Why App Folders in One UI Watch 5 are a Big Deal for Smartwatch Users

The Significance of App Folders

App Folders in One UI Watch 5 : Samsung’s One UI Watch 5 has been making waves in the tech world, and for a good reason. The introduction of app folders is a significant leap forward, bringing a feature from our phones directly to our wrists. But why is this such a big deal? Let’s dive in.

A Brief Look at the One UI Watch 5

In early May, Samsung announced the One UI Watch 5, and shortly after, Google unveiled the Wear OS4 platform. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 and the classic version launched a few months later, equipped with both Wear OS4 and One UI 5 Watch. Since then, Samsung has been busy updating its older wearables with the new software. The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic from 2021 are the latest to receive this update.

What’s New in the Update?

The update, which has started rolling out, comes with a plethora of features. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Transferring Watches to New Phones: Previously, transferring your watch to a new phone was a hassle. Now, it’s much more straightforward, with or without a reset.
  • Enhanced Call Controls: Users can now adjust call volume, mute sound, and even press buttons on the keypad directly from their watch.
  • Voice Notifications: If you have Bixby as your default voice assistant, it can read your notifications out loud. This is especially handy if you have headphones connected to your watch.
  • Gesture Controls: This feature allows users to control their wearable without touching it. Actions can be assigned to gestures like shaking your wrist or making a fist.
  • Battery and Audio Checks: Users can now check the battery levels of their watch, phone, and even Galaxy Buds. For the Buds, you can also control the 360 audio feature.
  • Personalized Health Features: Samsung Health now offers enhanced sleep coaching, automatic cycling workout recordings, and personalized heart rate zones for running.
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The Significance of App Folders

But among all these features, the ability to create app folders stands out. Here’s why:

  1. Organized Interface: Just like on our phones, app folders allow users to keep their smartwatch interface tidy. This means less time scrolling and more time getting things done.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: With app folders, users can group similar apps together, making it easier to locate and launch them. This can be especially useful for students who might have educational apps or tools they frequently use.
  3. Mimicking Phone Habits: Most of us are already accustomed to using app folders on our phones. Bringing this feature to the smartwatch makes the transition from phone to watch seamless and intuitive.
Why App Folders in One UI Watch 5 are a Big Deal for Smartwatch Users
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