Top 5 Best Web Browsers for Windows 10


The web browsers are essential applications across computers through them can access the web and enjoy its features. Each version of Windows has a series of browsers that stand out the most and Windows 10 is no exception. Let’s see the best web browsers for Windows 10.

Each web browser has its own pros and cons, and some even excel at specific points. Here we will show you a list of the best web browsers for Windows 10 that you can use today. But you will choose the one that best suits your needs and meets your expectations.

What are web browsers?

Web browsers, as their name suggests, are programs that allow you to access the web. With its encoding, it allows you to view information from the internet and is basically a means to access text or multimedia information on a site, in addition to interacting with it.

Over the years the functionality of websites has improved thanks to advances in technology. Today you can do almost anything from a web browser, something that was difficult to see in 1990 when the first web browser was created.

Web browsers for Windows 10

More than a dozen web browsers are available, some are developed to excel in specific areas. While others are more comprehensive and cover a wide range of functionalities.

Windows 10 is an operating system that contains its peculiarities and browsers are molded to offer the best performance. This means that perhaps a browser that performs well on other versions of Windows or even on Android devices may not work the same on Windows 10.

Among web browsers, there are some that stand out for their characteristics, others for their add-ons, and others for having a combination of both being more comprehensive. There are used series of web browsers that we all know, and we will see which is the best of them all.

There are also a number of web browsers that are not as popular but do have great tools and features. Perhaps these can be more suited to your needs, so we will talk about the best web browsers for Windows 10, and we will also recommend some not so well known, but just as good.

Google Chrome


Perhaps the best-known browser on our list, and one of the best web browsers for Windows, is Google Chrome. This great browser has more than 1.1 billion active users, and it is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. It is totally free and closed source.

A large number of users it has accounted for 70% of all Internet users. What makes it the most used web browser in the world is that its features are remarkable and its performance is one of the best. Its operation is one of the best in the market, so let’s see why it is the most used web browser in the world.

Google Chrome Features

Google Chrome has a great level of integration, being the same company that distributes Android and Gmail and a host of other applications. With a single account, you can connect your browser, your email account, your mobile, and many more applications such as Drive.

Its operation in Windows 10 makes it one of the best web browsers. Your Google Chrome browser bookmarks will be synced if you log in from any device. But this will not only sync your bookmarks, but your saved data, settings, and even extensions.

This web browser that is already in version 86 includes the incognito mode to “browse without being detected”. This incognito mode was improved in version 74 when a system was added that blocks the detection of some web pages while browsing incognito.

For better compatibility, a dark mode was also recently added. This was to follow the Windows 10 settings. One of the factors that score the most for Google Chrome as one of the best web browsers for Windows 10 is its large list of extensions. Although these you have to know how to use them so as not to saturate yourself with them.

This is a great web browser, but it’s not perfect. And although it has great capabilities, it also has its weak points. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of Google Chrome.


  • Its light and intuitive interface make its use simple and easy.
  • It is quite fast, its response speed is one of the best and it offers great results.
  • Its engine is based on JavaScript, originating from Node. This makes it highly compatible with almost all websites.
  • It blends in very well with the rest of Google services, its synchronization and adaptation are optimal.
  • Its large catalog of proprietary and third-party extensions offer many functions. Of the native ones, the Gmail extensions stand out, which allows you to use it offline. Google Docs., A variant of Office. And among the third-party extensions, AdBlock and Click & Clean stand out.


