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The Gigabyte AORUS KD25F Gaming Monitor Review

Hey guys what’s up today we have another gaming monitor review for you. Today we’re looking at the Gigabyte KD25F this is the second Gigabyte monitor to hit the market after the AD27QD. So in this article, we will take a close look at its specs, features, and performance characteristics to check out is it really worthy of your interest.

Pros and Cons

Best Color gamutLow pixel density
FreeSync and G-Sync CompatibleNot VESA compatible
Slick RGB lighting effect
Easy Monitor Stand

Key Specification

Gigabyte KD25F
Model KD25F
Gaming MonitorYes
Weight with Stand6.8 kg
Dimension558.0 x 548.0 x 236.0 mm
Power Consumption60 W

It’s a super high refresh despite using one of the new generations TN panels so they claim to hit sub 1 millisecond response times. Gigabyte has given this monitor a 0.5 millisecond MP r/t response time rating MP RT is usually a little bit of a red flag. But we’ll see how it fares of anything below 1 millisecond is quicker than anything we’ve seen from LCDs before for other specs we’re getting a 240 Hertz refresh rate 1920 by 1080 resolution and 24.5 inches of screen real effects. So this monitor is geared towards your top-end 1080p gamers those who play fast-paced competitive shooters and need the edge in terms of refresh rate, input latency, and responsiveness.


Gigabyte KD25F
Display TypeTN LCD
Size24.5 inch
Color Saturation100% sRGB
Dynamic Contrast Ratio12M:1
Aspect ratio16:9
Resolution1920 x 1080(Full HD) pixel
Pixel Density89 PPI
Response Time0.5 ms
Refresh Rate240Hz

It packs in all the same features as the ad 27 QD which is to say lots and lots of features that rival the best gaming monitors on the market. The best feature for you is the inclusion of active noise cancellation via headset microphone which still works well here and we think is well suited to this sort of competitive focused display. On top of that, we get the treat of the crosshairs timers counters shadow boosting modes. A dashboard mode to show PC statistics and of course a backlight strobing mode as well which Gigabyte calls aim stabilizer. All of this can be controlled with the d-pad on the monitor or through Gigabytes OSD sidekick application for your PC for a new entrant to the monitor market this feature set is impressive.

This is a TN LCD with a display size of 24.5-inch it gets a dynamic contrast ratio of 12M:1 and aspect ratio of 16:9 and also with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 with a lower pixel density of 89 PPI and a very low response rate of 0.5ms. And when all these things combine with the FreeSync support then it definitely makes a decent gaming experience. FreeSync worked well though, also the excellent overdrive put everything as smooth as pleasant with no sign of blur. The KD25F’s low input delay remained just as critical a factor at low framerates.


Gigabyte KD25F
HDMI2.0 x 2
DisplayPort1.2 x 1
Audio Output3.5 mm
Built-in SpeakersNo
G-SYNC SupportNo
FreeSync SupportYes

you’re getting a good range of ports two HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort a couple of audio jacks for audio output and a USB hub the on-screen display control through a directional toggle which is truly great. It won’t get any built-in speaker set up which may be because of cost-cutting so you have to utilize an external speaker set up.


Gigabyte KD25F
Power On100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Power SupplyExternal

From the above table, you can notice the power consumption rates of this monitor. It generally consumes 100-240VAC,50/60Hz of power which is good for this size of the monitor, and also it requires an external power adaptor which may be inconvenient for some users.


It comes with an ergonomically adjust mount, also you can control the settings with the mouse, and a quick 0.5ms rated (MPRT) pixel response. Its contrast remained bad while gaming modes, plus it’s color range-restricted, however, these should not be much of a barrier in performance. So considering all such things this is one of the better choices currently available in the market at this price point and you can surely go to get a value for money product.

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