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The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe – All Endings And Secrets Of The Game

Endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is a staple of the game. The entire gameplay is built on their receipt. And if the original game had 19 endings, then the extended edition adds at least 24 more. It takes away one of them (cheating, since the developer console, was removed from the extended edition).

What is the meaning of passing The Stanley Parable

Endings are the core of The Stanley Parable. They can be funny or sad, but they all remain at least strange for the most part. Most of the original game’s endings are obtained by going through the left or right door and then deciding whether you listen to the Storyteller’s instructions or ignore them. However, some secrets can be revealed before Stanley gets to the fork with these two doors.

So, according to my calculations, 19 endings can be found in The Stanley Parable, and 24 more appear in the Ultra Deluxe expansion. However, as noted above, one of the original endings of The Stanley Parable is missing from Ultra Deluxe. Thus, the total number of endings in  The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe is 42.

Below you will find instructions on how to get each ending in both the original The Stanley Parable and Ultra Deluxe. To make this guide easier to navigate, I’ve divided it into Left Door Endings, Right Door Endings, Front Door Endings, and New Endings introduced in Ultra Deluxe.

I also tried to describe everything as vague as possible to avoid spoilers, but I warn you: you read further information at your peril and risk!

Left door endings in The Stanley Parable

The endings listed below can only be obtained by choosing the left door in both The Stanley Parable and The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe. However, even if you go through the right door, the Storyteller will provide an opportunity to correct yourself and turn left after the break room.

Utility room

Following the Narrator’s instructions, you will find the janitor’s backroom behind the meeting room. There will be a sign hanging on it that says Bucket Room. Instead of going forward, go inside the utility room. Make sure you close the door to enjoy this place truly.

Stay in this backroom until the Storyteller asks a new player to come to the computer or console. At this point, exit the back room and listen to the Narrator.

When he finishes talking, return to the back room. The Narrator will be more angry than ever. Wait until he finishes the monologue. Continue the game in normal mode: you can restart the story or get to any other ending. The next time you walk past the utility room, look inside again. The Narrator will be shocked. And after, in the next passage, you will see that he boarded up the utility room with boards.


Follow the Narrator’s instructions, but instead of OFF, press the ON button to turn on the mind control machine.


Follow the Narrator’s instructions. Go through the left door, go up the stairs, enter the code 2845 in the boss’s office, take the elevator down, go through the large hall by pressing the buttons, and at the very end, press the OFF button. Come outside.


To reach this end, you need to activate multiple computers in the correct order. On each of them will be the inscription Awaiting Input (Waiting for input). The ending can be obtained at any time in the original game, but in the Deluxe Edition, such inscriptions on computers appear only after you unlock new content.

Correct sequence:

  • Activate the computer at workstation 419 in the second office
  • from Stanley’s office, in front of the hallway leading to the two doors. Restart the game.
  • Activate the computer at workstation 423 in the second office
  • from Stanley’s office, in front of the corridor leading to the two doors. Restart the game.
  • Activate the computer on the secretary’s desk, in front of the
  • boss’s office. Restart the game.
  • Activate the computer at workstation 434 in the office
  • adjacent to Stanley’s office. Restart the game.
  • Activate Stanley’s computer. With each interaction, the same purple bar will appear on the computers. After each correct entry, it will increase.

After interacting with Stanley’s computer, the game will automatically take you to heaven with many buttons. Probably, if you click them all, something will happen? When you’re ready to leave, restart the story.


When you get to the stairs, go downstairs instead of going upstairs to the boss’s office. Then explore the new area in which you find yourself. You can stop and listen to what the Narrator says.

In order to access the new content, you must get some of the original endings.

Escape pod

Please get to the boss office, but immediately exit back into the corridor, where the secretary’s desk stands, as soon as you enter it. If you do it in time, the cabinet doors will close, and you will stay in the hallway. The Narrator will also disappear.