  • The problem for which thousands of memes have been made is the consumption of RAM memory of Google Chrome. On computers with low RAM, this can cause more than one hang and slow performance. This may also be due to the large number of extensions that users often activate. Remember that each extension is a thread that is added to the total of the web browser.
  • Google Chrome comes from an open-source project, but its code is private. This makes more experienced users think that if you hide your code, it may be for misusing our information.
  • Sometimes the password manager runs into problems and loses saved passwords.
  • Without the extensions, it would be a very basic browser, without offering anything interesting on its own.
  • The same Google synchronization that is one of its strengths, makes it also become one of the cons. Since it almost forces you to use all your devices with Google Chrome, not only your Windows 10 computer but also your mobile or tablet.
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Conclusions about Google Chrome

If you want a comprehensive browser, Google Chrome may be the best option. It offers great performance, good speed and synchronization with other devices. If you have a Windows 10 computer without a lot of RAM, it may be better to choose another web browser from the list that we present today.

Mozilla Firefox

If we talk about the best web browsers for Windows 10 Mozilla Firefox has to be present. This powerful open-source browser, apart from being available in Windows 10, is also available for iOS, Android, Linux, and macOS.

Unlike Google Chrome, the search engine for this is Gecko, and its latest version is 82. This web browser experienced a decline in its use a few years ago and this was due to the fact that it stopped being at the forefront. But then it was updated more constantly, which allowed it to take back a very significant number of users around the world.

Today it has more than 270 million users and it is becoming increasingly difficult to increase these numbers. This is due to the increasing competition between web browsers, and this happens due to the growth and technological advancement provided by new browsers.

This browser is considered the direct competition of Google Chrome since Firefox wants to stand out in all aspects where Chrome fails. As we will see, Mozilla Firefox has its strengths where Google Chrome has no place, with the intention of attracting more users.

Mozilla Firefox features

Firefox has some features that make it stand out, in addition to the typical tabbed browsing, it also has a large number of its own add-ons.

Its add-ons make it a great browser since they have a store where you get their own that is developed by Mozilla and by third parties. Furthermore, almost all Google Chrome extensions are also compatible with Firefox.

This browser is highly customizable and very secure. Mozilla Firefox developers conduct a security review on the add-ons they offer in their store to ensure that there is no security breach. Nor any type of leakage of user information.

One of the great features of this browser is that it is open-source, users who are more knowledgeable in the area can check how the browser works. Also, many add-ons are for programmers who want to get more out of Mozilla Firefox’s performance.

Among the best web browsers for Windows 10, no matter how good they are, they are buggy. Firefox has tried to cover them with its updates, but users can still report some kind of problem. Although the pros of this great browser are largely known, let’s see how the pros and cons are balanced.


  • Free software, which is a plus for users, full transparency.
  • Compatibility with a large number of plugins that are safely available.
  • Highly customizable, you can modify almost any aspect.
  • It contains a large number of free services, including the Firefox Monitor that alerts you if you have a data leak, screen capturer, ad and tracking blockers, among many more.
  • Well optimized search engine, which guarantees better performance.


  • Perhaps the most important flaw is that only one account can be associated, which does not allow two different users to have accounts with the same browser.
  • Its updates are not frequent, which causes it to lose innovation.
  • Web pages are generally optimized to work on Google Chrome which can cause compatibility problems with Firefox in some cases.
  • Their distributions do not come out at the same time, which causes you to receive an update for Android, but not for Windows 10.

Mozilla Firefox conclusions

This browser may be more for niche users, who are looking to maintain safer browsing and who know how to modify the browser’s utilities at will. Perhaps for less experienced users, it may be difficult to enjoy all its features.

An important point of this browser is that it is translated into more than 77 languages. Although Chrome is the most used browser, Firefox is the browser that has expanded the most, with a 97.2% presence worldwide.

Microsoft Edge


You cannot make a list of the best Windows 10 browsers, not to mention the only browser that has been created for this version of Windows. The heir to Internet Explorer came in 2015, for Windows 10. After that, it came to Android and iOS mobile devices in 2017, and finally for macOS and Linux in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

This powerful browser brings with it the virtual assistant Cortana. With the passage of updates, this virtual assistant has been improving a lot and including new languages. It is already on version 86 and the origin of this web browser is Chromium, but it is proprietary software.

