SoundCore Space One vs Space Q45: In Depth Comparison

SoundCore Space One vs SoundCore Space Q45

SoundCore Space One vs Space Q45: For those always on the lookout for quality audio gear without breaking the bank, SoundCore has been delivering pretty impressive options. Both are from the same brand but come at different price points. Let’s see if the cost difference translates into a disparity in features or performance.

Pros and Cons

SoundCore Space OneSoundCore Space Q45
Comes with a drawstring pouch.Comes with a hard carrying case.
Ear cups are collapsible.Ear cups swivel and collapse
More padding on the headbandThicker ear cushions
Battery life up to 55 hoursBattery life up to 65 hours
Soundcore app is sometimes laggySoundcore app is sometimes laggy
Feel a little cheapAverage sound quality

Specifications: Space One vs Space Q45

Space OneSpace Q45
ReleasedMay 29, 2023July 5, 2022
TypeOver EarOver Ear
SoundHi-Res Wireless, LDAC, HearIDHi-Res Wireless, Hi-Res, LDAC
ANCAdaptive ANCAdaptive ANC
Playtime55H (ANC off), 40H (ANC on)65H (ANC off), 50H (ANC on)
Fast Charging5 mins = 4 hours5 mins = 4 hours
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.3, AUXBluetooth 5.3, AUX
Calls3 mics with AI algorithm2 mics with AI algorithm

Space One: Comes with a carrying pouch. Recommended to invest in a hard shell case for better protection.

Space Q45s: Comes with a hard shell case, which is rare for its price point.

SoundCore Space One vs SoundCore Space Q45 covers

Key Differences

Both headphones are similar in their essential design. Still, there are notable distinctions: The Space One is the latest from SoundCore, it’s not necessarily the successor to the Q45.

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Carrying Case: The Q45 comes with its own carrying case, which can be quite a boon for frequent travelers or those a little more casual with their tech. The Space One, on the other hand, offers a drawstring pouch.

Buttons and Connections: Both models share the same button layouts and connections, with playback controls on one side and ANC controls, status LEDs, and USB type-C and 3.5 Jack connections on the other.

Adjustment and Build: The head adjustment mechanism is metallic in the Q45 and plastic in the Space One. While both are functional, the Q45 seems to have a slightly better build.

Comfort: Despite the sturdier build of the Q45, the Space One takes the lead in comfort due to its softer material on the ear cups and headband.

Color Options: The Space One is available in blue, black, and cream, while the Q45 can be purchased in black, white, and blue.


Both headphones have a fully collapsible design.

Both fit similarly with a neutral clamping force and are “big head approved.”

Both have spacious ear pads suitable for average to large ears.

Space One is lighter (264 grams) compared to Q45s (298 grams), making them slightly more comfortable.

Space One: Has a modern look with a “floating axis” design. This means the ear cups adjust better to the head, offering a snug fit. The ear cups are collapsible, enhancing portability.

SoundCore Space One Design
SoundCore Space One

Q45: Does not have the “floating axis” design. Features a more robust construction with aluminum hinges, a metal headband, and plushier ear cushions.

SoundCore Space Q45 Design
SoundCore Space Q45

When talking durability, the Q45 might just have the edge because of these premium touches.

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Both headphones are known for their comfort. While the Q45 boasts thicker ear cushions, the Space One has more padding on the headband. This can be especially comfortable for those with less hair, as it offers more cushioning on the top of the head.

Both headphones are known for their comfort

Sound and Noise Cancellation

  • Both sound relatively similar with 40mm drivers.
  • Best sound quality achieved with ANC turned off.
  • Both have physical buttons for media control.
  • Space One has wear sensors, while Q45s do not.

Both headphones offer 40mm drivers, ensuring a similar sound quality. They are also compatible with the SoundCore app which offers over 20 sound presets. While both offer punchy bass and clear sounds, the Q45 sounds a tad more refined and open.

The Q45’s are made of metal and ceramic, providing sharper mid and high frequencies. However, the Space One shines in the low frequencies, delivering a punchier bass experience.

  • Both headphones have an ambient mode.
  • Space One has an additional “Easy Chat” feature, allowing users to talk without removing the headphones.

In the noise cancellation department, both headphones offer adaptive noise cancellation and manual settings. Performance is comparable, with the Q45 perhaps having a slight advantage.

Microphone Performance

Both headphones do a commendable job at background noise cancellation during calls. However, the Q45 might offer slightly better clarity.

Battery Life

Space One: Offers a 580mAh battery that, as per SoundCore, can last up to 40 hours with ANC on and up to 55 hours with ANC off.

Space Q45: The brand doesn’t specify its battery capacity but claims up to 50 hours of listening time with ANC on and up to 65 hours with ANC off.

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Both models support quick charging, providing up to 4 hours of playback with just a 5-minute charge. Plus, if the battery runs out, users can connect via the 3.5mm jack.

Connectivity and Features

  • Both can connect to two devices simultaneously.
  • Zero latency for both when watching videos.
  • Support for SPC, AAC, and LDAC audio codecs. LDAC is exclusive to Android.

Both headphones offer Bluetooth 5.3 and support the high-quality aptX codec. They are compatible with the SoundCore app available for Android and iOS, offering a variety of customization options, including equalizers, noise-cancellation settings, and more.

SoundCore app

Two unique features of the Space One include:

  1. Automatic Playback: A sensor in the left ear cup detects when the headphones are worn or removed, pausing and playing music accordingly.
  2. Touch-activated Transparency Mode: Users can simply place their hand over the left ear cup to activate this mode, pausing music and amplifying ambient sounds, allowing for quick conversations without removing the headphones.


  • Space One: $99
  • Space Q45s: $150

The Space One is priced around 99 USD, whereas the Q45 starts at about 150 USD, but can often be found at a discounted price.

Space One vs Space Q45

In conclusion, while both headphones have their strengths, the Space One seems to provide better value for most users due to its comfort, features, and price point. The Q45, with its superior build quality and slightly enhanced sound profile, may appeal to audiophiles willing to pay a premium. Regardless of your choice, both headphones offer a premium listening experience.