Best Keyboards 2023: Style Comfort and Speed Unleashed

Best Keyboards 2023

Best Keyboards 2023: The best keyboard for you is the one that suits your needs and feels comfortable to use. We usually keep our keyboards for a long time because they don’t change much over the years. Unlike PC parts like processors and graphics cards, keyboards don’t get new technology very often. That’s why it’s not surprising to see keyboards that have been around for a while still being used on our desks!

You might want to get a new keyboard to enjoy a more modern design, better comfort, or cool extra features. We’ve picked out a bunch of keyboards to help you with work, play movies and music, or just feel better while you’re using them.

To make things easy, we’ve sorted these keyboards by price from low to high. So, you’ll see the more wallet-friendly options first and the super fancy ones at the end. We’ll keep this list updated as new keyboards come out.

And if you’re into gaming and looking for a keyboard that can keep up with fast-paced games, take a look at our list of the best gaming keyboards.

Logitech Wave Keys: the most affordable

Keyboard StandardAZERTY
Usage TypeOffice automation
Wireless ConnectivityYes
Key TypeMembrane
Keyboard FormatSlim, Compact
Tenkeyless (TKL)No
Ergonomic DesignYes
Multimedia KeysYes
Macro KeysNo
Numeric KeypadYes
Modular DesignNo
Wrist RestYes
Backlit KeyboardNo
Connection TechnologyBluetooth + RF (radio waves)
Computer InterfaceBluetooth, Logi Bolt
Supported OSMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux
USB Pass-ThroughNo
Companion SoftwareLogi Options+
Dimensions375.97 x 30.53 x 218.91mm
Logitech Wave
Logitech Wave Keys

Logitech has designed a keyboard with Wave Keys that keeps typing mostly the same, so more people can use it easily. This keyboard is friendly to handle and comfy, and it might even be good for our joints if we use it a lot. It’s hard to say for sure how ergonomic it is, but typing on it feels nice, quick, and seems to be more accurate compared to the K860 model.

We really like that Logitech tried to make a keyboard that helps most people keep their hands and arms in a natural position. Since you don’t need any time to get used to it and it’s cheaper than the K860, the Wave Keys might become very popular.

The Wave Keys works very well for everyday work at a desk, but it does have some downsides. These are the same ones we see in other Logitech keyboards. For example, the key labels can wear off, the wrist rest doesn’t come off, and there’s no light under the keys to see them in the dark.

Improved ergonomics Non-removable wrist rest
Appreciable typing comfortLack of backlight
Long battery life
Wired and wireless options

Logitech POP Keys: Classic design

Logitech POP Keys
Keyboard StandardAZERTY
Usage TypeOffice automation
Wireless ConnectivityYes
Key TypeMechanical
Switch TypeTTC Brown
Keyboard FormatCompact, TKL
Multimedia KeysYes
Numeric KeypadNo
Modular DesignNo
Wrist RestNo
Connection TechnologyBluetooth + RF (radio waves)
Computer InterfaceLogi Bolt, Bluetooth Low Energy
Supported OSMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux
USB Pass-ThroughNo
Companion SoftwareLogitech Options+ / Logi Bolt
Dimensions321.2 x 35.4 x 138.47mm
Logitech Pop
Logitech POP Keys

POP Keys is as pleasant to use as it is original. The round keys certainly need to be tamed for a few days, beyond that the keyboard offers an excellent typing experience for those who like the tactile and mechanical sensation and are not bothered by the noise of “clicks, claps and pops”.

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When you first lay eyes on it, the round keycaps instantly grab your attention, giving the keyboard a vintage typewriter vibe, much like the classic Remingtons and Underwoods.

This keyboard, named the POP Keys, measures just 32 cm in width and skips out on the number pad and other standard keys like Insert, Home, Page Up, and Page Down—though it does keep the Delete key. It’s even more compact than the already small tenkeyless keyboards. But it’s not just about what’s missing; Logitech adds a quirky twist with five emoji keys at the keyboard’s right edge.

Mechanical and tactile typing experienceClicks, claps, and pops may annoy some users
Original and colorful designNo backlight on the keys
Great battery lifeBusy screen printing
Wired and wireless options

Logitech MX Keys S: Editor’s Choice

Logitech MX Keys S
Keyboard StandardAZERTY
Use TypeOffice automation
Key TypeChiclet
Keyboard LayoutFrench
Keyboard FormatNormal
Compact DesignNo
TKL (Tenkeyless)No
Ergonomic DesignNo
Connection TechnologyBluetooth + RF (radio waves)
Computer InterfaceRF, Logi Bolt, Bluetooth Low Energy
Backlit KeyboardYes
Multimedia KeysYes
Macro KeysNo
Numeric KeypadYes
Wrist RestNo
Supported OSWindows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux
USB Pass-ThroughNo
Companion SoftwareLogi Options +
Dimensions430.2 x 20.5 x 131.63mm
Logitech MX Keys S
Logitech MX Keys S

The MX Keys S keyboard is a slight upgrade from its predecessor, with most of the cool new stuff happening in its software, Logi Options+, which gets better over time.

