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Sony PlayStation 5 Gameplay, Features, Games

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is the ninth generation home console from the Japanese group Sony Interactive Entertainment and the fifth in its family. The series includes the standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition released on November 19, 2020.

In terms of design, the PS5 comes in white and black with curved and clean lines and is positioned vertically or horizontally.


Playstation 5
ModelPlaystation 5
Release date31/12/2020
ColorsBlack & White

The Playstation will bet on loading times of less than 1 second as well as on improved graphics in 8K with Ray Tracing and 3D audio. Here are the most important technical characteristics of the PS5:

  • 8-core AMD chip based on 3rd generation Ryzen architecture (7nm engraving, Zen 2) with Navi GPU
  • 825 GB capacity internal SSD storage
  • Ray Tracing managed by a dedicated AMD graphics card
  • Support 8K display
  • 3D sound
  • 4K Blu-ray player
  • Backward compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware

All this hardware would make the Playstation 5, according to some benchmarks, four times more powerful than the PS4. Sony’s PS5 console will also offer improved cloud gaming performance and significantly improved graphics rendering.


Playstation 5
Ram16 gb
Graphic architectureAMD RDNA 2
Engraving finesse7 nm

When it comes to performance, the eight-core processor is clocked at 3.5 GHz. The internal storage capacity on the SSD (Solid State Drive) of the PS5 is not very high (825 GB), but it is very fast (5.5 Gb per second), which guarantees loading times almost immediate between different level crossings and at game launch. 3D audio is the new feature that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

In terms of graphics, expect stunning results on your TV. The Playstation 5 will take advantage of Ray Tracing which will drastically improve the rendering of light and objects displayed on the screen. Clearly, the level of detail is very impressive. The console will display images and video in 8K definition, just that. What to take full eyes on your favorite titles and on Netflix in particular.

An SSD hard drive for increased speed

Gone are the good old SATA hard drives. The PlayStation 5 will ship an SSD type hard drive which promises us an ultra-fast console. Mark Cerny, the designer who has already worked on the PS4, assures us that it will be 19 times faster than the latter. If you think the loading times are too long on PlayStation 4, Sony’s latest addition should correct the problem. All this suggests that the company has chosen to use an M.2 type SSD drive.

The presence of this type of disc is very good news with regard to the loading times and/or the installation time of the games.


Playstation 5
Maximum definition supported8K
Framerate Maximal120 Hz
Compatible Cloud GamingYes

Ray Tracing and 8K

The PS5 will be able to take advantage of Ray Tracing. This means that the PlayStation 5 will drastically improve the rendering of light and objects in general. This promises graphics displaying a fairly enormous level of detail.

As for the graphics, high definition gamers will be delighted. The future Sony console will be able to display images in 8K definition! However, not all games will likely be playable under this definition. This is good news since it means that the video content will be viewable in 8K. What to take full eyes on Netflix in particular.

A Made In AMD processor

The processor that will equip the PS5 will of course be more powerful than the one that can be found on the current PS4 Pro. The chip will come from AMD with a CPU engraved in 7nm. More precisely, this CPU will be a third generation Ryzen octo-cores.   

The presence of such a processor will undoubtedly generate performance never before seen on console. For example, in terms of audio, this chip will have a part specially reserved for 3D audio. We must therefore expect a magnificent sound reproduction that will undoubtedly flatter our ears. The future PS5 could establish itself as the most powerful console of the next generation.

The PS5 will ship with a brand new controller called DualSense (and not Dualshock 5 as you might expect). This upcoming controller will include haptic feedback to replace the DualShock 4’s vibration technology, designed to improve controller feedback and therefore player immersion. 

The next controller for Playstation 5 will also have adaptive triggers that will be incorporated into the L2 and R2 buttons. These triggers will allow developers to program the resistance of the triggers to simulate actions more accurately.

It also sports a more refined and futuristic design and look, a “Create” button replaces the famous “Share” input, there is a microphone and recharging is done via a USB-C port. The docking station supplied with the console can charge two DualSense at the same time.


Playstation 5
Expandable memoryYes
Internal memory825GB
Type of memory extensionSSD

Smart Features

Playstation 5
Compatible SurroundTempest Engine
Wi-Fi standardWi-Fi 6 (ax)
Number of HDMI port1
Number of USB ports2

The games available on the PS5

During its last conference, the manufacturer gave pride of place to new video games that will be available on its next-gen console. But what about the roster? Here are some answers.