Then return to the very beginning. An additional door opened next to Stanley’s office. Turn right after going through this door and go up the stairs to the 760th floor (you are on the 754th floor). At the very end is a capsule that cannot be launched without the Storyteller. An automatic reboot will take place.


If this is your first time playing The Stanley Parable, we recommend that you go through several endings, as the museum contains major spoilers.

To get to the museum:

  1. Follow the Narrator’s instructions until you see a sign that says ESCAPE in front of the mind control room (after taking the elevator down from the warden’s office).
  2. Turn to where the arrow at the inscription points.
  3. Move along the narrow corridor and jump down.

The place where you need to turn left.

When you get to the museum, look at the various exhibits. When you’re ready to leave, find a corridor with an exit sign hanging above it. In addition to this sign, at the end of a dark corridor you will find an on/off switch. Interact with him to see the denouement of this ending.

Right door endings in The Stanley Parable

These endings can only be unlocked if you go through the right door in both The Stanley Parable and The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe.


After turning into the right door, move straight ahead without turning left. Once in the warehouse, use the yellow platform to get to the other side. There is a door in the back room. Please go through it and pick up the phone.

Art requires sacrifice

For this ending, you again need to use the yellow platform in the warehouse. When it rises and travels a couple of meters, look down. Jump onto the metal bridge. Move along it until you reach two multi-colored doors – blue and red.

Now you need to go through the blue door three times. At this point, the Narrator will take you back to a room with two doors, left and right, but there will be a third door this time. Follow the Storyteller’s instructions and score until the game begins. And this is where you run into real problems. You have to play the game with the red button for four hours to get this ending. Moreover, after the first two hours, the Storyteller will add a second button, which you also need to press on time. If you make a mistake or stop pressing the buttons yourself, you can get the “Game Ending”.

Cold feet

Approach the yellow platform in the warehouse, stand on it, and as soon as it starts to move, return to the “solid ground.” After that, the Narrator will offer to jump down; supposedly the hero will survive. So do it.

Tangled ending

After leaving the employee break room, go down the hallway through the door on the left that the Narrator is talking about. There is an elevator in this room that you must use to go down. Do so and find an exit to a large room with monitors. The Narrator will restart the game several times. There is nothing complicated here. In the end, you will reach the room where all the actions for getting the “Tangled Ending” are listed.

At some point, you need to move along the Adventure Lines.

Game ending

It’s important to note that this ending is slightly different depending on whether you’re playing the original The Stanley Parable or the Ultra Deluxe Expanded Edition.

In both cases, to get this ending, you need to jump from the yellow platform in the warehouse to the red bridge and then go through the blue door three times. After that, follow the simple instructions, and then when the red button appears, do not press it. The child will fall into the fire, but the path to the desired finale will begin from here.

Version of the original The Stanley Parable

Follow the Storyteller’s instructions and place the box on top of the button when prompted to do so. Once the elevator is up, jump down the hole. Jump even lower from the ledge.

Now explore the corridors until you reach room 437. Shortly after that, you will see the finale. You can “break” the game if you insert the box into the door.

Ultra Deluxe Version

Explore new areas the game will take you to. In Firewatch, go down and try to move away from the observation tower. In Rocket League, when the Storyteller leaves, jump down any hole outside the gate.

Then it would help if you jumped off the ledges in the next dark room. Move along the corridors until you find a room with the inscription “437”. Soon you will see the finale.

Missing Stanley

On the yellow platform in the warehouse, get over to the opposite side. Follow through the door in the back room, but instead of picking up the handset, go around the machine and pull the plug from the socket.

The same yellow platform in the warehouse.

On the yellow platform, go back and get to the room with two doors. Once they open, go through the right door again. Finding your path blocked, go back and go through the left door. After the game restarts, go through the right door again. The Storyteller will restart the game again. You need to go through the left door and visit the boss’s office this time.

Powerful ending

When you get to the warehouse with the yellow platform, jump down without starting the elevator itself.


Stand on the yellow platform in the warehouse and wait until it is above the metal bridge below. When this happens, jump down to the bridge. You will get the “Cold Feet” ending if you fly past.

