Google Launched Gemini: A Revolutionary AI Competitor to ChatGPT

Google Launched Gemini: A Revolutionary AI Competitor to ChatGPT

Google Unveils Gemini: A New, Powerful AI for Everything from Chatbots to Smartphones.

What is Google Gemini?

Meet Gemini 1.0: A New AI That Understands Text, Images, Sounds, and Videos!

Gemini 1.0 is a brand-new type of artificial intelligence (AI) that Google created from scratch. It’s really special because it’s a multimodal model. This means Gemini can handle all kinds of information, whether it’s words, computer code, pictures, sounds, or videos.

The coolest thing about Gemini is how flexible it is. It’s an AI that’s great at big tasks in huge data centers, but it can also work perfectly on your mobile phone. So, whether it’s for really complicated stuff or just everyday things we do, Gemini can handle it all.

Google just launched Gemini, an amazing new artificial intelligence (AI) system. It’s going to be part of lots of Google’s products, like the Google Brad chatbot and Pixel smartphones. Google says Gemini is their most advanced and flexible model ever. It’s designed to make AI more helpful for everyone. There’s even an awesome video on this page that shows what it can do.

This AI is super cool because it’s multimodal, which means it can understand and work with different kinds of information like text, code, sounds, pictures, and videos.

The big and powerful Gemini Ultra is for heavy-duty tasks in places like data centers. But the smaller Gemini Nano is going to be in smartphones, giving the best Android phones some neat AI tricks.

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Even with all these cool features, Google has worked really hard to test Gemini to make sure it’s safe and doesn’t do anything bad or dangerous. This was a big challenge because Gemini can mix different kinds of information (like words and pictures) in ways that might accidentally create something not-so-nice. But Google has been really careful to prevent this from happening.

What can Gemini do?

Gemini is Google’s new artificial intelligence (AI) that’s really smart. It knows a lot about 57 different areas of science! This includes really important stuff like medicine, law, math, physics, history, and even ethics. Because it knows so much, it can give better answers to questions than other AI models we use now.

Another cool thing about Gemini is how good it is at coding. Google says it can understand, explain, and most importantly, create high-quality computer code. It’s really good with popular programming languages like Python, Java, C++, and Go. This means it can help with writing and understanding complex computer programs!

Three variants tailored to the user’s needs

Google’s new Gemini 1.0 AI comes in three sizes to fit different needs. There’s Gemini Ultra for really tough and complicated jobs, Gemini Pro for a bunch of different tasks, and Gemini Nano for tasks right on your device.

So, when and where can we start using Gemini? Google says that people using the Bard tool will be the first to try out Gemini 1.0, starting today! It’ll be available in English in more than 170 countries. Bard is going to use the Gemini Pro model.

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And there’s more good news! Starting December 13, developers and businesses can use the same Gemini Pro model. They’ll be able to access it through the Gemini API in Google AI Studio or Google Cloud Vertex AI.

This is what Google CEO Sundar Pichai says about Gemini:

These are the first Gemini models and the beginning of realizing our vision that has guided us since we created Google DeepMind earlier this year. We have entered a new era of models, the result of the largest science and engineering effort in our company’s history. I will watch with joy and curiosity what the future holds and what new possibilities people around the world will discover thanks to Gemini.

Google had to speed up to match OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its advanced AI skills. Just a few days back, there was news that Google might delay introducing Gemini until next year because it wasn’t doing well in different languages. But now, it seems that wasn’t true, or Google decided to go ahead anyway. Right now, Gemini will only be in English.

What does this mean for us? If you have a Pixel 8 Pro smartphone, you’re in luck! Google says you can now use Gemini Nano. This means you get all these cool AI features right in your pocket. Google’s blog says Gemini is bringing new tools to the Pixel 8 Pro, like Smart Reply in Gboard, which suggests answers to messages, and Summarize in Recorder, which can combine recordings of conversations and presentations.

Google’s Bard chatbot is also getting better with Gemini. The team says this is “the biggest update to Bard since it started.” Plus, Google plans to add Gemini to many products and services, like Search, Ads, Chrome, and Duet AI in the next few months.

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Gemini vs ChatGPT

Google’s Gemini: Aiming to Beat ChatGPT as the Top AI Tool. For months, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been leading the AI world, and now Google’s Gemini wants to change that. Google has big plans for Gemini and they’re not shy about it.

Google claims that their Gemini Ultra is doing better than the current top scores in “30 out of 32 major academic tests” that are important for research and development in big language models (LLMs). Basically, Google thinks Gemini is better than GPT-4, which is what ChatGPT uses, in almost every way.

When it comes to text tests, Google says that Gemini came out on top in seven out of eight of them, compared to GPT-4. And for tests that involve different types of information (like text and pictures), Google says Gemini did better than its competitors in all 10 tests.

So, does this mean Gemini is the new top AI? We still need to wait and see, especially for more tests from people not working for Google. But one thing is clear: Google is really serious about making great AI. Now, it’s up to OpenAI and Microsoft to respond.

CapabilityBenchmarkDescriptionGemini UltraGPT-4
GeneralMMLURepresentation of questions in 57 subjects (including STEM, humanities, and others)90.0%86.4%
ReasoningBig-Bench HardDiverse set of challenging tasks requiring multi-step reasoning83.6%83.1%
DROPReading comprehension (F1 Score)82.480.9
HellaSwagCommonsense reasoning for everyday tasks87.8%95.3%
MathGSM8KBasic arithmetic manipulations (including Grade School math problems)94.4%92.0%
MATHChallenging math problems (including algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and others)53.2%52.9%
CodeHumanEvalPython code generation74.4%67.0%
Natural2CodePython code generation. New held out dataset HumanEval-like, not leaked on the web74.9%73.