First there is  Spider-Man Miles Morales , a very good trailer of which was released during the event. We can also mention  Final Fantasy XVI which will benefit from an exclusivity of 6 months on the PS5 before being released on other platforms. For fans of the Harry Potter universe, the title Hogwarts Legacy will also be there.

The number and variety of games announced exclusively for this launch will continue to appeal to buyers. Here is the list:

– Astro’s Playroom

– Demons’Souls Remake

– Allstars Destruction

– Godfall

– Sackboy: A Big Adventure

– Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

– Gran Turismo 7

– Horizon 2: Forbidden West

– Tatchet and Clank: Rift Apart

– Returnal

– Deathloop

Several games have also been announced that will make a hit like God of War which is an exclusive and Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War which will see the big return of Zombie mode. We also note the titles Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo from the French studio Arkhane Studio (Dishonored, Prey) which will also be excluded.


Playstation 5
Compatible SurroundTempest Engine

The Horizon Zero Dawn 2 sequel has also been announced and a new God of War game will both land on the PS 5. In addition, Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will prioritize AAA games over indie games in order to focus on serious players and for the general public. In any case, the line-up of titles available is very interesting and will delight gamers looking for something new at the end of the year.

Digital or physical, PS4 games will be compatible with the new console after upgrading to their digital-only PS5 version. This implies that you will have to abandon the games of previous generations.

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Nintendo Switch OLED vs Valve Steam Deck: Detailed Comparision

Valve entered a new market for itself with the announcement of the Steam Deck. They immediately began to compare it with the best-selling console of our time – the Nintendo Switch.

Gaben’s subsequent attack on the gaming device market will change something. And the most obvious competitor is Switch. Given the non-obvious readiness of Nintendo to release a new and improved console in the coming years, it’s time to compare the two primary weapons of the gamer in absentia. And not only them. Get ready – we have a mountain of everything to discuss.

The new Valve console is precisely similar to the Switch, excep without removable elements on the left and right, where the joysticks and buttons are located. The device will work on a particular version of SteamOS. The main advantage of the device is support for games from the Steam library.


Nintendo Switch OLEDValve Steam Deck
Dimensions4 x 9.5 x 0.55 inches11.7 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches
Weight0.93 pounds (422 grams)1.47 pounds (669 grams)
Display Size7-inch OLED7-inch LCD (diagonal)
Resolution1280×720 px1200×800 px
Refresh Rate60Hz60Hz
CPUAMD APU, ARM quad-core, 1.02 GHzAMD APU, Zen 2 4c/8t, 2.4-3.5GHz
GPUNVIDIA Tegra X1, 307.2-768 MHz 8 RDNA 2 CUs, 1.0-1.6GHz
Storage64GB eMMC64GB eMMC/256GB SSD/
SD card slotYesYes
BluetoothControllers onlyBluetooth 5.0
Wi-FiDual-band Wi-Fi radio, 2.4GHz, and 5GHzDual-band Wi-Fi radio, 2.4GHz, and 5GHz
Battery LifeUp to 4.5-9 hoursUp to 2-8 hours

The Steam Deck measures 11.7 x 4.6 x 1.9 inches in width, length and height, and weighs almost 1.47 pounds (669 grams).

The Steam Deck is almost 3 times thicker, nearly the size of an elbow, but it weighs half as much. As an expert, it can be noted that Valve was focused not on Huawei but its neighbours in the American office with a Macbook – 304.1 x 212.4 x 16.1 mm. The impressive thickness of the Steam Deck will fit into a large bag or backpack but won’t fit into most laptop cases and other compact carriers.

Switch the new version with OLED – 4 x 9.5 x 0.55 inches with attached controllers and 0.93 pounds (422 grams). The controllers stick almost 15 mm, but they can be removed and shoved along with the portable into any slot.

We take a keyboard in our hands, sit in the pose of a mobile gamer and check the sensations for 15 minutes. Chances are, your keyboard, if there are no additional blocks for power, backlighting, and other things, weigh about the same as a new console and is almost the same size.

Feelings are not very pleasant, are they? However, gaming devices rarely provide comfort but rather injure the limbs of gamers. Still, in terms of convenience, the Switch outweighs the Deck with its underweight and ergonomics.


