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Sennheiser RS ​​5200 vs Sennheiser RS ​​5000: Special Wireless Headphones Comparision

The Sennheiser RS ​​5200 and RS 5000 both are a pair of wireless headphones from Sennheiser that offers special functions for people with hearing difficulties. RS ​​5200 price is currently $250, and it is the successor to the Sennheiser RS ​​5000, which also looked at some time ago. There is also a charging station, and in addition to the cushions that have already been fitted, three different cushions are also included.

The scope of delivery of the RS 5200 headphones consists of:

  • jack cable
  • optical cable
  • RCA splitter cable, jack (female) to RCA
  • Power supply and four adapters, UK, AUS, US, EU
  • Transmitter model TT 5000
  • Under-the-chin headphones RR 5200
  • Paper instructions, quick start guide
  • 4 pairs of ear pads

The scope of delivery of the RS 5000 headphones consists of:

  • headphone
  • charging cradle/transmitter station
  • 3.5 mm jack cable (blue)
  • Toslink cable (pink)
  • Instructions and Quick Start Guide
  • power adapter
  • Power supply adapter 
  • Second pair of ear pads 

What makes it unique, and what can it do that other wireless headphones can’t? In this comparision we took a close look at the Sennheiser RS ​​5200 vs Sennheiser RS ​​5000.

Pros and Cons

Sennheiser RS ​​5200Sennheiser RS ​​5000
Dialogue is emphasisedExcellent quality and sound
Immersive movie soundtracksLong battery life on receiver
Long-range of Battery Audio is adjustable for background noise
Very expensive Included earbuds were uncomfortable
Odd stethoscope-style designExtra receiver is expensive


Sennheiser RS ​​5200Sennheiser RS ​​5000
ModelRs 5200Rs 5000
ReleasedSep 1, 2021April 1, 2017
Dimension102 x 265 x 23 mm102 x 265 x 23 mm
Weight 64 g 61 g
Earpiece ConnectionWirelessWireless
Frequency Response15 – 16,000 Hz
Battery Capacity360 mAh350 mAh
Controls YesYes
CodecsaptX HD/apt-X/AAC/SBC aptX HD/apt-X/AAC/SBC
Battery Life12 hrsUp to 12 hrs
Audio Input3.5 mm jack3.5 mm jack


Sennheiser RS ​​5200- As you can see, the headphones hang with the pads in the ear, and the headband runs under the chin. It, therefore, does not press on an existing pair of glasses. It is a unique headphone that you buy because of its functions. The wearing comfort cannot be compared to regular headphones, and it is difficult to describe if you have not worn such a model before. 

According to my scales, the weight is around 64 grams, making the headphones extremely light. The processing is in the usual Sennheiser quality. The charging station and headphones look modern and chic. Everything seems solidly processed. The service is also kept simple, benefiting the customers, who are probably older.

There are 4 cushions of different sizes and made of other materials.

  • A pair of simple, larger silicone pads are already mounted.
  • Another smaller pair of silicone pads are included.
  • Then we have a pair of memory foam pads. This is such a soft foam that it is easy to knead and adjust. These cushions shield against ambient noise better. They enable better sealing.
  • The last pair of pads are open, airy foam.

Sennheiser RS ​​5000- The Sennheiser RS ​​weighs around 61 grams and is therefore very light. The wireless headphones have a unique design in which there is no headband. Instead, it is worn under the chin, and the wires come from below. The advantage of this design is a low weight, and there is also a significant advantage for people who wear glasses. Due to the design, the headphones do not press on the side of the glasses.

The rubber horns go in the ear but don’t go down the ear canal as an in-ear headphone would.

A separate pair of ear pads are included with the wireless headphones. These have a different shape (for smaller ears) and can be changed very easily. The current pads can simply be pulled off, and the new pads are then pushed onto the plastic knobs. The cushions can be detached so quickly is very practical, as they can be cleaned more easily.

Using the headphones is very easy because you take them out of the charging cradle, put them on, and then switch them on automatically. When it is no longer needed, it can be placed in the charging cradle, and it will then automatically switch off and charge itself a simple solution. The headphones are always worn with the volume control buttons facing forward.


Sennheiser RS ​​5200- There are three hearing profiles for these headphones aimed at people with hearing problems. Keep that in mind with what I’m about to say.

  1. The first mode makes everything sound duller or takes out the highs and boosts the lows.
  2. On the other hand, the second mode massively reduces the bass and boosts the treble. Feels the opposite of mode 1.
  3. The third mode is a blend, attenuating lows not to mask highs.

The speech intelligibility mode, which is activated via the switch on the side of the headphones, reduces background noise and emphasizes the voice. I tried this with a video, among other things, where soft music was playing in the background. This was filtered out quite well and could only be heard minimally in parts. So this feature makes voices stand out more clearly from background noise.

Since we already know that these headphones are aimed at the hard of hearing and people with hearing impairments, it makes sense. The highs aren’t so loud, and the firm is also tailored to the target group. As a rule, hearing impairment means that you can no longer hear well in the higher frequencies anyway.

Sennheiser RS ​​5000- This is important for people who have hearing problems or who can no longer perceive specific frequency ranges so well. To select a hearing profile, the button with the ear symbol on the top of the charging cradle must be pressed until the white bar above one of the numbers lights up. If the bar next to number 1 lights up, profile 1 is active. If we press and hold the button again, profile 2 is activated. If we repeat this for the third time, we activate profile 3. If we press and hold the button when profile three is active, then the bar goes out and no bar is lit anymore. This means that no hearing profile is activated and the sound is played back unaltered. 

A compression function is also activated in all three hearing profiles, ensuring that quiet passages are raised, and loud passages are lowered.

Now we come to the question of what the hearing profiles do. Above, you can see the excellent graphic from the instructions, showing which profile adapts which frequency ranges and how. 

  1. Profile 1 boosts low tones.
  2. Profile 2 enables high tones, making the sound clearer.
  3. Profile 3 softens low-end sounds.

The best way to test which profile is suitable for the hearing person is follows. The broadcasting station is connected to the television, and then a program is selected where language is in the foreground. Now you try the three profiles and use the profile where the comprehensibility is best. 

The wireless headphones also have a balance control. If we press the R key several times, the sound on the left becomes quieter and quieter. If we press the L key several times, the sound on the right becomes quieter and quieter. If you want to reset the balance, the R and L buttons must be pressed and held simultaneously for 3 seconds.


  • Hearing profiles are the same
  • Both models had 4 power supply adapters
  • The connections are the same.
  • I can’t say if the drivers are the same.
  • Visually, the station and headphones are also the same.
  • What’s new is the different upholstery!
  • A splitter cable for cinch is included.
  • Both 12 hours of playtime
  • The technical data seems identical so far.

The RS 5000 and the 5200 are the successors, which resemble the 5000. The most noticeable innovations here are the upholstery and the cinch split cable. The technical data correspond to the Sennheiser RS ​​5000. 

The hearing profiles are also the same, as we can see from the curves. 

The price is $250, but the RS 5200 is not a mass model developed for a smaller target group. For people with hearing impairments and hearing problems. The RS 5200 model offers some rare fixes: balance control, hearing intelligibility, high volume, simple operation, and three hearing profiles. You will not find such functions in normal headphones.

As always, Sennheiser has excellent instructions, and there are also “HowTo Videos” via QR code. The complete instructions are also available online as a website or PDF.

Anyone who knows the RS5000 will have no trouble getting along with the RS5200 because the two models are similar. 


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