Best Wireless Buds: Google Pixel Buds vs AirPods Pro

Google Pixel Buds vs AirPods Pro

Today we will compare products two very popular brands in the world. Today we will compare Google Pixel Buds and AirPods Pro both of these earbuds are quite popular in the market. When you will have chosen products from the world’s two famous brands then it is very difficult for you to choose one product. In this article, we will compare both Google Pixel Buds and AirPods Pro earbuds and know which one is better for you.

Google Pixel Buds

AirPods Pro 1

Pros and Cons

Wireless charging.Good active noise cancelling.
IPX4 water-resistance.Superb sound quality.
Auto-pairing on Android is great.Improved design and fit.
Average battery life.Expensive.
Uncomfortable after one hour.Charges via lightning cable.


Release dateApril 27, 2020October 27, 2019
TypeIn EarIn Ear
Battery life5 Hours Buds
24 Hours Case
4.5 Hours Buds
24 Hours Case
Weight66.7 g 51 g

Both Google Pixel Buds and AirPods Pro comes at a very different price point in the market and so they both have some differences regarding features, design, and with some other perspective. Both earbuds are good in terms of features and audio quality but also both these earbuds have their positives and negative pints and also they are very distinct from each other. So today we will compare both earbuds in every possible aspect to know which will be a better one for you to enjoy your favorite music, playing games, and watching movies.


TypeIn EarIn Ear
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight66.7 g51 g
Foldable DesignNoNo

When we talk about the design, starting with the charging case, both earbuds cases are indifferent in shape but very good and compact. The built quality of both of the cases from outside and inside is very good and once you put the earbuds in the case and then you shake the charging case the earbuds inside will not whirling or twisting. The Pixel Buds case comes with a matt finish which looks pretty cool whereas the Airpods Pro comes with a glossy finish. The texture of both of the cases feels very high in terms of quality.

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If we talk about the design of earbuds, both of the earbuds are very distinct from each other. The Pixel Buds looks round in shape whereas the Airpods Pro looks more like in terms of slick design. Apple’s product known for its minimalistic design language and the same story carries forward for Airpods Pro also. Airpods look very elegant in terms of design and have a very simplistic design language. The Pixel Buds also looks very good and having a futuristic look like design language.

When we talk about comfort and fitting both earbuds does their job very well. In terms of fitting, you will feel that Pixel Buds fits very well in your ears, and in terms of comfort we think comfortable to use for long hours then you will like Airpods Pro. Both of the earbuds are very good in terms of comfort and fitting and you won’t find any issues regarding comfort and fitting with these two earbuds.


Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeYesYes
Stereo speakersYesYes

When we talk about the features both of the earbuds come with the touchpads and have touch functions. Touch functions on both thses earbuds used for the music control, NC on/off, and ambient mode. In Pixel Buds, you will get the option of control the volume.

Both of the earbuds come with the cool feature of wireless charging which very good and useful for daily use who have wireless charging devices. Also, both the earbuds have their own software integration Pixel Buds have for Android and Airpods Pro having for the IOS through which you can change the touch and tap control and some other cool stuff. Airpods Pro also gives you the option of audio sharing which a very cool feature. Plus with Airpods Pro also gives features of NC and Ambient mode which are very useful.

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Battery Type2 Lithium ion3 Lithium ion
Battery Life5 Hours Buds
24 Hours Case
4.5 Hours Buds
24 Hours Case
Charge TimeApprox. 3 HoursApprox. 1.5 Hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C

Both of the earbuds come with a good battery life of 5 hours of battery life with earbuds on a single charge and 24 hours of additional battery life. Airpods Pro charged with the lightning-fast charging cable whereas the Pixel Buds charged with the USB type C cable. Both of the earbuds have the same battery life and does the job, and also stand very well with claimed battery life by the brands.


BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0

Both of the earbuds work with Bluetooth 5.0 and provide very good, stable, and solid connectivity. Also, both of these earbuds support the same Bluetooth codecs ACC and SBC which is good but unfortunately, they don’t provide the support to Aptx which is disappointing. With both of these earbuds, you won’t find any issues regarding the connectivity they both also have a good connectivity speed.

Which is better!

Both of the earbuds having very common features, and nearly the same battery life. But in terms of sound quality and battery life, the Airpods Pro is much better than the Pixel Buds. Both earbuds have a fair amount of price difference and it will cause some difference in features, audio quality, and microphone quality. We suggest you by spending some more money go for Airpods Pro for good sound quality, noise cancellation also with it you will get adaptive sound control and ambient mode that works quite well.

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