Android Version Airdrop Alternative Nearby Share Finally Supports Windows

Android Version Airdrop Alternative Nearby Share Finally Supports Windows

Nearby Share, a convenient sharing function for sending and receiving photos, videos, web pages and URLs to Android smartphones and tablets, is finally compatible with Windows.

Nearby Share is a sharing feature that will be available on Android smartphones and tablets in August 2020.

Previously, Android’s sharing functions changed depending on the manufacturer and model, but with the introduction of Nearby Share, it became possible to send photos, videos, links, and texts to nearby friends and family across different manufacturers and models.

Wireless sharing

To use Nearby Share on Windows, you must first install the Nearby Share Beta app on your Windows pc.

Download Link:

The app is compatible with 64-bit Windows 10 and later PCs, as well as Android 6.0 and later devices.

Nearby Share allows you to share files with Android devices that are nearby (up to 5 mtrs).

It is end-to-end encrypted when shared, making it safe and secure.

Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before dragging and dropping the files you want to share onto the Nearby Share Beta app, or right-click and select “Send Nearby” before sending. Simply choose your destination.

If you want to share from your Android device to your Windows PC, simply launch the Nearby Share Beta app on your PC and use Nearby Share as usual.


Approval is required to use Nearby Share with others.

The beta version is only compatible with Windows PCs and Android devices. Unfortunately, sharing between an iPhone/Mac and an Android/Windows PC is not possible.

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