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Although Internet Explorer was at the time the most popular browser in the world, Edge has not enjoyed that benefit. Since the last years of IE were not so successful and that stigma has remained with this browser, although this could not be further from the truth. Its performance is incredible.

In the United States, it is the second most used browser behind Google Chrome, worldwide this position is fought with Firefox. This browser is powered to work perfectly with Windows 10 so let’s see its features and what makes it such a versatile web browser.

Microsoft Edge features

If we talk about synchronization with Windows 10 this is the perfect browser for it. You can use the browser from Cortana with voice control and perform personalized searches for dynamic information on your computer. Which will save you time and have better results.

In addition, you can save annotations made on web pages through OneDrive, an application that you can easily synchronize. It is also combined with other applications from the Microsoft Store. A great point in favor of this browser is that it is compatible with all Google Chrome extensions, which adds a high degree of utility.

Being fully optimized for higher performance for Windows 10, its CPU usage is negligible, while its RAM usage is 4 times lower, compared to Google Chrome. That makes it a great option for computers with little RAM capacity.

In the list of the best web browsers for Windows 10, this is the one with the greatest potential and the one that in the future can get more users due to its compatibility and performance. This browser offers a security setting that guarantees the user full control over what information is shared.

Among the pros and cons of Microsoft Edge, one factor that has not benefited it is being the successor to Internet Explorer. What at the time was the best browser on the web in its last years almost completely lost its popularity because it lagged behind other browsers.

This has made Edge’s short existence an uphill climb, as many users see it as a low-end continuation of Internet Explorer. But this is a mistake that users often make without having tried it, and without really knowing its pros and cons.


  • It is the browser that comes pre-installed in Windows 10. So you don’t have to download or install it.
  • It presents very good performance and compatibility with web pages.
  • You can use all the extensions available in the Google Chrome store.
  • Its optimization with Windows 10 is impeccable.
  • It has excellent security settings.
  • Synchronization with OneDrive and Outlook account.


  • As it is based on Chromium, it does not innovate in many respects.
  • Its best performance is in Windows 10, but on other platforms, it does not stand out.
  • Your software is proprietary code.

Microsoft Edge conclusions

If you are to use the web browser casually and want a light and fast experience, this may be the right browser for you. Its great integration with Windows 10 makes it a great contender.



The versatility and elegance browser web made undoubtedly Opera is a great browser application and operating above the average. Your Blink rendering engine is responsible for all its operations. Opera is at version 72 and is available on Windows, Linux, macOS, as well as iOS and Android.

If we talk about innovation, the Opera web browser is the most remarkable. Many of its innovative features have been replicated in other browsers. In addition, this great browser includes great features by default, without the need to download any add-ons or extensions.

Its interface is smooth and elegant, its performance respectable. All this adds up to the fact that this browser has a series of variants for all your devices apart from your Windows 10 computer. It has a ” mini ” version for medium and low-end devices.

You can also download its portable version that you can run from a USB memory and that will not leave a trace of its use on the computer. This is a good option among web browsers, in addition to its features being remarkable for being innovative.

Opera Features

One of the features that first appeared in Opera, and then other browsers replicated, is shortcuts. The shortcuts allow you to create a thumbnail and then when you access you will enter the page you have saved, a similar operation to that of a bookmark. It also has a download manager that allows you to pause and resume any type of download.

You can put tabs to hibernate so that they go to the background and you can reduce the consumption of RAM. One of the characteristics that distinguish Opera is that it has an ad blocker included, without the need to use any plugins.

But if you want to install an add-on or extension, Opera is fully compatible in that regard with Google Chrome. Another feature is that you can use its mouse shortcuts to have more intuitive navigation. A better experience when using the browser.

If you are one of the Internet users who like privacy, Opera is for you, since it uses a free and unlimited VPN which will allow you to hide your IP address. This can be combined very well with Opera turbo which consists of using Opera’s servers to reduce the size of the pages, it works very well if you have a slow connection or little data, it also has a data saving option.