Once on the metal bridge, move forward until you reach two-colored doors – blue and red. Follow the Narrator’s instructions as you go through the red door. Soon you will enter a room with stars. When you get to the star dome, exit the door again and head back down the corridor to reach the stairs. Climb up the steps and jump down. Repeat the steps four times to restart the game.

Endings in front of the doors

The following endings can be unlocked before you get to the two doors. Both in The Stanley Parable and The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

Cowardly ending

When the game starts, close the door to Stanley’s office and wait.


Approach the chair behind table 434 to climb onto the table itself. Crouch as soon as you are on the table and jump out of the window. The Narrator will ask you a question during this ending, and depending on your answer, you will see different endings. Thus, repeat the steps twice, choosing other answers.

Serious ending

It is important to emphasize that the Serious Ending is not available in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe.

If you want to experience this ending in the original game, you first need to open the properties of The Stanley Parable by right-clicking on the game’s name in the Steam Library. Add “-console” (without quotes) in the Launch Options box.

Launch the game and find that the console has appeared in the main menu. You need to enter sv_cheats 1 in the console and confirm the command. After the Narrator’s monologue, repeat the command two more times. You can also add “-console” to the “Object” line in the properties of the game shortcut itself. The “Object” field will be filled in, so you need to put one space at the end and enter the command without quotes.


When you restart the game at certain random times, you will find that the office adjacent to Stanley’s has turned into a blue room.

When this happens, open the door to office 426 and find the whiteboard ending. On the board, you will find a code for the console or a checkbox to enable “bark”, which causes a bark whenever you press an interaction button (for example, LMB). The original game will have a code that you need to enter in the developer console, while the Deluxe Edition will have a checkbox that you need to interact with to check the box.

It is important to emphasize that the blue office appears randomly. When you get tired of looking at the whiteboard, you can continue the game as usual.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Endings

Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe features several new endings not found in the original game. Please be aware that this section contains spoilers for new content, so you read the article at your own risk.

To gain access to the new content, you need to get some endings like The Stanley Parable’s original. The number of endings required depends on what you chose at the start of the game when asked if you’ve played The Stanley Parable before. If you select “Yes”, it will be enough to get one ending of the left and right doors. If you choose “No”, you will have to get about 7-8 different endings. After that, in the corridor in front of the room with two classic doors, a door with the inscription New Content will appear.

Memory Zone

To start the path to this ending, you need to go through the New Content door and follow the Storyteller’s instructions. At some point, a new location will be loaded. Then you need to follow the instructions of the Narrator and get through the ventilation. However, if you go up the stairs, you will return to the offices, and you can get some other ending.

After going through the vent, you will reach the Memory Zone. Explore this place until you hit the boxes. You need to return to the previous room and go down the stairs on the side to the basement. There, a door opened leading to the memory maintenance area. Now go forward until you reach a room with a “Skip” button.

The same time skip button.

Keep clicking on the “Skip” button, listening to as many dialogues as you want, until you can leave the room (a hole will appear in the corner). Do this and go through the desert until the reboot occurs.

The Stanley Parable 2

This is the game menu you will see when you decide to get this ending.

You first need to get the “Memory Zone” ending to reach this ending. After that, you will find that the Narrator has placed a neon sign next to the New Content door. Go through the door and explore the new offices until you reach the exhibition hall.

There are some features here that the Narrator came up with for the sequel. For example, when you fall into an endless hole, be patient and wait. This hole is finite. To progress, you must visit the room on the right after climbing the stairs and collecting the Bucket of Soothing. Then enter the room with the collectibles and take the first Stanley figurine.

When you’re ready, head up the stairs to the left of the collectible display. There will be a table with the word “Exit”. Once the Storyteller is done, the game will restart.

Under the mind control center

If you played the original The Stanley Parable, you might have encountered (or heard of) a bug that allowed you to jump to the bottom of the mind control room. Well, in Ultra Deluxe, this bug is worth revisiting.