Despite not changing much, the MX Keys S still has a lot to offer. It’s perfect for pairing with a Logitech mouse, like the Logitech Lift or the MX Anywhere 3S. This keyboard excels in almost every way. It’s quiet and gives a smooth, precise, and comfy typing experience, packed with all the features you’d expect. The only small hiccup is the crowded layout of special characters, which can be confusing because it tries to cater to both Windows and macOS users. But that’s a minor issue, and overall, the MX Keys S is a reliable choice for your computer setup!

The MX Keys S keyboard comes out alongside the MX Anywhere 3S mouse, which has already received good reviews. It brings some fresh features but keeps all the good stuff that makes people like it for work. It’s not coming alone, either. There’s also a smaller version called the MX Keys Mini, which is pretty much the same but doesn’t have a number pad, making it easier to carry around.

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Logitech continues to offer reliable keyboards with its Master series. You get the smooth, precise, and quick typing experience with the MX Keys, and the versatile, mechanical-like typing with the MX Mechanical keyboards.

Smooth and pleasant typing experienceScreen printing loaded on some keys
Dual connectivity (Logi Bolt and Bluetooth)
Smart” backlighting enhances usability
Impressive batery life
Switch feature allows connection to 3 devices

Logitech MX Keys Mini: the best compact keyboard

Number of Keys80 (Chiclet type)
Dimensions295.99 x 131.95 x 20.97mm
ConnectivityBluetooth Low Energy / Logi Bolt USB receiver (optional)
Wireless Range10 meters
Battery Life10 days to 5 months (depends on backlight use)
SoftwareLogitech Options
Logitech MX Keys Mini
Logitech MX Keys Mini

The MX Keys Mini is what Logitech has come up with for people who travel a lot or who want a simpler, more ergonomic keyboard. It’s smaller and cuts out the extra stuff.

Just like its bigger sibling, the MX Keys, this smaller version ditches the number pad. It’s way lighter, tipping the scales at just 506 grams, while the full-size version weighs in at 810 grams. Its compact size and lightness might just win over people who move around a lot or those who want to save space on their desks without missing the number pad.

Logitech really hit the nail on the head by making a mini version of one of the best office keyboards out there. The MX Keys Mini is compact, wireless, self-sufficient, and light enough to carry around, making it an ideal daily tool.

Intelligent backlight for enhanced visibilitySilkscreen is busy on this model
Available Mac version from launchLogi Bolt receiver sold separately
Smooth typing experienceHigh introductory price
Good manufacturing quality
Easy-Switch allows for transition between devices

Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro: a gaming keyboard

Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro
Keyboard StandardAZERTY
Use TypeGamer
Key TypeOptical
Switch TypeRoccat Titan Optical
Keyboard FormatSlim
Compact DesignYes
TKL (Tenkeyless)Yes
Ergonomic DesignNo
Computer InterfaceUSB
Backlit KeyboardYes (RGB)
Multimedia KeysNo
Macro KeysNo
Numeric KeypadNo
Wrist RestNo
Supported OSMicrosoft Windows
Companion SoftwareRoccat Swarm
Dimensions 360 x 34 x 133mm
Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro
Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro

The Vulcan TKL Pro keyboard looks super sleek in both white and black. It’s a powerhouse of efficiency, too. You won’t find a number pad here, but apart from that, it’s pretty much perfect. The keys feel amazing to press, and typing on it is super comfortable. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny for what it offers. This keyboard will have you all set for epic gaming nights.

If you’ve ever seen a Vulcan series keyboard, then Roccat’s new design won’t be a shock. The company sticks with its cool aluminum body that has an open look – or “frameless” as some say – making the keys look like they’re floating above the board. And because it’s a TKL, or tenkeyless, there are fewer keys since it doesn’t have a number pad.