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This may be the web browser that does not have such important cons since it focuses on providing you benefits and with its updates, it has covered the security holes that it once had.


  • Adblocker included ad-free browsing, faster loads.
  • Free and unlimited integrated VPN, which guarantees safer browsing.
  • Sidebar with direct access to your bookmarks, social network chats such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram.
  • Turbo mode and data saving, for slow or limited data connections.
  • Dark mode.
  • Aside from its incredible version of Windows 10, it also has very good versions on mobile devices.


  • Few updates and may take time to arrive.
  • Proprietary software.
  • It covers many aspects and features, which detracts from performance.
  • You may have compatibility problems with some web pages.

Opera conclusions

It is undoubtedly a great browser, its tools give you safer and more intuitive navigation. Your ad blocker scores you with points. If it has something to improve it is in the delivery of updates and its compatibility with some websites.

If you want to have a different experience when browsing, this web browser may be the option for you. Its sidebar includes a large number of functions which you can consider an all-in-one web browser. In short, it is a great competition among the best web browsers for Windows 10.



Perhaps being the youngest browser, Brave may be the only one on this list that you don’t know about. It was released in January 2016 and to date, it aims to be the first of many of the so-called web browsers of the future. This browser is open source and based on Chromium.

This browser was created by the Mozilla project and Brendan Eich, who is the creator of JavaScript, which means that there is a good background in its development. Its rendering engine is a combination of Blink and V8. So far it is only available in 8 languages.

In 2019 it was released on Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS platforms. It has 5 search engines, and among its search engines is the DuckDuckGo search engine. This free software search engine offers its users a free tracking and information filtering experience.

If you use private browsing mode, the default search engine is DuckDuckGo, to avoid the crawling that some websites try to do. Brave offers to block ads, stop tracking, save data, and decrease response time, all while paying you with its innovative advertising system. A utility that includes it among the best web browsers for Windows.

Brave Features

Brave’s premise is to protect your information as a user, and starting from there, offer you a great service, eliminating advertisements to give you better performance. It also takes care of blocking trackers that many websites have. It is important to note that this browser includes the Tor search engine which provides a different and more secure type of search.

On their website, they have a comparative video competing against Chrome and Firefox and in it, you can see how the integrated adblocker makes the difference with these two browsers. Its performance is based on the removal of advertisements for the best results.

Its two great features are Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave Rewards. The first consists of an Ethereum-based token that is open source and is made up of an exchange platform that offers decentralized ads. This works by offering users micropayments in this token, in exchange for non-intrusive advertisements.

Brave Rewards are fully linked to BAT tokens since you can choose if you want to see these advertisements in exchange for receiving BAT tokens. This system is also applied to reward creators of content and web pages who are also using Brave. You can make donations with BAT Token.

This browser seems to have all aspects controlled if we talk about its security and performance; and at the same time, it accumulates a large number of positive characteristics. But it still has a couple of cons that can affect how you see the web browser.


  • As it is based on Chromium, all Google Chrome extensions are compatible with Brave, which involves the use of many tools.
  • It has a built-in ad blocker, which improves the performance of the web browser.
  • It focuses on security, privacy, and avoiding tracking so that its users have a better browsing experience.
  • With its rewards, you can receive and send Token BAT.
  • Light, fast, and with low consumption of resources.


  • It may run into compatibility issues due to its adblocker and tracking. It disables third-party scripts and may cause some web pages to malfunction.
  • It has little synchronization between devices using the same browser.

Brave conclusions

This is a browser that is aimed at users with greater knowledge at the computer level since its main function is to maintain your security and privacy. And many users do not care about these aspects, not knowing that this can lead to lower quality performance.

It’s a great web browser, which also “ pays you to use it ”, and it’s free money as long as you have a high-quality service. An aspect that none of the other browsers has. Its flaws can be improved over time, taking into account that it is a browser with a recent development just like Edge.