JVC Gumy Mini True Wireless Earbuds Review

JVC Gumy Mini True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Gumy Mini is tiny and very light headphones from JVC. Thanks to that, they are comfortable. In addition, they have good sound quality, the handsfree works well, and the autonomy is quite good. The buttons on the headphones can be significantly improved, but overall they are excellent value for money.

Pros and Cons

Great value for the priceThe button is too hard
Small and comfortableLED that flashes
Good sound quality


JVC Gumy Mini True Wireless Earbuds
ReleasedJuly 27, 2021
ModelGumy True Wireless
Weight6.5 ounces
Dimension5.51 x 1.69 x 2.87 inches
ColourWhite, Black, Blue, Green, Pink
FeaturesVolume, Track selection, Call, Voice assistant
Driver size6.0mm
Music ControlsYes
Frequency Response20-20,000Hz
Water ResistanceIPX4
Bluetooth5.1 (class1)
Battery TypeLi-ion
Battery LifeUp to 15 Hours
Connector TypeHands-free microphone,
USB-C connection (charging)
CompatibilityWindows, Playstation, XBOX


The JVC Gumy Mini or JVC HA-A5T is simple headphones but very well designed. JVC has not used any plastic in the packaging. Everything comes very well organized and protected with cardboard. Manufacturers must follow this trend to reduce single-use plastics.

JVC Gumy Mini True Wireless Earbuds Review 4

The headphone box is compact, one of the smallest little more than just the right size to house the two headphones. In addition, it is very light, and with the headphones inside, it only weighs 36 grams. Thanks to that, these are some of the most comfortable headphones to carry in your pocket.

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The case made of a very average matte plastic doesn’t feel great in hand, but the build quality (finishes, the strength of the magnets, etc.) seems reasonably good for what they cost.

JVC Gumy Mini True Wireless Earbuds Review 2

Inside the box, we find the two slight headphones. They are tiny and weigh only 4 grams. They tuck into the ear and fit perfectly. They do not bother, they do not move, and they are pretty discreet. Of course, they have a white led that flashes every 3 or 4 seconds, even when we play music. 


The JVC Gumy Mini is one of the most comfortable headphones. Once they are in place, you don’t even know that you are wearing them. Being so small, they adapt very well to all kinds of ears. The only thing about the design that might bother you is that the part that goes into the ear is more profound than other headphones.

JVC Gumy Mini True Wireless Earbuds Review 3

For example, many earbud headphones fit less in the ear because the outer part balances weight and support. These JVCs, being so small, cannot be held just by snugging to the ear and must be tucked into the ear quite a bit. Even so, they don’t bother at all. Of course, they come with 3 pairs of different silicone ear pads to use the one that best fits our ear.

The good thing about this is that they achieve excellent passive isolation, outside noise will bother us less, and we will not have to turn up the volume so much so we will protect the health of our ears.

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Another important point is that the headphones have the IPX4 water resistance certificate, they are resistant to sweat and rain, and we can use them for sports.

On the outside of the headphones, we have a physical button; with them we can:

  • Pause or resume: tap once on any headset
  • Increase the volume: press the left earbud twice
  • Lower the volume: press the right earbud 3 times
  • Skip to the next song: press the right earbud twice
  • Return to the previous music: press the right earbud 3 times

The functions are easy to remember, but the button is too hard. The good thing is that it is impossible to activate them accidentally when putting on the headphones.


They have Bluetooth 5.1, and the connection is very stable. Also, the range is quite good, better than average.

The headphones only work with the SBC codecs, and the latency is not very good. Watching YouTube videos or Netflix movies does not bother anything, but it is more noticeable in video games or Twitch streams.

Audio Quality

They have an equalization that produces fun and warm sound, easy to listen to for hours.

The bass has a lot of punch and punch. They are forceful, but they do not detract from the media. Of course, in the case of inexpensive headphones, they do not stand out for their definition and detail.

The midpoints are perfect too. They are clean, clear, and have strength. Perhaps some tones are not as reliable as in Hi-Fi headphones, but the quality is excellent. Instrument separation is low, which is typical for TWS headphones in this range.

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The highs are somewhat more withdrawn and lack a bit of brightness and detail. They go much more unnoticed. Of course, they are warm, so we listen to them for hours.

In short, the JVC Gumy Mini has a very successful overall sound from my point of view, fun and influential in the low and mid frequencies. 

Something that fits perfectly to use them on a day-to-day basis and doing sports. Also, they reach a reasonably high volume.

The headphones have a microphone to use the mobile assistant or to make hands-free calls. Indoors the voice is picked up with force and clarity. It also sounds quite natural, so it is very comfortable to have long conversations.

Outdoors or in noisy environments, the headphones pick up some noise, making it more difficult to hear the voice.


The JVC Gumy Mini has surprised me for good. They are tiny and very comfortable. They have outstanding sound quality for their price, the handsfree works well, and the autonomy is perfect for such slight headphones. And keep in mind that they only cost 30 dollars.

They are almost perfect headphones for most people. However, the buttons are not good at all. They are so hard that they are uncomfortable to wear. 

Ultimately, if you can live with awkward buttons, the JVC Gumy Mini is one of the best headphones in this price range. They are excellent value for money.