How To Choose A Mechanical Keyboard

How To Choose A Mechanical Keyboard

There are many varieties of mechanical keyboards. The switch's colour changes. "How to choose a product" How to pick a mechanical keyboard. Please refer to our function and performance explanations.

We'll introduce Cherry MX, Logitech, and Razer switches for individuals who don't know which to choose. The table summarises each axis's qualities and "what kind of individuals are advised," therefore consult it before buying.

Cherry Mx Red Axis – Quiet person – a person who works on a computer for a long time Cherry Mx Blue Axis – want to hit – People who want a reliable feeling of operation Cherry Mx Brown Axis – keyboard novice – People who want a well-balanced usability Cherry MX Black Axis – People who want a firm push feeling Cherry MX Silver Axis – fast typer

Check whether it is Bluetooth or 2.4 GHz wireless

Bluetooth devices connect without a receiver or wire. It's also utilised on cellphones and tablets, therefore it's suggested for non-computer users. You can buy a receiver to utilise it with non-Bluetooth devices. 2.4GHz wireless uses radio waves to link wireless LAN, etc. Dedicated receivers allow wireless connectivity on PCs without Bluetooth. Cheaper than Bluetooth and with less communication delay.