The Steam Deck has a very unusual design. The analog sticks are located at the top, which looks strange, but it is convenient, according to the IGN editors. Also, the D-pad and buttons are right next to the knobs because there is room underneath the touchpads. A mouse replacement will come in handy in PC games, but isn’t one touch screen enough?

There are four additional programmable buttons at the back, in the style of an Xbox Elite controller. This solution significantly improves the comfort of the game. The downside to the Steam Deck is its rough construction and weight. The hardware weighs 667g. In comparison, the Switch v2 weighs 399g with the Joy-con, while the Switch OLED will be 22g heavier.

The Nintendo Switch has a more typical console set and button layout but has a secret weapon in removable Joy-cones. They offer entirely new ways to interact with games. Unfortunately, these controllers have a big problem with stick drift. But, if you run into such a problem, you may end up replacing the controllers with new ones. This option is not available on the Steam Deck. Nintendo also allows for Joy-con replacements, many of which are interesting.

Switch v2 and Switch OLED come with a docking station that allows you to connect the set-top box to a TV, with the ability to add accessories to the entire set. In docked mode, the Switch often offers slightly higher resolutions.

Steam Deck vs Nintendo Switch – Performance 

In terms of components, Steam Deck plays in a completely different league, far from Nintendo Switch. Valve’s console will be packed with compelling AMD components like a quad-core (and eight-thread) Zen 2 processor and AMD RDNA 2 graphics with eight CUs. Added to this is 16GB of RAM.

The numbers don’t tell much for many gamers, but the most striking comparison would be the fact that the desktop Xbox Series S has RDNA 2 graphics with 20 CUs but is clocked at just 1.56GHz, while the Steam Deck is 2.4GHz. – 3.5 GHz. This allows us to estimate that the performance of the Steam Deck should be slightly lower than the Xbox Series S, roughly on par with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This is a stunning result for a handheld console.

In turn, the Nintendo Switch, both in version v2 and in the latest OLED model, has an Nvidia Tegra X1 + mobile processor. This is a 2019 chip, which is a variation on the Tegra X1 shown in 2015. The Plus version has slightly higher performance but less lithography (16 versus 20 nm), making the new processor more energy efficient. There is nothing to boast about power; we are talking about a performance level similar to the Snapdragon 820.

Sound Quality

The Steam Deck has Bluetooth 5 with wireless headphone connectivity. The Switch has a minijack socket.

Battery Life

According to the manufacturer, the Steam Deck will allow you to play on a single charge for two to eight hours. It depends on the game. In comparison, Switch OLED lasts 4.5 to 9 hours, which is very similar to Switch v2.

The Switch, in practice, even in The Witcher 3, which overloads the console to the limit, you can play for about 4 hours.

According to IGN, which was the first in the world to have access to a preview of the Steam Deck, the device will play Portal 2 for 4 hours at 720p @ 60fps.

Games Database

We have come to an essential point. Valve states that the Steam Deck must run every Steam game. By “all,” they meant all projects from Steam.

Steam has arguably the largest database of games in the world. PC gamers have indeed collected games in this repository for years. This means they will be able to play all of their PC games from the get-go at no additional cost. What’s more, the Steam Deck will allow you to install games from other stores like the Epic Games Store or GOG. The hardware will also support game streaming services such as Stadia or GeForce Now. In addition, it will be possible to replace SteamOS 3.0 with a full-fledged Windows, and then the possibilities will be almost unlimited.

The switch is a 100% console that has a limited library of game-friendly Nintendo. Both the digital online store and physical stores are full of Switch games. The strong point of the platform is excellent exclusive games that are not found anywhere else. In addition, there are many game ports from other platforms, although these are usually not the latest hits; instead, games were released a few years ago. However, this is not a disadvantage because the Steam Deck will also be used to play projects created in recent years, in the Steam library for a long time.


In terms of pricing, the Steam Deck will be available for $ 399 for the 64GB model, $ 529 for the 256GB model, and $ 649 for the 512GB variant. Given its higher specs, it’s no surprise that the Steam Deck is much more expensive than the Switch OLED, priced at $ 350. The Steam Deck is entitled to release in December 2021, and it looks like the demand for it is pretty high, and players may already find that the Steam Deck is being resold at inflated prices. Meanwhile, the Nintendo Switch OLED display will launch in October 2021, with pre-orders available today.

