TCL Tab 10s Review: Budget Android Tablet

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Tablets are mostly used to watch videos or as preschool education tools for children. The current demand for Work From Home has made tablets a good helper for many students to study at home and use video!

The tablet market in 2021 still feels a bit like a battle between Apple and the rest, and many Android manufacturers are trying to take Apple to the throne. TCL seems to cherish these ambitions less and focuses with its tablets mainly on the segment of consumers who need an extra screen at home but do not want to pay a high price for it. We went to work with the Tab 10S, TCL’s entry-level model.

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The Tab 10s from TCL is a budget-friendly tablet without too many frills and many compromises. The Android tablet range has been given a good option.

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It not only has a 10.1-inch large screen and four sets of stereo speakers but it can also be used with an exclusive stylus T-Pen to draw pictures, Note writing to bring multiple applications and creativity beyond audio and video to life and its overall specifications? How about the performance? Let’s take a look at sharing and experience!

· Processor: MediaTek 8 core processor (MT8768)
· Screen: 10.1 inches, FHD (1920 x 1200), 16.7MP screen color
· RAM: 4GB
· Storage space: 64GB (supports up to 256GB microSD expansion)
· Camera: 5MP before Lens, 8MP main lens with flash light
· Video: 1920 x 1080 30FPS
· Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ ac (support Wi-Fi Direct)
· Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
· Sensor: Gravity sensing , Distance sensing, light sensing, Hall magnetoelectric sensor, GPS
· Transmission port: USB Type-C (USB 2.0) supports USB OTG
· Microphone: Dual microphones
· Speaker: Stereo speakers with four sound holes
· Battery: 8000mAh support 18W fast charge(9V2A)
· Dimensions and weight: 241 x 158.6 x 8.3mm, 488g
· Color:Super matte Gray


TCL TAB 10s uses a 10.1-inch, 1920 x 1200 resolution IPS display screen, with MediaTek’s MT8768 processor for tablet devices, with 4GB memory and 64GB storage capacity, plus micro SD memory. The card expands the storage capacity of 256GB, and the battery is equipped with 8000mAh capacity and 18W fast charging specifications, which can correspond to the full-day use time, and even supports the T Pen handwriting function to facilitate users to interact with content through writing and graffiti.

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The T Pen stylus is made of aluminum alloy and can be used without additional batteries. It uses smart writing technology. When the stylus touches the screen, it will also turn off the touch recognition function of fingers, palms, and abdomen to avoid Affect handwriting.

That’s about the standard size for budget tablets, and it’s just big enough to stream well with your tablet. The tablet fits well in your hands and doesn’t take up much space in a backpack if you want to take it with you. Although the screen should certainly not be smaller for me, otherwise, there is no longer any distinction for me with a smartphone. 

The display specifications are not unique and in line with what you can expect from this tablet type. You should not expect a refresh rate of 120 Hz. TCL does have a clever trick up its sleeve called NXTVISION that you can turn on via the settings. The display will then automatically adjust the contrast, color, and brightness according to the ambient light. This way, the display will always be legible whether you’re inside or outside. A few games of Fruit Ninja We learned that the display’s responsiveness is also okay, whether you use your fingers or the T-Pen (needed neatly in the box, thank you for that!). As a television manufacturer, TCL knows how to make a good screen. The only compromise you have to make is that there is no HD support for Netflix.

Specifications & Performance

Under the hood is a Mediatek MT8768 processor. This is certainly not the most high-end processor on the market, and you will soon notice that. Basic tasks can still be performed well, but the tablet has already hit its limits even with fair games, and booting is not very fast either. The limited RAM (3GB) does not help with that. TCL Tab 10s is, therefore, a tablet that you should use for simple applications such as social media, video calling, and Netflix/ Disney + streaming. In terms of storage capacity, you get 32GB available. That in itself is more than decent, significantly because you can expand the memory up to 256GB with a Micro SD card. So you certainly don’t have to worry about storage.

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It is worth mentioning that the processor of TCL Tab 10s cannot offer 5G support. That is not yet a problem in Belgium, but it does not make the tablet future-proof. You can count on excellent WiFi support and, if you have a SIM card, you can also use 4G networks.


T-Pen: The T Pen stylus is made of aluminum alloy, with an easy-to-grip edge surface and a 55:45 center of gravity design, making the writing experience more stable and comfortable.

  • High-strength aluminum alloy material, 55:45 counterweight design.
  • Dustproof, waterproof and no power design, conductive carbon fiber high-resistant pen point material 
  • Screen corresponding to provide high-density sensing layer
  • 88 writing signal transmission circuit can identify 2mm touchpoint pitch

Child mode: As for children’s use, parents can also use the “growth space” app to create a more suitable mode for children. By setting the usable app, browsing the web, and tablet usage time, they can regulate the way children use the tablet to become a child. A powerful tool for learning and growth. In addition, it can also restrict the use of apps or open web pages through a whitelist to prevent children from downloading other apps arbitrarily or viewing inappropriate web content through the browser.

  • Parent password management,
  • Child-friendly interface
  • SGS eye protection certification
  • APP/web whitelist charging / vision / time protection settings


At the back is an 8MP camera lens that is good for a quick picture on the go, but nothing more than that. The 5MP front camera is more than adequate for video calling.


TCL has yet to jump to Android 11, while Android 12 is already right around the corner. So you still have to make do with Android 10, but you get a clean version without excessive bloatware apps. For the parents among us, there is a Kids Mode that you can activate with a Google account. Children then receive a protected interface with a limited number of child-friendly and educational apps.

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The battery is equipped with 8000mAh capacity and 18W fast charging specifications, corresponding to the full-day use time. It even supports the T Pen handwriting function to facilitate users interacting with content through writing and graffiti.

With regular use, the battery can last more than one day. The binge-watchers among us will also be able to watch a sloppy 8 hours before having to recharge. So the battery life is good. The tablet is not a genuine fast charger. You can use any USB-C charger, and there is also a strip for magnetic charging, but a charging capacity of 18W takes a while before the battery is fully charged again.


TCL Tab 10s tablet cannot compete with the heavyweights such as the iPad, iPad Pro, and Galaxy Tab. You get an excellent and well-functioning basic package for a fantastic price. TCL can undoubtedly rival the tablets from Lenovo, Huawei, and other manufacturers that remain in the shadow of Samsung and Apple. If you want to boost certain specifications, it may be worth looking at the TCL 10 Tab Max. It sticks to the same formula but has more storage and RAM and better cameras.