Misuse

Scarlett Johansson has taken legal action against an artificial intelligence application developer for using her name and image in an online advertisement, Variety has reported .

In the ad, which is 22 seconds long, you see Johansson backstage at the “Black Widow” movie. She seems to say, “Hi guys! I’m Scarlett, and I want you to join me.” Then, the camera moves away, but you can still hear the AI voice. It says, “You can do more than just make avatars. You can also create pictures with text and even your own AI videos. Don’t miss out.”

However, the company behind the AI, Convert Software, did put a note at the bottom of the ad. It said, “Images produced by Lisa AI. They are not associated with this individual.”

Despite the ad showing a disclaimer stating, “Images produced by Lisa AI. It has nothing to do with this person,” Johansson has decided to take legal action. The state of California has strict privacy laws that let people sue if someone uses their “name, voice, signature, photograph or likeness” without permission for advertising.

This ad popped up on October 28th and has since been removed from the internet. Johansson’s team has clarified that she never agreed to this use of her likeness or voice. The app’s spokesperson mentioned that their legal team is already handling the situation.

It’s not just Johansson who has faced this problem. Tom Hanks, known for his role as Forrest Gump, also had to tell his fans about an ad. This ad for a dental plan had an AI-generated image of him and was made without his OK. Hanks and Johansson’s experiences show a growing issue with AI and privacy.

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Even though famous people might sue to make a point when someone uses their image without asking, these cases often end with a simple legal warning.

Scarlett’s Legal Stand

Scarlett Johansson’s lawyer, Kevin Yorn, is taking this infringement seriously. They’re planning to use all the legal tools they have to deal with the issue. It’s a strong message that using someone’s image or voice without permission is not acceptable.

This lawsuit by Scarlett Johansson against an AI developer is a significant event. It highlights the need for clear laws about AI and privacy. It’s important to understand the value of consent and the power of AI technology. As we move forward, the balance between innovation and individual rights will be crucial.