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which Console to Buy

PS5 and Xbox Series have been with us for some time. Unfortunately, not everyone interested had the opportunity to buy them. The availability of the new PlayStation cries out to heaven for vengeance. And even aside from that fact, choosing a console in 2021 is quite difficult.

Although there are relatively few devices of this type on the market, the choice of a gaming device is not the easiest thing to do. must take support in the form of exclusive games, discounts, performance, or even the dimensions of the console itself – all of this into account if you do not plan to buy each of them. Today we will try to explain what it looks like with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X devices, although there will also be space for the Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch. So what console to buy in 2021?

Of course, one cannot ignore the availability of the devices in question. The beginning of 2021 is not the best time to buy, for example, PlayStation 5 (if you can find it at all in the store), because the demand significantly exceeds the supply, making the price skyrocket. Sure, we can quote the famous saying – pay it, you will get it, but the amount exceeding PLN 4,000 for PS5 is so high that even if they added Lidl gift vouchers for PLN 300 and cabaret tickets for two people to the console, it would not be profitable. It’s a bit different from the Xbox Series X. We can buy the device even at a price set by the manufacturer. You can also get Series S right away in the amount determined by Microsoft (i.e., the console manufacturer).

The situation with the consoles of the previous generation also clarified. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are the most worthy successors of outdated boxes, and in most cases, they offer a significant increase in performance, guaranteeing a much better gaming experience. I am not talking about the mythical 4K, but the fact that PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and can see it above all in the premieres of new high-budget games. Despite Cyberpunk 2077on the previous generation consoles, it actually looks comical and needs to be patched. We cannot expect miracles – especially in 2021. Added to this is the fact that many games soon will be developed only with the current generation consoles in mind, so by purchasing an older device, you will cut off the possibility of playing the latest titles. Time goes by, and after more than seven years, both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will finally retire.

PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X- which console is the best

PlayStation 5Xbox Series X
CPUAMD Zen 2 3.5 GHz – 8 cores and 16 threadsAMD Zen 2 3.8 GHz – 8 cores and 16 threads
GPU (FP32)10.29 TFLOPS12.15 TFLOPS
Memory16 GB / 448 GB / s16 GB / (10 GB – 560 GB / s and
6 GB – 336 GB / s)
Data carrierSSD – 825 GB (667 GB available)SSD – 1 TB (802 GB available)
SSD speed5.5 GB / s (9GB / s compressed)2.4 GB / s (4.8 GB / s compressed)
ResolutionUp to 8KUp to 8K
Frame RateUp to 120 fpsUp to 120 fps
Mass storageYes – NVMe SSDYes – NVMe SSD
(compatible memory cards only)
Power350W (340W in Digital Edition)315 W.
Current consumption200 W.200 W.
Key ExclusivesSpider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon II: Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7Halo Infinite, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Forza Motorsport 8, State of Decay 3

The PS5 console boasts a much better (or simply faster) SSD . The bandwidth of 5.5 GB / s is very high. Even in personal computers, data carriers that achieve such transfers are not yet the standard. Okay, but what does it do? In theory, a lot – if you happen to jump from PlayStation 4 or its equivalent with the note “Pro” to a new toy, not from a modern PC. Data loading speed directly affects game load times , which in some cases are actually instantaneous. Of course, the whole thing works like this, because the data carrier installed in the PS5 is not a HDD, so the time to access the saved data is almost immediate.

The Xbox Series X can boast a much higher theoretical power. The larger graphics core, where the shaders are packed, is the most important thing when converting effects in games. Thanks to this – at least in theory – Microsoft’s console allows developers to do more. Regardless of whether it will be higher resolution, more effects, or higher smoothness of the displayed image. On paper, the Xbox Series X is about 20% more efficient than the PS5. This does not mean, however, that it will generate 20% more frames per second in the same game, or guarantee 20% higher resolution. More power comes in handy, but the difference in the same multiplatform games may be negligible. History has shown that several games for the previous generation consoles (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X) actually make use of the latter’s higher performance. However, better results must be expected.

Both companies have a lot to offer in this respect – it depends on your personal preferences whether you will be tempted by Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West , or you will be satisfied with the multiplatform Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and the wide range of Xbox Game Pass . We will also focus on the issue of accessories, including headphones . For the undecided, we will also consider the Nintendo Switch candidacy . You can still consider PS4 or Xbox One – we are discussing this issue, although the topic was discussed in more detail by Michał in the articlePS4 or Xbox One? Is it still worth buying in 2021 .

