Apple Watch SE 2 vs Apple Watch Series 8: Best Compared

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Apple Watch Series 8. Both of these smartwatches offer great features and are definitely worth considering. The SE 2 is priced at around $220, while the Series 8 ranges from $350 to $400. Lets explore the similarities and differences between these two devices.

Pros and Cons

Watch SE 2Watch Series 8
Fast S8 processorStunning Retina display
Low Power ModeSolid build quality
Great value for moneyCrash detection sensor
No always-on displayNo third-party watch faces
No SpO2 sensor


Watch SE 2Watch Series 8
BrandApple Apple
DurabilityWR50WR50, IP6X-certified
Battery18 hours18 hours
SoftwareWatchOS 9WatchOS 9
Case MaterialsAluminum in Midnight,
Starlight, Silver
Aluminum in more colors,
Stainless steel in Graphite, Silver, Gold
SensorsBasic sensors including altimeter, heart sensorAdvanced sensors including ECG, blood oxygen, temperature
CompatibilityiOS 15 or lateriOS 15 or later


At first glance, the SE 2 and the Series 8 look almost identical. The only noticeable difference is the size of the bezels, with the Series 8 having slightly smaller ones. The screens also differ slightly in terms of brightness, with the SE 2 having 1000 nits compared to the Series 8’s 2000 nits.

Another design difference is the finish, with the Series 8 having a glossy finish and more sensors, while the SE 2 has a matte finish, which is less prone to smudges.


One of the main differences between the SE 2 and the Series 8 is the sensors. The SE 2 only includes a heart rate sensor, while the Series 8 has two additional sensors for temperature and blood oxygen level measurements.

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Unless you specifically need these extra sensors, the heart rate sensor is the most commonly used and is available on both devices. Additionally, it is recommended to apply screen protectors to both devices, as Apple watches are not as durable as some other brands in terms of screen protection.


Apple Watch SE 2 vs Apple Watch Series 8

Both the SE 2 and the Series 8 have excellent displays with vibrant colors and sharpness. The Series 8 offers a slightly larger screen size of 1.9 inches compared to the SE 2’s 1.8 inches. The resolutions also differ, with the Series 8 having 484 x 396 pixels and a pixel density of 329 ppi, while the SE 2 has 448 x 368 pixels and a pixel density of 322 ppi. Both displays are OLED and provide great visibility even in outdoor settings.


When it comes to performance, both the SE 2 and the Series 8 are equipped with the same Apple dual-core processor and PowerVR GPU. They also have 1GB of RAM, ensuring smooth operation and responsiveness. Both devices come with 32GB of internal storage, which is ample for storing music and other data. Additionally, both devices support LTE connectivity and GPS, allowing you to stay connected and track your location without the need for a phone.

Battery Life

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Apple Watch Series 8 Rear

In terms of battery life, there are some differences between the SE 2 and the Series 8. The SE 2 has a 296mAh battery, while the Series 8 has a slightly larger 308mAh battery. However, the most notable difference is the fast charging feature available on the Series 8, which allows for a full charge in approximately 45 minutes, compared to the SE 2, which takes around an hour to charge. While these differences might not be significant in day-to-day use, the fast charging capability of the Series 8 can be convenient for quick recharges.

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Key Differences

Aluminum vs Stainless Steel Casing

Apple Watch SE 2: Sports an aluminum casing.

Apple Watch Series 8: Options for aluminum or stainless steel casing.

Glass Front

SE 2: Features Ion-X glass.

Series 8: Ion-X glass for the aluminum model and a sturdier sapphire crystal for the stainless steel variant.

Back Case Material

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Apple Watch Series 8 Rear Comparison

SE 2: A color-matched nylon composite.

Series 8: A more durable ceramic back case.

Case Size and Display Area

SE 2: Available in 44mm or 40mm sizes. It has a smaller display area compared to the Series 8.

Series 8: Comes in 45mm or 41mm sizes with an edge-to-edge display, providing nearly 20% more display area than the SE 2.

Screen Quality

SE 2: Boasts a Retina display.

Series 8: Features an Always-On Retina display, offering better visibility.


SE 2: 324 x 394 pixels (40mm), 368 x 448 pixels (44mm).

Series 8: 352 x 430 pixels (41mm), 396 x 484 pixels (45mm).

Heart Sensors

SE 2: Equipped with a second-generation optical heart sensor.

Series 8: Includes a more advanced third-generation optical heart sensor.

Additional Health Features (Series 8 Only)

Blood oxygen sensor and app.

Electrical heart sensor and ECG app.

Temperature sensing, crucial for advanced health monitoring.

Cycle Tracking

SE 2: Basic cycle tracking.

Series 8: Enhanced cycle tracking with retrospective ovulation estimates.

Color Variants

SE 2: Available in Midnight, Starlight, and Silver.

Series 8: Offers a broader range, including PRODUCT(RED) in aluminum, and additional premium colors like Graphite and Gold in stainless steel.


In conclusion, both the Apple Watch SE 2 and the Series 8 offer great features and are worth considering. The SE 2 is a more budget-friendly option, priced at around $220, while the Series 8 comes with additional sensors and a higher price tag of $350 to $400. If you are looking for a reliable smartwatch without the need for extra sensors, the SE 2 is a solid choice.

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However, if you require the additional sensors and don’t mind the higher price, the Series 8 is the way to go. Both devices have excellent battery life and provide a seamless user experience. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs and budget.