Top2: Sennheiser CX 400BT vs Jabra Elite Active 75T

Sennheiser CX 400BT vs Jabra Elite Active 75T 1

Sennheiser and Jabra are two popular brands in the audio devices market. Sennheiser is a globally well-established brand and known for its better sound quality and performance whereas the Jabra is also playing very well with its good design and better performance-oriented earphones. Today we will compare Sennheiser CX 400BT and Jabra Elite Active 75T to know which one is better for your choice.

Sennheiser CX 400BT 1

jabra elite active 75t 3

Pros and Cons

Great sound.Compact charging case and earbuds.
Great app and good touch-control.IP57 water-resistance rating.
Highly adjustable onboard EQ.Dynamic, lively sound.
No wireless charging.Large charging case.
Call quality isn’t pleasant.No advanced Bluetooth codec support.


Release dateSeptember 1, 20205 August 2020
TypeIn EarIn Ear
Black, White
Copper Black,
Mint, Navy
Battery life7 Hours Buds
20 Hours Case
7.5 Hours Buds
28 Hours Case
Weight49 g 46 g
ConnectivityBluetoothBluetooth, NFC

Both of the earbuds are useful for daily routine and have very useful features for your good user experience. Both earbuds have price difference, so in this article, we will find out how much distinct these both earbuds are from the perspective of the design, features, sound quality, and battery life from each other, to know which one will be suited for your budget and also improve your Bluetooth streaming experience.


TypeIn EarIn Ear
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight49 g46 g
Foldable DesignNoNo

Sennheiser CX 400BT 2

elite active 75t design medium

Starting with the case, Both earbuds come in a plastic case and have a decent quality of cases. The 400 BT’s is much thicker than the 75T but in weight distribution, both are very good. Both earbuds charging cases have the good built quality and are fairly light in weight and very good for your daily commute.

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Now comes on earbuds design both earbuds are very different in terms of design and follows different design language. If we talk about looks then the 400BT looks quite better than the 75T. 75T has a very basic design language so in terms of looks 400 BT is definitely better. In terms of built quality, both earbuds have a very good built quality, and the material used for both are very good and made for long-lasting.

If we talk about fit and comfort then the 400BT is more comfortable for long hours of usage but in terms of fitting the 75T is a better choice. 75T may also be used for gym, workout, sports, and other activities because of their good fitting. Both earbuds have good fitting and comfort and you won’t find any issues regarding comfort and fitting.


Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeNoYes
Stereo speakersYesYes

In terms of features, both earbuds support SBC, AAC, and Aptx codecs which is a good thing. The 400BT comes with touch sensitivity and works quite well. But on the other hand, the 75T is coming with the physical press buttons which are maybe sometimes inconvenient. Both earbuds come with noise cancellation but for blocking ambient noise the 75T does a better job than the 400BT. But in terms of sound quality, the 400BT is actually is a better choice for you if your priority is better sound quality.

Also, both earbuds get full access to their official apps through which you can easily customize the controls and also can change the EQ settings which is a very useful thing. Also, both earbuds get a multi-device connectivity.

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Battery Type1 Lithium ion2 Lithium ion
Battery Life7 Hours Buds
20 Hours Case
7.5 Hours Buds
28 Hours Case
Charge TimeApprox. 1.5 HoursApprox. 1.5 Hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C

When we talk about battery life then the 75T has a better overall 28 hours of battery life which is much better than the battery life of 400BT which 20 hours of overall battery life. 400 BT gives you a battery life of 1 hour on 10 mins of charge with a quick charger. Whereas the 75T also gives the same 1 hour of battery life on 10 mins of quick charge. With both of these earbuds, you will get an option of wireless charging which pretty cool and very useful.


BluetoothBluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.0

Both earbuds work on a Bluetooth version of 5.0. Also, both earbuds work with a hero sideline setup which means when you connecting your earbuds one earbud establishes a connection with your phone and shares it with the other one and that’s how the connection is established. Both devices have good connectivity and you won’t find any issues regarding connectivity from both these earbuds.

Which is better!

If you will be using your earbud for the activities like sports, gym, workout, and swimming then you should prefer Jabra Elite Active 75T because its built is solid and it also gets an IPX57 water-resisting rating which makes it very comfortable for workout and sports activities. But you want a more convenient and better-looking earbud with a great sound quality then you must go for the Sennheiser CX 400BT because it offers a very good sound and microphone quality.

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