Xbox Game Pass vs PlayStation Now

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass is an initiative worthy of praise, because it offers hundreds of games, both smaller and high-budget, for a small part of the amount you would have to spend on buying the productions you are interested in separately. Of course, the drawback is that you have no control over what games will be added or how long they will remain in the service, so it is recommended rather to people who actually have time to go through at least one of them during the promotion.

It is worth mentioning in this case that as part of the Xbox Game Pass we also get access to EA Play games, i.e. exclusive Electronic Arts productions (you have to pay separately for the same in the case of the Sony package). Currently, Microsoft provides a monthly subscription (and even a three-month Game Pass Ultimate) as part of the promotion.

Microsoft’s xCloud project allows streaming in the cloud even to mobile devices . Compatible Xbox wireless controller required (for supported games) and included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service. For comfortable playing games from the Microsoft library, all we need is a supported device (for example, a smartphone with Android 6.0 or newer), and thanks to cloud computing, we only need a good connection to the network.

An additional bonus for Microsoft is the introduction of the Xbox Play Anywhere project. The service is based on the fact that once the game is purchased, we will be able to use it both on the Xbox console and on a personal PC – at no additional cost. This option is only available for compatible titles. So look for the Xbox Play Anywhere tag on your next purchases. One of them is, for example, Cyberpunk 2077.

Is it worth investing in older consoles?

Currently, the prices for the previous generation devices are really low and have a whole library of games, so we can easily enter the world of “couch gaming”. However, there is a slight drawback. Obsolete boxes, i.e. both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are slowly retiring. There will be fewer and fewer multiplatform games, and developers will focus only on devices of the current generation – and soon. So it’s hard to recommend older devices, knowing that their dominance may end even in 2021. If this is your first time dealing with consoles, or computer games in general, buying a PlayStation 4 is a pretty good idea. Just remember that the backward compatibility technology will enable exactly the same on the PS5 console (in better quality), and by paying the right amount of money you will not close yourself access to new games. The best way out of this situation is to wait until the console market stabilizes. However, it is not known how long it will take.

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Nintendo Switch: The Long-Awaited Console

If you like innovation and the concept of a hybrid, playable console appeals to you, go for the Nintendo Switch. The console is also particularly recommended if you often like to play with family and children. You will not be disappointed with the catalogue of games offered with titles exclusive to the Switch which have obtained exceptional ratings on their releases.

If you’re more looking for sumptuous 4k graphics and detail and plan to play online multiplayer on a regular basis, head to the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X / Series S which deliver much better graphics performance. You will however be intended to play only in your living room!

Differences between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

The first thing to know is that the  Switch Lite is exclusively a portable console. You will not be able to connect it to your TV. Therefore, the Joy-Con are fixed and cannot be detached from the console screen. Strictly speaking, there isn’t even a Joy-Con anymore. The console then appears to be more manageable because it is smaller, but the size of its screen is also considerably reduced. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite has a 5.5-inch screen compared to 6.2 inches for the first Switch.

However, the definition remains the same. Its small size also influences its weight, more than 100g less than that of the Switch. The Switch Lite is therefore intended to be a portable and transportable console.

The Nintendo Switch Lite also has one hour of battery life more than the Nintendo Switch, or about 5 hours of games in nomadic mode. 

Pros and Cons

Increasingly attractive priceCan’t pause downloads
Play when you want, where you wantThe screen is easy to scratch
Three play modes make it convenient to use whereverJoy-Con a little small to use it as a single controller
Easy to use interface


Nintendo Switch
Release date01/03/2017
ColorsBlack, Red, Blue

A family console with multiple online features

On the Switch, it is possible to find all kinds of games. From adventure games, to sports games to action and puzzle games.

Therefore,  all the members of your family will find their account there . Whether it’s your teenage son who is a seasoned gamer, your youngest daughter who is just starting to play video games, you who are particularly fond of reboots of old games and great classics to enjoy at parties with friends or family. .

Nintendo has, as always, bet on this last point with simple games that have a multiplayer mode ideal for playing with the family.

Parental controls on Nintendo Switch

As parents, it is always difficult to give free access to the console to your children. The lack of an internet browser then becomes a strong point that will give you a little peace of mind. Your child will not be able to surf as they please. However, other reluctance may persist, for example because of the presence of games of a violent nature installed on the console by another member of the family or even in relation to the playing time your child may have.

