How To Use ChatGPT Directly In The Excel Table

How To Use ChatGPT Directly In The Excel Table

Since OpenAI opened the ChatGPT API for developers to use, many various applications have emerged in a short period of time, especially a lot of related plug-ins have appeared on Chrome. However, there are not only browsers that have plug-in functions. For example, MS Office also has so-called add-on sets, and some add-on sets combined with ChatGPT functions have appeared.

Here, we will first introduce this BrainiacHelper, which provides instant use of the ChatGPT dialogue function in the spreadsheet form, allowing you to ask questions in the form without opening another web page. You can immediately ask some Excel-related functions, or questions about how to calculate, so that your operations in Excel will be more efficient. However, even if you ask a question that has nothing to do with Excel, it is also okay.

First go to the Brainiac Helper webpage in the Microsoft app store , click “Get it” to get this App. You can choose to open it in your stand-alone Excel application.

Brainiac helper

Then you can switch to Excel in Microsoft 365 and save this app set to your cloud space. After completion, you can see the function of this BrainiacHelper in the right column. In the first column below this function, you also need to enter the GPT API Key key, so you need to go back to the OpenAI registration page to obtain a key.


 In API Keys, generate a new key. Press the green button on the right to copy the key.

Generate api key

Then paste it into the column above and you’re done.

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Brainic done

After that, you can enter the question in the left field, and then the right field is the field you want ChatGPT to answer. Click the right field with the mouse, and then press “Run” at the bottom of BrainiacHelper to open the Excel table Q&A in.

Run command

According to the actual measurement, sometimes there are some formatting problems that make the answers seem incomplete. In this case, you can get a satisfactory answer by asking a few more times.