10 Things You Should Know About the Tesla Model Y

The Model Y is a crossover version of the Model 3 and a mini version of the Model X, designed to be a practical daily driver for families.

Tesla's strategy was to build a sports car, an executive sedan, and a powerful SUV before offering more affordable electric cars, which gave us the Model Y.

The Model Y has a low center of gravity and a five-star safety rating due to its battery pack placement and safety features.

The interior of the Model Y is minimalist, with a massive panoramic roof and all major controls nestled into the infotainment screen.

The Model Y comes with Tesla's fast charging technology and one of the largest charging networks in the world.

The Model Y is available in a few different configurations, including a standard model, an all-wheel-drive model, and a performance model.

The Model Y features hidden features such as Bioweapon Defense Mode, Live Sentry Mode, and adjustable trunk height.

The middle rear seat in the Model Y has an adjustable headrest, and the climate control system can be controlled through voice commands.

The Model Y has a quick autopilot speed adjustment feature and a toggle between battery percentage and mileage range.

The Model Y has a battery report feature, a Tesla app customization feature, and a full-self driving beta feature.