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Weird West Game Guide: Tips And Tricks To Help You Through The Game

This Weird West guide is a large compendium of knowledge about this original isometric action RPG. Detailed information and tips contained in our guide will allow you to learn all the most important game mechanics and learn the basics of combat and help in character development.

The first big chapter of this guide is a kind of guide to the basics of Weird West. This chapter opens with a page with useful starting tips that should be read by all players who are just starting their adventure with this interesting production set in the fantastic and dark version of the Wild West. In the following pages of this chapter, we cover other important issues related to Weird West.

The second extensive chapter of this Weird West guide is an FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions.

Our guide to Weird West closes the Appendix chapter, where you can find, among others, PC hardware requirements, a detailed list of controls for all platforms, as well as information on language versions.

Weird West: Quick Tips for Getting Started

  1. Quicksave : in Weird West, you can use the quick save option, and it is worth using this option, especially when playing on a higher difficulty level;
  2. Inventory: Your character will not have unlimited inventory space, so you should pay attention to what you pick up while exploring or immediately convert unnecessary items into resources. Items that you want to keep for later can be stored in the bank;
  3. Horse: Buying a horse is a key investment as it will make your movement much faster. Moreover, the horse has Saddlebags so that it can carry additional items;
  4. Lockpicks: While exploring, you will come across many locked locks that can be opened with a lockpick. If you invest your points in Perk Locksmith, you have a good chance of saving the tool when opening the lock fails;
  5. Exploration: when playing Weird West, it is worth checking every corner of the map because you may come across hidden locations;
  6. Camps and cities: it is worth returning to previously visited camps and cities from time to time because there may be new interesting tasks to be performed there;
  7. Upgrading items: in order to do well in the later stages of the game, you need to upgrade your equipment, and for this, you will need a lot of resources, so it is worth collecting ore when there is an opportunity and skinning various animals;
  8. Fighting on the move: if possible, stay on the move during the fight so that you do not become an easy target for the opponent. Practice backing off and shooting targets in front of you at the same time;
  9. Bounties: Towns have notice boards for headhunters. This is a great way to get extra money;
  10. Character Development: In Weird West, you can develop your characters by selecting skills and Perks. You will need Nimph Relics to develop your skills and Golden Aces of Spades to develop your Perks. Importantly, Perki is transferred to each new character;
  11. Hard-to-reach places: if you find a place you can’t get to, try putting some bags on top of you to create a makeshift staircase.

Weird West: PC hardware requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit;
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2380P 3.1 GHz / AMD FX-6100 3.3 GHz;
  • Graphics: 1 GB GeForce GTX 650 Ti / Radeon HD 7770 or better;
  • RAM memory: 6 GB;
  • Disk space: 16 GB HDD.

Weird West: Starting Tips

You will find a set of starting tips for Weird West on this guide page. We have prepared various tips that are primarily aimed at novice players.

Save your game frequently

No matter what platform you play on, Weird West allows you to use normal save and the quick save option. Before entering the opponent’s territory, it is a good idea to save the game so that you can quickly return to a specific place in the event of a failure.

Pay attention to what you collect

The inventory size in Weird West is limited, and this is especially noticeable at the beginning of the game when you do not have a horse or a stash in the bank. The game will flood you with various items, and most of them will be just rubbish that can stack up to a few pieces. If you find more firearms, it is worth dismantling them for raw materials immediately.

Get a horse as soon as possible

The horse costs around $ 280 (depending on the discount) and is the only mode of transport available in Weird West and should be purchased as soon as possible. Thanks to this, you will shorten the travel time between individual points on the map by more than half, but you will also be able to store additional items in your bags.

Look for treasures

In some places or the bodies of defeated opponents, you can find maps that indicate where the treasure is buried. It’s worth exploring these little additional locations because you have a chance to get some really valuable items, including skill points and perks.

Take a look at every corner of the map

In Weird West, valuable items have been hidden in many places, especially those hard to reach. Often in chests at the edge of the map or in well-guarded interiors of a building, you will find special items used to develop skills and character perks.

Perform Bounties

Bounties are additional quests in Weird West that involve capturing or eliminating a target, for which you can get quite a lot of cash. Remember that each task of this type has a limited time to complete it.

Upgrade your weapons

In Weird West, you can use the blacksmith’s services to increase weapon stats and thus enhance your character’s firepower, which is especially important at higher difficulty levels. Try to level it up regularly when you find a weapon that perfectly suits your playstyle.

Fight with the idea

Each location in Weird West can be completed in many different ways, so completing the mission does not always have to be associated with the shooting. If you want, you can slowly but methodically sneak up on your opponents from behind, stun them, and then hide their bodies not to arouse the suspicions of other enemies. You can also use environmental elements during combat, such as oil lamps to start a fire or barrels with explosives that deal damage in a large area.

Develop skills and perks

In Weird West, you increase the strength of your characters not only by assigning them various equipment but also by distributing skill points and perks. Skills are unique to each character, but the perks are shared, and they are transferred to each new character you take control of as you progress through the story.

Mine ore and collect skins

You will need a lot of ore and leather to upgrade your equipment, so collect resources. You will need a pickaxe to mine ore and a skinning toolbag for skinning animals.



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