Nintendo offers an application to install on your mobile through which you can keep an eye on your children’s activities.

If you don’t have a mobile device, the  console also has settings to adjust directly on it .

The duration of the game to which your child will be able to claim is configurable.

He will then receive a notification on the console informing him that his playing time is up and thanks to the application, you will be able to control if your child respects the schedules that you have set.

You will also have access to a history of the games he has used as well as indications on the duration of the game.

Your child will also not be able to play games that are not his or her age if you have blocked access to them, and you may also be able to restrict external communications with other players.


Nintendo Switch
Ram4 GB
Graphic architectureNvidia Tegra

Multiplayer on Nintendo Switch

The multiplayer mode is an important point for all Nintendo consoles, many of which are also known to be family consoles as this mode is considered one of the main advantages. With the Switch, the multi mode is particularly developed thanks to its two options for playing with several people: you can play against or with human opponents locally or online.


Nintendo Switch
Maximum definition supportedFull HD

Image definition and resolution


On a television screen, the console broadcasts a Full HD signal  (1920×1080 px) , well below what the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft offer and this is noticeable at first glance. The level and quality of graphic detail are nowhere near equal to their competitors. But Nintendo’s bet of projecting the image of a portable console onto a TV screen is perfectly successful.

In portable mode, it’s totally different. Again, the graphics quality is not perfect.

However, the Nintendo Switch is undeniably the most powerful portable console on the market today.

The 6.2-inch screen projects 720p HD quality images, so you can enjoy your favorite title anywhere, with more than decent picture quality.


Nintendo Switch
Expandable memoryYes
Internal memory32 GB
Type of memory extensionSSD

The Nintendo Switch only has 32 GB of storage. It is very little, and it will not allow you to download a lot of games if you prefer the dematerialized versions or if you are fond of indie games. In addition, the multiple console and game updates will also take up space on your console.

Increase space with an SD card

The Nintendo Switch accepts Micro SD cards to increase storage up to 2 TB. The console accepts Micro SD / Micro SDHC / Micro SDXC cards UHS-I compatible and with a  read speed between 60 and 95 MB / s .

Smart Features

Nintendo Switch
Battery4310 mAh
Wi-Fi standardWi-Fi 6 (ac)
Number of USB ports5

The Nintendo Switch is a portable console with great potential. Is the battery life up to par?

Since 2019, the Nintendo Switch has a new version offering almost doubled battery compared to the Switch of 2017.

You will indeed be able to go up to 9 hours of play, but rather allow 6 hours in pleasant conditions.

Previously, the Nintendo Switch offered on average only 3h30 of gaming in nomadic mode. 

This evolution was made possible by the  “new” Tegra processor from NVIDIA. A more than welcome little revolution that totally reinforces the hybrid side of the console. 

The Joy-Con allows you to play for about twenty hours.

In some cases, this will be enough for you to completely complete a game. The downside remains the fairly significant charging time, again from 3h to 3h30

To recharge them, two options are available to you: hang them on the Switch screen and plug it into the mains, which will recharge the Joy-Con at the same time or recharge them alone directly via the dock.


Nintendo Switch
ColorBlack, Red, Blue

Create your Nintendo account

Without a Nintendo Account, you will not be able to use some services. For example, you will not be able to make purchases or access the rewards program. 

To create an account, it is mandatory to be over 16 years old

it will be possible for a user over 18 to assign up to 5 different accounts to minors. Your account can be associated with your Nintendo Network credentials, as well as your social media accounts. However, this feature is only accessible for users over 16 years old.

Update your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is committed to improving its services and features, which is why the  Switch can often be updated via the Internet.

If your console is connected to the Internet, updates will download automatically.

Do not hesitate to check once in a while in the settings if your console has its software up to date. It is mandatory to be able to play online or make purchases on the e-shop.

2 modes to play

The great peculiarity of this console is that it can be used in portable mode as well as on television. It is the great strength of Nintendo that has succeeded in creating a hybrid console that can be used anywhere, whether you are at home or on the go.

Nintendo Switch on TV

In TV mode (or docked depending on the name you prefer), the Nintendo Switch offers a Full HD image at 1920 x 1080px. This is the ideal mode to enjoy the games in the best conditions, but also to tire the eyes less.

