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Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD vs Asus VG27AQ: 27 Inch Gaming Monitors

We are back again with another interesting comparison for you. Today we have two gaming monitors from the 27-inch gaming monitor segment, Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27 vs Asus VG27AQE 27. We will compare both of these monitors to know which one is really suitable for your choices.

Pros and Cons

Viewsonic Asus
Amazing response time165Hz refresh
Amazing ColourSolid settings menu
AMD FreeSync up to 144HzFreeSync/G-Sync compatible
High pixel densityGood color accuracy
Bad ergonomics.High price
No extra gaming features.Mediocre brightness uniformity

Key Specification

Viewsonic Asus
Gaming MonitorYes GamingYes Gaming
Weight with Stand5.3 kg5.9 kg
Dimension615.0 x 450.0 x 189.0 mm620 x 363 x 66 mm
Power Consumption43 W0.5 W

Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

The design is very basic using standard black plastic with a few silver highlights. It’s not particularly thin it doesn’t use any fancy materials but at the same time. It doesn’t look bad it’s a fine mid-range design that seems reasonably well put together. We’d have liked to see a nicer stand here, in particular, both from a materials and ergonomics standpoint. But you can understand why they went down the cheap route to ensure that there’s an overall low price point that the VX2758 doesn’t have is a particularly agonic standard.

There is no height adjustment here just tilt support so if you want to raise the screen from its fairly low sitting position. You’ll need to make use of the phaser mount depending on whether you have a Vaser arm or not this can add a bit of cost to the overall unit price if you do need height adjustability. The overall dimensions of this monitor are 615.0 x 450.0 x 189.0 mm and also it weighs around 5.3 Kg so it is fairly lighter in terms of weight.

Asus VG27AQE 27

This is one of the few monitor designs from Asus in the last few years that we actually like it’s a lot more subtle than their crazy ROG designs. With RGB lighting and weird patterns all over the place but it’s still definitely a gamer-oriented aesthetic with red highlights and hard angles almost all the exposed surfaces are plastic of some kind. So no metals or anything like that and a lot of it is just your standard basic black plastic. But it works nothing crazy is required here and the overall build quality is pretty good.

One thing we really appreciate about this design is the highly adjustable stand. We’re getting the works here with height tilt swivel and pivot support. The range of height adjustment is above average and it’s great to get enough pivot support to use.

The monitor in a portrait orientation there is a base amount available as well just in case you need it and despite offering all this stuff the stand is sturdy and doesn’t wobble. The overall dimension of this monitor is 620 x 363 x 66 mm and it weighs around 5.9 Kg which is a little bit heavier than the ViewSonic monitor.


Viewsonic Asus
Display TypeIPS-Type LCDIPS-Type LCD
Size27 inch27 inch
Aspect ratio16:916:9
Resolution2560 x 1440 pixel2560 x 1440 pixel
Pixel Density109 PPI109 PPI
Response Time1 ms (MPRT)1 ms (MPRT)
Refresh Rate144 Hz155 Hz

Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

The VX27582KP-MHD is a very attractive monitor for a couple of reasons. It’s a 27-inch 1440p 144 hertz IPS gaming monitor so it’s hitting all those key specifications that gamers love to see and really nailing that sweet spot. But it offers this and a budget-oriented price tag of around 320 US dollars going on pricing in the last few months this makes it the cheapest high refresh 1440p IPS monitor on the market undercutting other popular options and offering more value-oriented alternative to some flagship models. It’s not as cheap as some VA options.

The VX27582KP-MHD has a lot of other features you’ll be after for gaming like Adaptive-Sync support with low framerate compensation and a backlight strobing mode for blur reduction. It is a wide gamut panel with a rated 96% DCI p3 coverage but there’s no HDR functionality as you’d probably expect from a mid-range monitor.

Asus VG27AQE 27

It’s a 27-inch 1440p 165 Hertz IPS display so that’s the sweet spot for resolution refresh rate and panel technology for gaming. It’s one of those things that ticks a lot of boxes the next factor is it includes a feature called LNB Sync. Which for the first time allows you to use adaptive sync variable refresh rates and blur reducing backlight strobing at the same time. The overall picture is its price tag of 430 US dollars for this sort of monitor is very competitive in today’s market especially given its 165 Hertz refresh rate and feature.

There’s plenty of features here crosshairs timers FPS counters shadow boosting and blue light filters are some of the major inclusion C plus, of course, LNB synched for backlight strobing more mid-range and budget options often don’t bother with decent feature sets but the Asus is keeping the VG27A too strong in this regard.


Viewsonic Asus
HDMI2.0 x 21.4 x 2
DisplayPort1.4 x 11.2 x 1
Audio Output3.5 mm3.5 mm
USBNoType-A x 1
Type-B x 2
Memory Card SlotsNoNo
Built-in Speakers2 x 2.5WNo
G-SYNC SupportYes (Compatible)Yes (Compatible)
FreeSync SupportYes (Compatible)Yes (Compatible)

Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD

Talking about the connectivity options. With Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD you will get two 2.0 HDMI ports and one 1.4 DisplayPort. It also gets a 3.5mm headphone jack for the audio output. It won’t offer any of the USB options which is kind of weird for any monitor. There are also two built-in speakers which are of terrible quality worse than laptop quality.

Asus VG27AQE 27

The Asus VG27AQE 27 comes with two 1.4 HDMI ports and one 1.2 DisplayPort. It got a 3.5mm headphone jack. It does come with a Type-A and a Type-B USB port Additionally it got an HDCP port which is quite a good thing. But it won’t get an in-built speaker setup so you have to buy an external speaker set up for this one.

Both of these devices does compatible with the G-Synch and Free-Synch support which is excellent for gaming-oriented buyers.


Viewsonic Asus
Power On100-240VAC,50/60Hz100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Power SupplyInternalExternal

Moving towards the power options you will require a 100-240VAC,50/60Hz power with the power on mode. And also the ViewSonic monitor requires an internal type of power supply and the Asus monitor requires an external type of power supply.

Which is better!

Both of these devices are pretty identical in terms of screen size, aspect ratio, and resolution. But when it comes to the picture quality and proper gaming features then the Asus VG27AQE really outshines the ViewSonic monitor also both of them served on the different price tag in the market so it also depends on the budget of the buyer.


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