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Thermaltake: ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse

After unveiling the K5 RGB Silver keyboard, we come back to you today with once again a peripheral from Thermaltake. This time, we are going to tell you about the latest mouse from the manufacturer: the Argent M5 Wireless RGB. What is it worth on a daily basis? Is his battery interesting? Let check out.

Good ambidextrous mouseSlow software
Great battery lifeCoating marks fingerprint a lot
Solid build quality
RGB present

The Silver M5 Wireless RGB mouse on the front of the box. We also know that the TT mouse is compatible with TT Sync, TT RGB Plus, Razer Chroma RGB, or Amazon Alexa.

On to the back, where the technical specifications of the mouse are translated into almost 11 different languages. We learned in particular that the Argent M5 Wireless RGB is equipped with a PMW-3335 Pixart sensor which can go up to 16,000 DPI. Likewise, TT’s wireless mouse is equipped with Omron switches that can handle up to 50 million clicks.

In addition, 6 memory profiles are available, and it can display up to 16.8 million different colors thanks to its RGB.


ARGENT M5 Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse
ReleasedFebruary 17, 2021
TypeGaming mouse
Weight117 g
Dimension128 X 64 X 37 mm
Material Plastic
Sensor Optical (LED)
Sensor ModelPIXART PMW-3335
Wireless Range2.4G & Bluetooth : 10M
DPI16000 max
Polling Rate 1000Hz
RGB16.8 Million RGB Colors
Battery LifeUp to 52 hours
SoftwareiTAKE Engine
CompatibilityWindows, macOS

With the brand new mouse from Thermaltake, we are dealing with a large ambidextrous mouse. Indeed, it measures 128 X 64 X 37 mm. In addition to being rather imposing, it also carries a certain weight. With the Silver M5 Wireless RGB, we have a mouse that weighs 117g. We are far from the featherweight of the latest Model O Wireless with its 69 g. Otherwise, it comes equipped with a 1.8m sheathed cable for charging and Omron switches that can withstand up to 50 million clicks.

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In addition, the mouse Silver M5 Wireless RGB has areas RGB (dial + logo) to be managed via the TT Itake Engine software. Many effects and many colors will be available. The internal memory of 64 Kb is present to keep the various settings. There are also 8 buttons configurable via the software.


The Silver M5 Wireless RGB mouse is out of the box; we have a very nice mouse. Already, first good point, it is ambidextrous. It will therefore be suitable for all gamers! In addition, it has a beautiful aluminum wheel that clearly stands out from the rest of the mouse. Otherwise, the mouse is completely black and covered with a soft-touch coating. The TT logo is on the back of the mouse and will be illuminated with RGB LEDs. We have two buttons on the right side of the Argent M5 Wireless RGB (next, previous). We have the classic right and left clicks. In addition, a DPI button sits just behind the wheel. On the right, we also have two buttons identical to those on the left.

Now let’s go below the mouse. It is equipped with two pads to help the glide. In the same way, we have the button allowing us to cut the mouse or choose the Bluetooth mode or in 2.4 GHz. A ” Connect ” button is also part of the game. Otherwise, we find a large label in the center showing the Argent M5 Wireless RGB’s serial numbers and the recycling information.


Now we are going to talk about the “Performance” tab. Initially, it will be possible to configure the different DPI levels using the “Sensitivity” drop-down list. Just below, we will have the possibility to move the polling rate or the response rate of the Argent M5 Wireless RGB buttons.

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Indeed, we are dealing with an ambidextrous mouse that both right-handed and left-handed people can therefore use. In addition, all grips will be possible via the palm grip, the claw grip, or the fingertip grip.

Overall the shape of the mouse allows the hand to sit naturally on it. It will also not require special gymnastics to access its various buttons, even the DPI button. The only downside we can meet is the presence of buttons for the ambidextrous grip that can be operated by mistake with the opposite fingers. We have already seen this on the Level 20 RGB mouse from Thermaltake.

The Argent M5 Wireless RGB is a fairly large mouse to use and weighs quite a bit (117g). We are far from the formats and featherweight that we see a lot at the moment, and it is quite nice. However, despite its heavyweight, it remains easy to handle, regardless of the support used.

Thermaltake equips its Silver M5 Wireless RGB mouse with an aluminum wheel. This is unusual in the gaming peripheral market. This adds a certain “more” to the product. In addition, the latter is well notched and is very pleasant to the fingers. We validate!


Regarding the autonomy of the mouse, Thermaltake announces 36 hours in connection with the dongle with the RGB on and up to 100 hours with the lights off. If the mouse is connected via Bluetooth, it can last 52 hours with its RGB and up to 200 hours once everything is turned off.

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The latest Thermaltake reference is equipped with a Pixar PMW-3335 sensor ranging from 100 to 16,000 DPI. Likewise, it has a polling rate of 1 GHz and an acceleration of 40g.


With its mouse, Thermaltake offers the iTAKE Engine management software. The software is straightforward to use; click on your device and choose the items to configure.

The “Customize” tab of the iTAKE Engine software will be used to configure the various buttons of the Silver M5 Wireless RGB mouse. By choosing the button number, you can then place the desired action there. You can also configure the mouse so that it is suitable for a right-handed person or, on the contrary, a left-handed person. It will also be possible, according to the user’s wish, to deactivate certain buttons.

Once the settings are complete, you have to click on the “Apply” button at the bottom of the software window.

To record a macro is not very complicated. You will have to click on the “New Macro” button then on “Save.” At this point, make the desired combinations and click on the “Stop” button.

Regarding the “lighting” part, we can configure the lighting effects on the areas of the mouse. It will be possible to choose a different effect for each zone, which is quite interesting. In addition, the intensity is also configurable.


The Silver M5 Wireless RGB, Thermaltake really offers us a good wireless mouse with remarkable battery life. In addition, she has an original look that we appreciated. It is also equipped with a qualitative aluminum wheel and will offer an ambidextrous grip. So no one is harmed. In addition to a complete bundle, its price placement is ideal. We only regret a coating that marks fingerprints. In short, for us, it will be gold!