Nintendo Switch in portable mode

In portable mode, the Nintendo Switch displays your games in HD 720p. To play, you can choose to leave the Joy-Con on either side of the screen or to detach them to play as if you were in front of your television by fixing the Joy-Con in their support and putting them down. the screen horizontally, thanks to the small wedge located behind the Switch screen. 

The Joy-Con, a 2 in 1 controller

Nintendo has hit hard with its Joy-Con, which are original controllers to say the least. By their modularity, they revolutionize the world of joysticks. With their size much smaller than what we know and the possibility of separating them from the screen, we wonder what is the grip But also how they work? In portable mode, we will most often choose to let them hang on the screen although, for some actions, it will be easier to disconnect them.

To do so, nothing complicated. Just press the two small buttons on the back. Nothing too rocket science to connect them again to the console. In this configuration, they are fully part of the console and are pleasant to play. Although initially disconcerting by their size, the keys, joysticks or even triggers on the upper edge are quite ergonomic thanks to their location on the console as well as their shape.

In TV mode, we will see that several options are available to you. These will also be accessible in portable mode, but we let you imagine what a split-screen looks like on a 6.2-inch screen.

Bug Joy-Con drift, what to do if you have this problem

Joy-Con drift is the name of a Joy-Con bug that has become infamous as the number of Joy-Con touched is important. “Drift” is an English word meaning “to drift”. Joy-Con hit by the Joy-Con Drift cause unwanted movements, even if the joystick is stationary. This is very problematic, especially in games where one wrong move can cause you to lose the game. 


To get the lowest price, it’s best to take a switch on its own and buy a separate game. It is possible to find very interesting and advantageous promotional offers on Switch title console games and bundles!

If you are looking for a fun console, which you can play with anywhere, we can only tell you to buy this marvel. 

The Ma Réduc team recommends acquiring a storage pouch and tempered glass screen protectors at the same time because the dock sometimes scratches the screen. The followers of dematerialized games will surely have to equip themselves with a Micro SD card because the Nintendo Switch only embeds 32 GB of internal storage.

The more time passes the more the price will be likely to go down, so there is no doubt that this little gem can be found at a relatively nice price. If you have the budget: go for it!

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SteelSeries is a brand that knows how to make powerful, affordable and simple devices. The SteelSeries Apex 3 keyboard is the perfect example...

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Huawei FreeBuds Studio vs AKG K245: Headphone Comparison

Huawei FreeBuds Studio is a full-size wireless active noise-canceling headphones. The first model in this segment is from Huawei. Claimed:...

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2021 Newest Dell XPS 15 OLED 9510 Laptop Review

Do not be fooled by its unchanged design; each year, Dell takes advantage of the arrival of a new generation...

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Ugreen HiTune T2 vs Ugreen HiTune True: Wireless Earbuds Comparision

Anyone who hears Ugreen will primarily think of charging cables and power banks. But the Chinese manufacturer has also expanded...

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Technics EAH-AZ60 vs Technics EAH-AZ70W: Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Technics AZ70 True Wireless headphones from the high fidelity range from 200$. The selection here is very small, the...

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Jabra Elite 7 Pro Vs Jabra Elite 7 Active: Which TWS Should You Buy

The Danish manufacturer Jabra was, alongside Apple, one of the first providers of TWS (True Wireless Stereo) headphones. This refers...

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Logitech G Pro X Superlight vs Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless: Gaming Mouse Comparision

At the beginning of 2021, G Pro X Superlight will be competing for the crown at the highest level with Razer’s...

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Acer Aspire Vero Intel Core i5 Laptop Review

The manufacture of a computer is often relatively energy-intensive. The materials used are often aluminum, magnesium, something solid certainly, but...

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MSI GP76 Leopard Gaming Laptop With RTX 3070 Review

Having a PC to play is, in my opinion, the best gaming option. Nevertheless, buying a tower requires space; shortages...

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AfterShokz Aeropex vs AfterShokz Trekz Air: Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Aftershokz is a brand that was founded in 2011 and has been selling boneconducting headphones for several years. For me,...

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Bowers & Wilkins PX7 vs Bowers & Wilkins PX5: Active Noise Cancelling Headset Review

The Bowers and Wilkins PX7  visually, it resembles the slightly smaller PX5, and technically it is very similar technology. Even...

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Sendy Audio Aiva Magnetic vs AKG K371 Closed-Back Headphones Review

Sendy Audio, a newcomer is entering the market for high-quality headphones. The first product from the Chinese, is now also...