How To Start Using Midjourney v5

How To Start Using Midjourney v5

AI drawing tool Midjourney just released a new version of v5 that is better. How do I use this new v5 version? What makes it different from the first version of v4. Today’s Midjourney teaching article will quickly look at the differences between Midjourney V5 and V4, as well as how to start using Midjourney V5.

How to use Midjourney v5

If you want to use Midjourney v5, here are three key points for you.

  1. Midjourney v5 did not change the entire Midjourney operation process
  2. Midjourney v5 is currently only available to paid subscribers
  3. For Temporarily use Midjourney v5 without setting it as default, use the –v 5 parameter.

Here is a brief description of the basic Midjourney steps in words:

Discord login

Click on Midjourney’s “Join the beta” button or this link to receive their invite.

Join the beta

Accept invite


You will now be a member of the Midjourney Discord.

The following step will enable Midjourney v5 and generate an image.

Subscribe Paid Plan option  for Using v5

As mentioned above, only paid subscribers can use Midjourney v5. v5 requires a subscription. Subscribe to a Midjourney server paid plan here.

Enter /subscribe command in Midjourney’s command input box and press Enter, and a link to the subscription function will appear on the screen for you.


As long as you subscribe to the basic version for $8 per month (annual payment) or $10 (monthly payment), you can use Midjourney v5’s AI drawing function.

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Open subscription

Click the Subscribe button below each plan to jump to the screen for filling in payment information.


Subscription plan

Midjourney’s subscription can only be paid by credit card or Apple Pay. Fill in the credit card information on this screen, or choose to pay by Apple Pay to complete the Midjourney subscription.

Methods for using Midjourney v5


Method 1

After subscribing to Midjourney, if you want to use Midjourney, just enter the Prompt command and spell in the original way in the command box below, and add “-v 5” at the end.

/imagine prompt: [Your prompt]-v 5

Prompt v5

Method 2

In addition, you can also enter the /settings command in Midjourney’s command box to open personal settings.

Type “”, and select “

In the personal setting function, select the MJ Version 5 (Midjourney v5) option, and you can directly use Midjourney v5 to calculate the image in the command entered in the future, without adding the command –v 5 at the end.

Version 5 settings

Difference between Midjourney V5 and V4

Midjourney v5 is an improved neural network image generation technology over Midjourney v4. When Midjourney officially describes the difference between the two, it believes that the v5 algorithm is a “professional mode,” capable of producing more realistic, detailed, and less The wrong picture images, and the image style provided is more unrestrained and diverse.

Also, because the images generated by Midjourney v5 can be more diverse, you must provide more accurate and detailed instructions if you want to generate ideal images.

Furthermore, the most noticeable change in Midjourney is that the eyes and facial expressions can be more natural, and the likelihood of having 6 fingers is greatly reduced.

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Midjourney v4 generated the image below, which shows that there are still 6 fingers.

Six fingers

But after switching to Midjourney v5, the details of the fingers are not only better, but also the number of fingers is correct.

Five fingers

In addition, Midjourney v5 also supports generating images with an aspect ratio greater than 2:1. Although it may not be used by ordinary people, it will be more convenient for many business cases.

Midjourney V5 vs V4 Comparison

FeaturesMidjourney v4Midjourney v5
Style rangenarrower, mostly cartoon or surreal styleWide, can generate a variety of styles, including real, abstract, oil painting, etc.
Picture detailsLess, sometimes blurry or distortedMore, resulting in clearer and more precise pictures
Picture resolution512 x 512 pixels1024 x 1024 pixels
Hand performancePoor, sometimes unnatural or wrong hand shape and postureBetter, produces more correct and natural hand shapes and poses
Generation speedslightly fasterslightly slower
Command requirementsordinaryneed to be more precise
Special orderTile: seamlessly repeat images or fill in blanks
AR: create images with a length and width greater than 2:1
iw: give weight to instructions

Image Differences Midjourney V5 vs V4

We’ve also included some differences between the images produced by Midjourney v4 and v5.

These photo collections were shared by charismactivist, a Reddit user. Midjourney v5 created the images on the right, while Midjourney v4 created the images on the left.

You can see that the images produced by Midjourney v5 have more details and a higher sense of reality, whereas Midjourney v4 has a little more painting sense.

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Image Differences Midjourney V5 vs V4 4 Image Differences Midjourney V5 vs V4 1 Image Differences Midjourney V5 vs V4 3 Image Differences Midjourney V5 vs V4 2

Finally, I’d like to share the advancements and changes in image generation that Midjourney has undergone from V1 to the current V5.

The image below uses the exact same Prompt command, with the exception of the version of the Midjourney algorithm required at the end of the command, and it was also shared on Reddit by netizen DinapixStudio.

Image Differences Midjourney V5 vs V4 4 vs v1