Compare: Realme Watch 2 vs Asus VivoWatch SP

Realme Watch 2 vs Asus VivoWatch SP

With all the new announcements, realme has not just launched a smartphone. The manufacturer presented a watch, the realme Watch 2 . This efficient and pleasant little connected watch comes at a fair price. Its beautiful, practical screen, its single-button, and its sober and elegant design are highly qualitative.

With a certain experience in the world of smartphones with the ZenFone 7 Pro, Asus presented its VivoWatch SP some time ago. It is a “connected watch” like no other, with a great battery life of up to 14 days. However, it is not without making some concessions, but not recharging it every night; it is done, right? What is this Asus VivoWatch SP worth.

Today we are comparing the two popular smartphone brands products Check out Realme Watch 2 vs Asus VivoWatch SP.

Key Features

Realme Watch 2Asus VivoWatch SP
ModelWatch 2Vivo Watch SP
Release dateApril 30, 2020Jul 4, 2021
CompatibilityAndroid + iOSAndroid + iOS
InterfaceTouchLED Indicator


Realme Watch 2 4
Realme Watch 2 5
Realme Watch 2 1

At first impression, it is clear that the Realme Watch 2 looks like another well-known watch in the field. However, realme didn’t get inspired like others can, in a pretty crass way. The manufacturer made their own watch, which doesn’t boast as many qualities as the Apple Watch, but can boast very soft pricing.

On the front, we find the screen, which is however far from occupying the entire surface of the watch. The top and bottom borders are quite wide, which is a shame. The watch, unlike the brand’s smartphones, does not come with a pre-affixed screen protector. It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to it. Overall, for anyone mindful of their business, this shouldn’t be a problem.

On the right edge of the realme Watch, 2 is the watch’s only button, allowing it to control everything. It allows you to turn it on, return it to the previous menu, etc.

Below the watch, the part that rests on your wrist, are all the sensors and the charging connectors.

Finally, the bracelet is quite qualitative, although the watch is a rather entry-level model. It is in silicone and takes the usual from realme, namely a small mention of the brand on the largest part and the slogan “Dare To Leap” on the side where the latter is attached. The slogan is less discreet than the mention of the brand, but it is not ostentatious either.

Overall the realme Watch 2 is well finished. The build quality is good, and the clip is of good quality, even after keeping the watch on your wrist for several days without systematically removing it to sleep.

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Asus VivoWatch SP 2
Asus VivoWatch SP 5
Asus VivoWatch SP 3

VivoWatch SP- This watch is not a smartwatch like the realme Watch S or the Suunto 7, maybe. It is a watch intended to offer precise and reliable health monitoring. We can now start this test of the Asus VivoWatch SP.

In the pack, some accessories are supplied with the watch, namely a size S bracelet, smaller than the bracelet installed by default, and the charger. The latter is also very well thought out; it recharges the watch with a 4-pin connection, as on a good number of devices of this type. But on the other side, there is a rubber designed not to damage or scratch the glass of the VivoWatch SP during recharging. A small detail is essential.

Finally, there is a mini brush with hard bristles, allowing you to clean the watch and remove dust and impurities that may lodge during use.

The watch itself is aesthetic and slim; it must be recognized. Far from the thick watches with buttons everywhere, Asus does in the elegant sobriety with this VivoWatch SP. The screen takes up most of the surface of the device, and we see that the edges are completely smooth, which is very pleasant to use as well as to the general aesthetics of the product.

On the sides, there are buttons but also sensors. The main button for interacting with the watch is available on the right. It essentially allows you to return to the main screen. There are also sensors such as an electrocardiogram, making it possible to calculate the heart rate and another allowing to capture the rate of oxygenation of the blood. We will come back to this in more detail.

Aesthetic level, if the VivoWatch SP is not the thinnest watch, is still around a good average. Its overall build quality also helps make it a stylish product. Between shine on the edges and sober silicone strap, it is neat while remaining aesthetically sober.

The bracelet also offers a buckle allowing the bracelet to be stored against your arm and that it does not hang in a vacuum. This strap on the VivoWatch SP is also a little elastic due to the silicone used for its design.


Realme Watch 2- The screen, however, has fairly wide borders at the top and bottom. This may not be optimal for everyday use of the watch, but it gets used to it very quickly. It is clear that it is not an Apple Watch; at the same time, it remains much cheaper than the Apple Watch.

The resolution of the 1.4-inch screen is 320 x 320 pixels, which is very decent for a screen of this type. The brightness goes up to 600 nits, which is also very satisfactory, and the screen adopts IPS technology on an LCD panel. The pixel density is 323 perfect DPI! We can certainly see the pixels a little while lingering there, but nothing annoying, in daily use, we do not realize it.

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This screen is nice if the colors are not the most beautiful that we have seen; however, no need to have an HDR600 screen on such a product! It switches off automatically after 3 seconds to preserve the autonomy of the watch. As we know, what consumes the most in this type of device is obviously the screen.