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Compact TKL (Tenkeyless) designHigh price point
Very classy white model aestheticErgonomic concerns with Roccat Swarm software
Includes a multifunction dialABS plastic material may not justify the price
Easy-Shift[+] function for additional key assignments

How to Choose Perfect Keyboard

When it’s time to pick a new keyboard for your PC, you might feel like you’re lost in a maze of choices. There are so many! From fancy ones that seem perfect for gamers to simple ones that won’t hurt your wallet. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about gaming keyboards today. Instead, we’ll look at what you should think about if you need a keyboard for everyday tasks like homework or browsing the web.

Wired or Wireless?

First off, do you want a keyboard with a wire or one that connects without one? A wired keyboard usually doesn’t need batteries and might have a faster response time, which is how quickly a key press is recognized by the computer. Wireless keyboards are super tidy with no cables, and you can move them around easily, but you’ll have to remember to charge them or replace the batteries.

Size Matters

Keyboards come in different sizes. A “classic” keyboard has over 105 keys, including a number pad on the side. A “tenkeyless” (TKL) keyboard doesn’t have the number pad, which makes it more compact. Then, there are even smaller keyboards that might leave out the arrow keys or squish everything closer together.

Which format

If you’re going to use your keyboard on the couch or take it with you, a compact keyboard or a multimedia keyboard could be just what you need. These are smaller and might even work like a remote control for your TV or gaming console.

The Right Fit for Work

But if you’re using the keyboard a lot for schoolwork or reports, a too-small keyboard might make things tough. That’s why we’re also talking about multimedia and ergonomic keyboards.

Multimedia Keyboards: More Than Just Typing

Multimedia keyboards come with special buttons for things like opening emails or controlling music and videos. They’re great if you want to quickly do things without hunting for the right key.

Keeping Comfy: Ergonomic and Modular Keyboards

If you spend a lot of time typing, it’s important to be comfortable. Ergonomic keyboards help keep your hands and arms happy by having keys that are angled or split into two parts you can move around. This helps you avoid soreness and other aches from typing too much.

Don’t Forget the Wrist Rest!

Even if you’re not looking for a keyboard with all the bells and whistles, something as simple as a wrist rest can be a big help. It keeps your hands in a good spot and can stop your wrists from getting tired.

Extra Buttons and Software

Some keyboards have extra keys that let you do things quicker, like copy or paste, without a lot of clicks. And if a keyboard comes with software, you can sometimes set up these keys to do exactly what you want, which is pretty cool for saving time.

So there you have it! Think about how you’ll use your keyboard, where you’ll use it, and what’ll make your typing time comfy and efficient. Remember, the best keyboard for you is the one that fits your needs and feels good to use.

USB vs. Bluetooth Keyboards: Which to Choose?

When you’re in the market for a new keyboard, you might be wondering about the whole USB versus Bluetooth debate. Do you go old school with a cable or cut the cord for a wireless experience? Let’s dive in and figure out which one might be the best fit for you.

Wired Keyboards: The Classic Choice

USB keyboards plug directly into your computer. They’ve been around for ages and are pretty reliable. Some come with extra cables so you can plug in other gadgets right into the keyboard, which is pretty handy. They’re simple: just plug them in, and you’re good to go.

No Batteries Needed

One big plus with wired keyboards is that you don’t have to worry about batteries. They get their power straight from your computer, so they’re always ready when you are.

Wireless Keyboards: The Modern Move

Wireless keyboards can use different kinds of tech to connect to your computer, like radio waves or Bluetooth. A lot of times, they can do both, and they might even let you plug in a cable to charge them up.

Freedom to Move

With a wireless keyboard, you can move around without getting tangled up. It’s great if you like to switch up where you work or if you just want a cleaner desk without all the wires.

Considering the Costs

Wireless keyboards can be pricier than their wired counterparts. You’re paying for the convenience of not having cables, so think about whether that’s worth the extra cash for you.

What Else to Think About

Aside from the whole USB or Bluetooth thing, you might want to look at other features like how the keyboard looks and feels or what brand it is. Big names like Microsoft and Logitech are known for making stuff that lasts.

Light It Up: Backlit Keyboards

If you like working in bed with the lights off, a keyboard with a backlight is super helpful. Some fancy ones let you change the colors and brightness, which can be fun.

Make It Yours: Configurable Keyboards

Then there are keyboards with special buttons that do more than just type letters. You can set them up to do all sorts of things, like opening apps or changing settings without digging through menus.

Keep It Down: Silent Keyboards

No one likes a noisy keyboard, especially if you share your space with other people. Some keyboards are designed to be really quiet, even the mechanical ones that usually go “clickety-clack.”

So, when you’re picking out your new keyboard, think about where you’ll use it and what’s most important to you. Whether you go with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard, the best one is the one that fits your life and lets you type happily ever after.