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Currently, Apple markets three versions of its famous Apple Watch. The Series 6, top of the range and featuring advanced health options; the SE, with a quality-price, never seen in the brand and the Series 3, which even though it is quite old has its niche in the market. But which one is the most suitable for you? What features do you really need, and which ones can you do without? Do you really need to pay more than 500 USD for a Series 6?

In this article, we have summarized the key differences so that in 5 minutes you can decide on one or the other. To start, here is a small summary with the most characteristic differences between its specifications.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE vs Series 3 Comparision

Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE vs Series 3 Map

General Info

Series 6SESeries 3
ModelGPS + CellularGPS + CellularGPS + Cellular
Release date16th Sep 202016th Sep 202022 Sep 2017
Dial ColorSilver, Space Grey,
Silver, Grey, Gold, Blue,
Dial ShapeRectangleRectangleRectangle
Water-ResistantYes 50 mmYes 50 mmYes 50 mm
Dial MaterialAluminium, Stainless Steel,

Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE vs Series 3: price

It is true that there are countless models within the Series 6, with different materials (aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel) and that they all have two sizes. But in order not to make this too confusing, I am going to give you the official entry prices for each version according to Apple’s page (searching Amazon you can find them cheaper), so you can compare between one and the other.

GPS only


What conclusions do we draw? Well, in the high-end things have not changed much in terms of prices.

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The Series 3 remains the same price, leaving it as the most affordable model and the SE is crowned as the revelation of the year. With a price somewhat higher than the Series 3 and much lower than the Series 6 but with all the best of the top-of-the-range model.

Product Details

ScreenOLED Retina LTPO,
ProcessorApple S6Apple S5Apple S3
Storage32 GB32 GB8 GB
Sizes40mm, 44mm40mm, 44mm38mm, 42mm
Wifi802.11b / g / n,
dual band
802.11b / g / n,
2.4 GHz
802.11b / g / n
Optional LTEYesYesNo
U1 chipYesDo notDo not
GPSGPS, GNSS, compassGPS, GNSS, compassGPS, GNSS
Health sensorsSpO2, PPG, ECGPPGPPG
BatteryUp to 18 hoursUp to 18 hoursUp to 18 hours
Operating systemwatchOS 7watchOS 7watchOS 7


Apple Watch Series 6 vs SE vs Series 3 Rear

Before we get into the matter, let’s talk about the size of the boxes. In this case, Series 6 and SE are different from Series 3. While the latter has 38mm and 42mm cases, the newer models come with larger 40mm and 44mm cases. With the consequent larger and higher resolution screens.

Personally, we think the difference is appreciable; You can see that the Series 3 has been behind him for years. Another difference of the Series 6 with respect to the other two is it’s always active screen, very comfortable if we like to check the time or be bugging the clock in general. All without autonomy suffering.

In terms of materials, all three come with an aluminum box. In addition, the Series 6 has options of cases in stainless steel and titanium.

Apple Watch Color Options:

Series 6: Blue, Gold, Red, Graphite, Space Gray, Black, Silver

Series 3: Silver, Space Gray

SE: space gray, silver, gold

Nike: aluminum, space gray

All three watches work in basically the same way, the screen is tactile and the different options are navigated with a digital crown.

However, the Series 3 crown lacks the haptic capabilities of Series 6 and SE. Plus, it has less storage space; its 8 GB are quite far from the 32 GB and 64 GB of the SE and the Series 6 respectively

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All three models include a microphone and speakers for use with things like Siri, although the Series 3 has an older version of the software.

When it comes to straps, Apple has been quite considerate and all the new straps are compatible with all three models.

Water-resistance is also the same in all models: they are resistant to sports such as swimming (they include dedicated functions) and submersible up to 50 meters. One last.

In connectivity, all three have the GPS version and only the SE and Series 6 are available in the GPS / LTE version, to be able to use data without depending on the mobile.

Finally, Series 6 has two special versions: Hermès and Nike, the Series 6 only have the special version of Nike and the Series 3 does not have any special version.

Smartwatch Features

The first thing to note is that WatchOS 7 is compatible with all three watches. So, software-wise, they are all updated to the latest version. Basic features like Apple Pay, Apple Music, and access to the Apple App Store are maintained on all models. But there are features that are only available on Series 6 and SE. For example, the new Family mode, with which we will have extra security and location functions for our children as long as we have the LTE version.

The Series 6 and SE also have SOS, international emergency calls, and fall detection available. In comparison, Series 3 only has the SOS function.

The speaker is much better in Series 6 and SE, the one in Series 3 in addition to having worse quality, it also sounds much lower.

In terms of power, the most powerful is obviously the Series 6, which has the new S6 chip from Apple. It is approximately 20% more powerful than the SE and much more powerful than the aging Series 3. In addition, the Series 6 is the only one that includes Apple’s new U1 chip, which can be used to start certain cars or locate other devices that count on this chip.

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Sports and Fitness Tracking Features

In each version of the Apple Watch, we have seen how the fitness functions have been improved. We have seen how the new function for swimming monitoring was added and how little by little Apple has managed to turn the Watch into one of the best ecosystems for sports monitoring.

The arrival of watchOS 7 brings more features like sleep monitoring and better tracking for workouts beyond typical sports like running, cycling, and swimming. All thanks to its GPS sensors and optical heart rate monitor.

If you like hiking and orienteering, the Series 6 and SE models feature a compass. The Series 3 has to settle for just the altimeter that is built into all three watches. Mind you, the always-on altimeter feature is only available, again, on the Series 6 and SE.

What you will be able to do with all three models is use the new a la carte fitness service that Apple is preparing: Fitness +.

Health Check

Apple is determined that when you think of a health-tracking watch, that’s the Apple Watch. As we will now see, in this area, there is considerable disparity between the three models.

Without a doubt, the complete experience is going to offer you the Series 6, it is the watch you should buy if health monitoring is your main need. Regarding SE, we won the ECG (electrocardiogram) and the new SpO2 sensor to measure oxygen in the blood. Very useful for people with sleep apnea, for example.

On the other hand, all three offer notifications of high, low heart rate or arrhythmias.

Battery Life

There is not much to say about autonomy. In all three models, Apple tells us that it lasts up to 18 hours and he is right. Although it is a good number, it is still a bit behind some smartwatches from Samsung, Garmin, and Fitbit.

What is striking is that the Series 6, even having functions such as the active screen, which consumes more battery, continues to maintain the same hours of autonomy as its younger brothers. Quite an achievement.


Well, if at this point you are still not sure which one to stay with, let me give you some final advice.

Apple Watch Series 6

If you place a lot of importance on monitoring your health and want to get the best performance that an Apple Watch can offer.

Apple Watch SE

If you don’t have that much money for the Series 6 and you don’t mind too much about losing some health features.

For me, the SE is the best value for money, has all the sports features, has plenty of power, and great performance. Without a doubt, Apple is trying to bring the high-end of its watches to everyone.

Apple Watch Series 3 

The Series 3 is still a good watch to keep track of our fitness. Its biggest problem is that for a little more you buy an SE, which is what I recommend. You will gain a bigger screen, health features, and better performance.