Asus VivoWatch SP- The Asus VivoWatch SP offers a High-Reflective color LCD screen, which means that it reflects the light around it to show you a pleasant result. This is mainly what allows it to have such good autonomy. On the screen, the resolution is good even though it is not exceptional, and that if you look closely, you can see the pixels a bit on some very rounded shapes.

In terms of touch, we note that the touch is pleasant. The tactile response is quite responsive, and the digitizer is capacitive, which means that you do not exert too much pressure on the screen to navigate between the menus.

Technical Specifications

Realme Watch 2Asus VivoWatch SP
Screen typeIPS LCDHigh-reflective color LCD
Size1.4 Inches0.43 inches
Screen Resolution320 x 320 pixel128 x 128 pixels
ConnectivityBluetooth Bluetooth
Heart rate
Health Sensors: x2 ECG (electricalgraphy)
x2 PPG (photoplethysmography)
Gravity sensor
Battery12 days10 days
Water resistanceYes5 ATM
Weight38 g36 g
Dimensions257 x 35.7 mm x 12.2 mm250 x 30 x 5 mm


The realme Watch 2 offers a battery life of up to 12 days. This is the advantage of watches that do not use WearOS. To recharge it, a good hour is enough, this is slow recharging. However, nothing prevents you from recharging it with a classic smartphone charger, realme does not include a power supply unit in the box, like all watch manufacturers, it is an accessory that is generally never supplied.

Asus promises up to 10 days of battery life with its VivoWatch SP. However, it can also last 14 days or 2 full weeks in energy-saving mode. The watch recharges in 30 minutes flat (well, a little more). It’s not the 2 hours that some WearOS smartwatches need to be fully charged, and that’s a big plus.

Activity Monitoring

Realme Watch 2Asus VivoWatch SP
Interval trainingYesYes
Advanced workoutsYesYes
Daily workout suggestionsNoNo
Calories IntakeburnedYesYes
Race time predictorYesYes
Heart rate alarmsYesYes
Calories by heart rateYesYes
Blood oxygenation (SpO2)YesYes
Sleep Quality
OutdoorMusic Control
Call Notification
Alarm Clock
Goal Setting

Smart Features

Realme Watch 2Asus VivoWatch SP
Smartphone notificationsYes (calls, texts, and apps)Yes (calls, texts, and apps)
Wireless paymentsNoNo
Music storage and playbackYesYes
Phone music controlYesYes
MeteorologyWeather forecastWeather forecast
Other smart featuresFind my phone
Find my phone

This is the part that interests us the most. Not with standing the fact of having a pleasant screen, it is still necessary to display features in quantity. For once, the realme Watch 2 offers to calculate your heart rate and the oxygen concentration in the blood. But that’s not all; it also evaluates your movements and the calories expended by them, your sleep, and offers training features.

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In the other features, we find the alarm, which vibrates the watch, which is very effective for waking up in the morning. It is also possible to control music from your smartphone, camera, locate your smartphone, view the weather, schedule a timer, or view meditation features. Now let’s see all this in detail.

The realme Watch 2 offers sports training features, namely:

  • Outdoor jogging
  • Outdoor walk
  • Indoor walking
  • Outdoor cycling
  • Yoga
  • Cricket
  • Indoor cycling
  • Indoor jogging

Asus VivoWatch SP- The main advantage of this watch is that it does not lose all of its autonomy in one day. However, it is not the only one. It has advanced functions for your health, starting with its four sensors, namely:

2 ECG: Electrocardiogram
2 PPG: Photoplethysmogram

For the electrocardiogram, we almost all know its function, which is to measure the heart rate. Thus, the watch can alert you when your heart rate is too low or too high for a certain period of time. If you play sports, of course, this is normal, and you should not worry about it.

To configure the watch, download the Health Connect app. Then, you are asked to enter some information, such as your age, height, weight, etc. The watch takes this different information into account to assess your health. A person of 25 years, 1m80, and 85 kg will not have the same indicators as 45 years, 1m60, and 50 kg, of course. The VivoWatch SP allows you to follow:

  • Heart rate
  • The quality of sleep
  • The rate of oxygenation of the blood
  • The stress level

To navigate through the different menus of the VivoWatch SP, it’s relatively simple. This happens by sliding from left to right or vice versa, from right to left. The top to bottom slider displays notifications, bottom to top slider displays different watch configuration effects. However, this actually happens on the smartphone connected to it, in our case, an iPhone 12 Pro Max.


The realme Watch 2 is practical and equipped with the features that one expects from such a connected watch; it adopts a pleasant and practical format, offers numerous and reliable functions; we also appreciate its battery life. It is not positioned as a low-cost alternative for the price but as a well-positioned watch in its sector.

The Asus VivoWatch SP is a perfect watch, but one that cannot be described as a “smartwatch.” It is not made for athletes but performs its tasks perfectly with reliability, and its great autonomy is very appreciable. It is a device that allows you to measure certain health data when you start to take a little age, from 40 years, for example, or if you are subject to frequent health concerns.

It is not a connected watch but a real health accessory that you can always have with you, even in the shower. We also appreciate the fact that we don’t have to recharge it every day.