Apple Watch SE 2 vs Series 8 vs Ultra: Which Model Suits You

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Series 8 vs Ultra

The Apple Watch SE, Series 8, and Ultra, Apple offers a range of options catering to different needs and preferences. In this article, we will compare these three Apple Watch models and help you determine which one is best suited for you.

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Series 8 vs Ultra view


Apple Watch SE 2Apple Watch Series 8Apple Watch Ultra
Display size40 mm, 44 mm41 mm, 45 mm49mm
Pixels368 x 448396 x 484410 x 502
Brightness1000 nits1000 nits2000 nits
Water resistanceup to 50 metersup to 50 metersup to 100 meters
Dust resistanceNot ratedIP6X-ratedIP6X-rated
ConnectivityCellular and Wi-FiCellular and Wi-FiCellular and Wi-Fi
Case materialAluminumAluminum, Stainless steelTitanium
mic and speakerYesYesTriple-mic array
Temperature sensorNoYesYes
Case sizes40mm, 44mm41mm, 45mm49mm
Battery LifeUp to 18 hoursUp to 18 hoursUp to 36 hours
Charging0-80% in 45 minutes0-80% in 45 minutes0-80% in 45 minutes
Fall detectionYesYesYes
Emergency SOSYesYesYes
ECG appNoYesYes
Blood Oxygen appNoYesYes
Noise monitoringYesYesYes
Optical heart sensorYesYesYes
Crash detectionYesYesYes
Low-power modeYesYesYes
Night modeNoNoYes

Apple SE: Affordable Introduction

The Watch SE 2 is designed for those who don’t want to spend a large sum on a connected watch but still want to experience the benefits of an Apple Watch. It features recycled aluminum construction and comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Available in Silver, Starlight, and Midnight colors, the SE may have slightly thicker bezels compared to the Series 8, but it still offers a responsive touch screen with good brightness.

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Series 8 Rear

In terms of health features, the Apple Watch SE includes classic sensors that are sufficient for everyday use. An integrated exercise application allows athletes to track their heartbeats, calories burned, and control music while working out. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it suitable for swimming.

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New additions to the Apple Watch SE include menstrual cycle tracking for women and crash detection, which automatically contacts emergency services and your urgent contacts in the event of a collision or car accident. This focus on safety is commendable and complements the existing fall detection feature.

However, the Apple Watch SE falls short in terms of battery life. With a day of regular use, including workouts and notifications, you can expect to recharge it every day. Although it offers an energy-saving mode that extends battery life, it limits the functionality of the watch.

Apple Watch SE lacks some advanced sensors and features found in higher-end models. It does not have an ECG function for electrocardiogram readings, blood oxygen level monitoring, or a built-in altimeter. Additionally, the SE is available in two versions: a Wi-Fi-only model and a cellular model that allows for greater independence from an iPhone. The cellular version offers the ability to make calls, access the internet, and use various apps directly from the watch.

Nevertheless, the Apple Watch SE is a great option for those looking for an entry-level Apple Watch without breaking the bank, making it suitable for families and children.

Apple Series 8: Enhanced Health Tracking and Always-On Display

The Apple Watch Series 8 builds upon the features of the SE while introducing additional sensors and improvements. The Series 8 boasts a larger, borderless screen with an always-on display, allowing you to view information continuously. The screen brightness is optimized for maximum visibility in various lighting conditions.

The Series 8 offers advanced health tracking capabilities, including a temperature sensor primarily intended for women’s health, enabling cycle tracking and ovulation prediction. While it cannot replace a dedicated thermometer for precise temperature measurement, it provides valuable insights. The watch also includes the electrocardiogram sensor, an oxygen level sensor, and multiple gyroscopes and accelerometers for enhanced tracking accuracy.

Series 8 vs Ultra rear

In terms of durability, the Series 8 surpasses the SE with dust resistance and increased water resistance. It is available in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm, and offers various finishes, including aluminum and stainless steel, in different color options.

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Like the SE, the Series 8 has a similar battery life, requiring daily charging. However, it features faster charging capabilities. However, the Series 8 lacks some of the advanced health sensors found in the Ultra, such as an ECG, blood oxygen level monitoring, and an altimeter.

Series 8 vs Ultra

The Series 8 is ideal for those who prioritize health tracking and precision, such as elderly individuals, patients with specific health needs, and fitness enthusiasts.

