Mario-Red Special Edition Switch: Nintendo’s Latest Offering Coming Soon

Nintendo's Latest Offering Coming Soon

Nintendo never fails to surprise its fans. With the highly anticipated “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” game on the horizon, Nintendo has unveiled another gem for Mario enthusiasts around the globe: the Mario-Red Special Edition OLED Switch.

A Colorful Delight: The Mario Red Design

The Mario-Red Special Edition Switch sets itself apart with its fiery red exterior. But it’s not just about the color. It’s about the attention to detail. Amidst the sea of red, there are subtle black accents, primarily evident on the Joy-Con controller, giving it that signature Mario look. But what truly captures the essence of Mario is the base of the console. It’s red, and if you look closely, you’ll spot a silhouette of our beloved plumber, Mario, embossed on the back. This silhouette not only serves as a delightful decorative piece but also as a tribute to the character that has entertained millions for decades.

Why the Simplicity?

Nintendo believes in the magic of simplicity. The uncomplicated design of the Mario-Red Special Edition might raise eyebrows, but as Nintendo puts it, the appeal might be the sheer simplicity itself. Or maybe it’s just the allure of the color red. Whichever it may be, one thing is certain: this special edition console is bound to turn heads and become an instant favorite among Mario and Nintendo aficionados.

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Mark Your Calendars!

The excitement doesn’t end with just the announcement. Nintendo has shared that this vibrant console will be officially up for grabs on October 6, 2023, carrying a price tag of US$349.99. What’s even more thrilling is that this release date precedes the launch of the “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” game, which is slated for October 20. So, fans will have their hands full this October!

However, a little suspense remains. Nintendo has been hush-hush about the pre-order details for this special edition console. But given the brand’s history, it won’t be long before they reveal it.