Turtle Beach Recon 500: Wired Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach, a recognized player in gaming peripherals, especially headsets for that matter, presented its new headset, the Turtle Beach Recon 500. It is a wired headset, compatible with almost all devices, wired and aesthetic, with optimal comfort. What is it really worth?

Attractive design profileBad isolation
Great overall mic performanceNo frills in terms of features
Great audio experience
Good price point

The helmet weighs 380 grams, which is a very decent standard for this type of product. The microphone is also supplied separately; it can be removed if needed. The latter, also from the pharaoh “Toutenplastique”, does not inspire a formidable effort in terms of manufacture. We will see if it offers good quality sound or not.

  • Turtle Beach Recon 500 headset
  • Detachable boom mic
  • Manuals
  • Turtle Beach sticker


Turtle Beach Recon 500
BrandTurtle Beach
ReleasedJune 21, 2021
ColorsArctic Camo
Battery lifeNo
Weight380 g
ConnectivityWired (3.5mm jack)


Noise CancellingNo
Frequency Response20 – 20,000 Hz
Dimensions7.87 x 3.98 x 9.33 inches

The Turtle Beach Recon 500, a wired and aesthetic gaming headset covered in camouflage / military-style decorations, but grey and not like in the military. After all, the Seagate OneTouch was fine in pink camouflage. The grey at least allows here not to be too conspicuous nor too flashy.

The whole helmet has for theme the grey of the blow, as one can notice it. The hoops are in white, and the rest of the helmet adopts shades of grey, not reminiscent of a certain book.

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The headband is divided into two parts which go around each earpiece to meet and has a leatherette pad at the level of its upper part. It’s quite common that this headband is made of a different material than the ear cushions. Because indeed, these are in fabrics. Headphones can lay flat when it comes to storing headphones on a desk. However, they are not foldable on the inside.

We notice that the pads are very thick, and we hope to ensure that the ears are never in contact with the tissue covering the diaphragm. Considering the thickness, the comfort should therefore be optimal. The fabric covering the diaphragm is transparent grey, allowing a clear view of the audio system inside. If it does not bring anything functionally, it is purely aesthetic.

Above the arch, we find the brand’s name, “Turtle Beach“, written in large. The slightly coarse, very plastic side does not play in the helmet’s favour if that’s not a problem. We would have appreciated something finer, more elegant.

At the left earphone is placed the jack cable integrated into the headphones. The latter can be connected to a computer, console or smartphone. Just behind is the volume control wheel, and at the front of the cable, the jack input for the microphone. Also on the left, on the side of the headset, is the button to mute the microphone or reactivate it. This button, however, gives a cheap aspect to its activation.


Frequency band20-22,000Hz
SpeakersNeodymium, 60mm
Earcup cushionAthletic Weave Fabric with Memory Foam
MicrophoneRemovable TruSpeak

It is clear that if the headphones do not inspire the highest quality out of the box. So far, my opinion on this Turtle Beach Recon 500 is mixed here. At the same time, the headset holds well on the ears; one feels absolutely no annoying sensation with no pressure on the ears; at the same time, it is not perfect.

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The headphones are well positioned on the upper part of the ear and press correctly to offer good sound insulation. However, the concern is on the lower part of the headphones. We clearly feel that they are pressing less at the bottom than at the top, which is annoying. It is disturbing both the sensation that it provides, but also concerning ambient noise.

Because of this, the headphones which are supposed to provide good passive isolation from ambient noise do not do their job properly because some extraneous noises can get embedded in the lower part of the headphones. It’s annoying if you have a little noise around you.

Regarding the central arch, it presses on the head. Obviously, you can always raise the helmet, as it does not press uniformly over the entire ear; it tends to go down. So that the arch, at its top, also falls on the head, and no need to adjust the height of the headphones; it does nothing.

The comfort of the Recon 500 is okay, but for such a price, one would have expected more from Turtle Beach.

Audio Quality

The Turtle Beach Recon 500 is compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series S, X, Nintendo Switch, and smartphones. The sound is good in all cases, but the headphones force a little on the bass.

If you are looking for good bass that is powerful and punchy, this is absolutely no problem with this model. However, we would have appreciated a little more clarity in the sound to hear better the enemy arriving, for example. It is a shame not to have proposed this.

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But no more quibbling; if the comfort is not optimal compared to what one can expect from it, the sound quality remains good and makes it possible to make up for the blow compared to the comfort which could have improved.

Unfortunately, the microphone of the Recon 500 does not come more towards the user’s mouth. It is not retractable, but ultimately that does not matter. However, it remains at least 3 centimetres from the user’s touch, which is not optimal for eliminating ambient noise.


Battery TypeNo Battery
Battery Life
Charging Time
Charging Port


Connection3.5mm wired (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Switch)


The Turtle Beach Recon 500 is a good wired gaming headset. It does well on all devices, whether smartphone, PC or console. We note, however, that could have improved the helmet’s comfort and aesthetic aspect, which seems quite coarse on certain points. He is doing well all the same!

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