Apple Ultra: Adventure-Ready with Extended Features

The Apple Watch Ultra is the pinnacle of Apple’s smartwatch lineup, catering to the most adventurous users. Available exclusively in natural-colored titanium and featuring a 49mm size, the Ultra is thicker and more massive than the other models. Its design stands out, and the available stylish bracelets are tailored for different sports activities like alpine, trail, and ocean loops.

In addition to all the features found in the Series 8, the Ultra offers even more. Its display is larger, brighter, and features a sapphire crystal protection, making it more resistant to shocks. The Ultra is designed to withstand extreme conditions, with a temperature range of -20 to 55 degrees Celsius. It also includes a second temperature sensor positioned outside the watch, providing water temperature information.

The Apple Watch Ultra is built for outdoor enthusiasts, with a high-precision dual-frequency GPS for accurate location tracking. It boasts exceptional battery life, offering two to three days of autonomy—double that of the SE and Series 8. However, users engaging in intense activities in extreme temperatures may experience reduced battery life. The Ultra comes with an energy-saving mode, but utilizing it limits the watch’s functionality.

Apple Watch SE 2 vs Series 8 vs Ultra Display

One standout feature of the Ultra is its premium titanium construction, which combines durability with lightweight comfort. The Ultra incorporates a larger, more notched digital crown, offering enhanced usability. It also includes a personalized action button on the left side, providing quick access to customizable functions. The Ultra offers a louder speaker for improved call quality and an integrated siren that can be vital in emergencies.

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Watch Ultra action button

In terms of sensors, the Ultra includes an altimeter, a GPS with L1 and L5 frequency for enhanced precision, and a 10m water resistance rating suitable for diving. The Ultra also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 48 hours, allowing users to go for extended periods without needing to recharge. While the Ultra comes at a higher price point (around 799 USD), it offers a range of features

With its rugged design and expanded features, the Apple Watch Ultra is aimed at individuals seeking a visually impressive and durable smartwatch. It is an excellent choice for adventurers and those who value extended battery life.


Apple Watch SE 2nd starts from $249 ( Amazon,)

Series 8 comes starts from $399/$429 and up ( Amazon,)

Apple Watch Ultra is priced from $799 ( Amazon,)

Key Differences

Below are the key differences between the Apple Watch SE, Series 8, and Ultra, which can help you decide which model best suits your needs and preferences

Apple SE:

  • Affordable option for those on a budget
  • Recycled aluminum construction
  • Available in 40mm and 44mm sizes
  • Classic sensors for everyday use
  • Integrated exercise application for tracking workouts
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Includes menstrual cycle tracking and crash detection
  • Requires daily charging
  • Does not have advanced sensors like ECG, blood oxygen level monitoring, or altimeter
  • Available in Wi-Fi-only and cellular models

Series 8:

  • Larger, borderless screen with always-on display
  • Optimized screen brightness for visibility in various lighting conditions
  • Advanced health tracking capabilities, including temperature sensor for cycle tracking
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor and oxygen level sensor
  • Multiple gyroscopes and accelerometers for enhanced tracking accuracy
  • Dust-resistant and increased water resistance
  • Available in 41mm and 45mm sizes
  • Requires daily charging, but features faster charging capabilities
  • Does not have blood oxygen level monitoring or altimeter

Watch Ultra:

  • Designed for outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers
  • Premium titanium construction
  • 49mm size with a thicker and more massive design
  • Larger, brighter display with sapphire crystal protection
  • Temperature range of -20 to 55 degrees Celsius
  • Second temperature sensor for water temperature information
  • High-precision dual-frequency GPS for accurate location tracking
  • Exceptional battery life of 2-3 days
  • Energy-saving mode available but limits functionality
  • Altimeter, GPS with L1 and L5 frequency, and 10m water resistance rating
  • Louder speaker, integrated siren, and personalized action button
  • Higher price point compared to SE and Series 8
Apple Watch SE 2 vs Series 8 vs Ultra Which Model Suits You

Conclusion: Which Apple Watch is Right for You?

In conclusion, the Apple Watch SE, Series 8, and Ultra cater to different needs and preferences. The SE is an affordable entry-level option, suitable for those new to Apple Watches or looking for a budget-friendly option. The Series 8 offers enhanced health tracking and an always-on display, making it ideal for individuals prioritizing health and fitness. The Ultra is designed for adventurers, with extended features, durable construction, and exceptional battery life.

Consider your priorities, budget, and usage requirements when selecting an Apple Watch. The SE is versatile and appeals to a broad audience, while the Series 8 and Ultra offer more advanced capabilities for specific user profiles. With the information provided in this article, you can now make an informed decision and choose the Apple Watch that best suits your needs.