To get to this ending, you need to climb onto the first table in the mind control center (where the white light button is located) and jump off the railing. But first, you can turn on the light, although this will not affect the ending. This ending is available from the very beginning of the game. Unlocking new content is optional.


You must first take the elevator from the boss’s office to the mind control center to get this ending. However, instead of going forward, press the up arrow button to take the elevator back to the boss’s office. Go to the office, listen to the Narrator and repeat the steps. Listen to the Narrator a second time, after which, when you take the elevator a third time, you will find yourself in a completely different place. You can get this ending before unlocking new content.


You need to visit the warehouse with the yellow platform by going through the right door for this ending. To the left of the yellow platform, next to a pile of crates, there is a board that you can climb onto. This will allow you to climb over the railing on the left, fall down and end up on a boardwalk. After that, turn left and go through the air vent to reach the new part of the office. Listen to the tape recorder.

A bucket of tranquility

The Calming Bucket is the main element of the Deluxe Edition.

If you take the bucket of calm that appeared in the second office with desktops, you can change the standard endings of The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. The bucket will change a couple of phrases when you visit the back room. The bucket won’t affect the whiteboard ending, as the Narrator doesn’t say anything. Finally, there’s a brand new “Is that… a bucket?” ending, but it blocks access to the endings behind the red and blue doors if you go to that location with a bucket of tranquility.

To see the different endings, I recommend taking a bucket of solace and reaching the ends listed below (all of which are described above):

  • Flat
  • The lower part of the mind control center
  • Utility room (as in the original ending, after listening to the
  • monologue, you can continue the game)
  • cowardly ending
  • Tangled ending
  • Countdown
  • Elevator (go down and up the elevator three times while exploring
  • the boss’s office and listening to the Narrator’s monologue)
  • Escape Pod (After this ending, the tranquility bucket
  • will disappear from the office, but only for one run; if you want, immediately reload the game)
  • freedom
  • Mariella
  • Museum (you need to climb up the stairs and
  • interact with the bucket hanging from the ceiling)
  • New Content (take the bucket and go through the New Content door; be sure to take
  • the bucket to the showroom with another sedative bucket)
  • Missing Stanley
  • Window
  • Powerful ending
  • Ventilation
  • This is bucket?

Is that a bucket?

Go to the warehouse with the yellow platform, stand on it and jump down to the metal bridge without waiting for the platform to be on the other side. Then go through the open door and follow the Narrator’s instructions until you reach the room with the It’s a Bucket? Your answers do not affect the ending.


To get this ending, you need to find all six collectible Stanley figurines that the Narrator has hidden in the offices:

  • You will receive the first figurine during the ending of The Stanley Parable 2.
  • Entering the corridor in front of the chief’s office, turn
  • Left and inspect the bathroom.
  • Go through the left door and go downstairs (the way up
  • Leads to the chief’s office). Look for the figurine under the stairs.
  • Enter the code in the chief’s office, go to the elevator and
  • Look for the statuette on the right, opposite the elevator. Take it before you go down.
  • Don’t take a bucket with you. Get through the right door to the
  • Yellow platform, jump from it to the metal bridge, and find a room with blue and red doors. To the right, an open utility room with a statuette appeared.
  • Go through the right door, climb up the plank to the left of the
  • Yellow platform, and drop down to the vent. Instead of following through with the ventilation, go to the end of the boardwalk and collect the last item.

After collecting two (or more) figurines, a board will appear in the meeting room, which indicates where to look for the remaining collectibles. Found figurines will be marked.

Once you have collected all six Stanley figurines, restart the game or get to any other ending. The next time you start, you will be able to complete this ending. Just follow the Storyteller’s instructions.


After you get the collectible ending, a new “Epilogue” option will appear in the game’s main menu. Replay the epilogue as many times as you want. The eighth time will be a different ending. Also, outside, in the desert, you can find an escape pod with a bucket before entering the Memory Zone house.


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