Ultra Wide Monitor: Cooler Master GM34-CW

Hello guys, we’ll today have a look at Cooler Master GM34-CW which is a curved 34-inch ultra-wide monitor, with a V8 panel Quad HD resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and both Freesync and the G-sync support. The most interesting part here is that it’s actually made by Cooler Master. So after decades of making peripherals, and power supplies, they decided to add monitors to that list and it’s always exciting to see newcomers to the monitor market. This one will cost you around 750 Euros or around 700 dollars though. It is definitely exciting, so let’s see if the Cooler Master is bringing something fresh and something interesting to the table or if there are still some things that they need to work on.

Pros and Cons

VA panel with Quantum DotOn-screen menu system is clunky
Excellent overdriveNo USB ports
G-SYNC compatibleNo cable management
1500R curve is great for media

Key Specification

Cooler Master GM34-CW
BrandCooler Master
Model GM34-CW
Monitor TypeGaming Moniter
Display TypeCurved
Gross Weight 8.96 kg

There are many monitors available in the market from which you can simply choose the better one for you. but this one is really different.  It is instantly recognizable, it looks great and it will be a perfect match if you already have their case or their peripherals, they also get points for build quality because it is a well-made screen. The backside has a light gamer aesthetic going on with a bit of branding and a little bit of a purple light but there is no RGB present and it’s not bright enough to light up the wall behind your monitor anyway.

If you want that effect you will have to get some extra RGB strips. Movement is good, it is height adjustable, it can tilt and swivel, there’s no rotation here as it is a curved panel and technically you can wall mount it if you want to. The stand is actually one of the reasons to consider this monitor in the first place. The stand actually is more flexible than the expectations.


Cooler Master GM34-CW
Display TypeQLED
Size34 inch
Aspect ratio21:9
Resolution3440 x 1440
Physical Dimensions808.65 x 520.82 x 263.9 mm

The colors are really brilliant and vibrant, they’ve come with what they’ve promised about the display. The colors are oversaturated, though you can simply adjust them according to your preferences if you’re doing something color specific. The screen can definitely display all the colors and if a manual adjustment is done, the accuracy can be better.

The actual panel is quite good. The brightness is great with 491 NITS at maximum brightness and it’s more than dimmable enough with a minimum white level of under 50 NITS. The contrast is below average for a VA panel at around 2400 to 1 but that’s still better than IPS and TN panels and out of the box it is set a little bit colder than the desired 6500 Kelvin. These types of monitors can be used in almost every way. There are enough physical space and pixels to easily put two applications side by side for multitasking.

There’s a good amount of workspace for photo editing or for video editing. For any color-sensitive editing, the factory settings are lacking a bit for that normal day-to-day use. The HDR here just doesn’t add much. You should definitely not buy this monitor for this feature alone and that about sums it up for today it is pretty nice for the first.

If we talk about gaming, it’s totally a different experience gaming on this huge monitor. The combination of brighter colors and screen brightness in the game with a bit of over-saturation is just perfect. It is also very smooth working, thanks to free sync and G-sync. It avoids the screen tearing and is really fast with VA panel but there is a bit of smearing in really dark scenes. It still performs over average. A good HDR experience relies on three things, high brightness peaks, a great contrast with the help of some form of local dimming and, a wide color gamut.


Cooler Master GM34-CW
Signal InputHDMI 2.0 x2, Display port 2
USB3.0 x2

There are two display ports two HDMI ports and a headphone jack on the back. There’s no USB hub which is not okay odd considering the price of this monitor. Speakers are included and they are not that bad and they go loud enough for simple use but per usual just don’t expect miracles from built-in speakers. OSD control is average and the OSD itself is actually the same, it will be good enough for most typical adjustments but it is very simple and it will lack in some areas because there is only a limited selection of presets. An SRGB mode is missing which would be really nice to have given the specs of this monitor. Also aside from crosshair, there aren’t really any other game-enhancing features, so it is quite basic in that regard.


Cooler Master GM34-CW
Power Consumption29w


  1. It’s a well-built monitor with a very good panel, it offers great performance with plenty of colors, plenty of brightness and a good sense of speed and support for both freesync and G-sync is something a lot of cheaper ultra-wide monitors do not have.
  2. There are definitely some things that cooler master needs to improve on for example add some more features like software control over the OSD, a couple of extra modes that will actually help gamers, fine-tune some modes that don’t work well, and add some extra modes for some creative use.
  3. The panel itself does really great with colors but the fact that serious content creators will have to manually calibrate the panel right away before they use it.
  4. The main issue here is actually the price. So fast decent ultra-wide monitors start around 500 dollars or Euros while this one will cost you 700 or 750 Euros which is considerably higher and they’re just a lot of really good monitors in general that will cost you less.
  5. This is an excellent panel quality; Cooler Master doesn’t have to be the cheapest. But if you’re willing to pay a premium you probably just want some of those extra features that others have and that are just missing.
  6. It just feels like more of a novelty item for anyone that’s looking to brand match their entire setup.
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