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Compare: Beats Studio 3 vs Airpods Pro

Hey guys You’re at Top2Gadget and we are back with another interesting comparison for you guys. Look today we will compare two products from two different segments so many think this comparison weird but sometimes weird things can be interesting too. So today we will compare Airpods Pro and Beats Studio 3, to know which one is better please read the full article.

Pros and Cons

Plenty of color options.Good active noise cancelling.
Collapsible design.Superb sound quality.
Top battery life.Improved design and fit.
Sound lacks refinement, vocals lack fullness.Charges via lightning cable.


Release date31 October 2017October 27, 2019
TypeOver EarIn Ear
ColorsWhite, Red, Grey,
Blue, Red-Black
Battery life22 Hours4.5 Hours Buds
24 Hours Case
Weight998 g 51 g

In this article, we’re going to take a look at really which one of these you should go out and buy. So let’s dig into both of these first with the Studio 3; what you’re getting is really an on-ear style active noise cancellation on the headphone. Whereas the AirPods are in-ear true wireless earbuds. The biggest difference obviously between these two is the form factor. Although both come from different segments, they have some very same and interesting features.


TypeOver EarIn Ear
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight998 g51 g
Foldable DesignYesNo

Let’s dig into both of these first with the solo Pro what you’re getting is really an on-ear style active noise cancellation on the headphone and really the biggest difference obviously between these two is the form factor. So, you will get the soft-touch case with the Studio Beats 3. AirPods Pro that’s a similar experience to any Apple the case comes with a glossy finish and looks quite premium. So obviously the biggest difference between these two is going to be the form factor. Also, both of these are going to offer a lot of similar features so with the Studio Beats 3 again an on-ear pair of headphones. With the AirPods, you get silicone tips that are going to fit right in your ear. Now, as far as the fit of these they feel much better than a lot of other in-ear headphones. So really what you’re going after here is just getting a good seal, but unlike a lot of other in-ear headphones, these really are not going to you know penetrate that deep and cause any you know kind of pain or fatigue after a while.

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With the Beats Studio 3 as far as the fit goes these again are gonna fit on-ear, these are not over-ear headphones, and you know just first impressions of these they’re gonna feel you know the feel good. They are a little bit tight, to be honest, compared to some other over-ear headphones that but that not necessarily uncomfortable just a little bit tight.

In terms of the build quality, both devices are good but Studio Beats 3 feels a lot more robust and sturdy than the AirPods Pro which is also good in terms of robustness they are behind the Beats 3.


Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeYesYes
Stereo speakersYesYes
Volume ControlYesNo
Microphone ControlNoNo
Noise Cancelling ControlNoNo
Call/Music Control  YesYes

Both of these headphones come with the same features; they have a host of features but talk only about practical and functional features. Both devices don’t support touch sensitivity, so you have to use physical buttons for the audio and other controls that work as one, two, three press, and press and hold functionality. The touch control of both devices works quite well.

Both devices come with the Active Noise Cancellation feature, and on both devices, it works quite well, but surprisingly the adaptive noise cancellation of Beats 3 is quite good and better than the AirPods Pro. If we talk about the sound quality, then Apple uses 24 mm of dynamic drivers, which provide superb sound quality. But on the other hand, the Beats 3 gets 40mm drivers who are work even better than the AirPods, and sound quality is surprisingly better than the AirPods Pro. Also, the AirPods Pro comes with the IPX4 water-resisting rating, which is good but Beats 3 doesn’t have any IPX rating, which is disappointing.

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Battery Type2 Lithium ion3 Lithium ion
Battery Life22 Hours 4.5 Hours Buds
24 Hours Case
Charge TimeApprox. 2 HoursApprox. 1.5 Hours
Charging PortUSBUSB-C

Talk about the battery life, the Beats 3 comes with a pretty impressive 40 hours of battery life on ANC off, and on the ANC switched on it decreases to 22 hours also with the fast charge on the 10 mins of charge, it gives 5 hours of battery life. But on the other hand, the AirPods Pro provides an overall 29 hours of battery life in which 5 hours of battery life with the earbuds and 24 hours of additional battery life with the charging case. The AirPods supports wireless charging which is a cool feature and it is unfortunately absent with the Beats 3.


BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
PC Latency (SBC) 200 ms227 ms
iOS Latency 159 ms162 ms
Android Latency 167 ms147 ms

Both devices come with the Apple’s Class 1 Bluetooth via the Apple W1 chip, which gives seamless and stable connectivity to your Bluetooth device, with extended reach and fewer connectivity issues. Also, with both devices, you will get the option of Wireless sharing audio, videos, or movies with Beats Studio3 wireless and an attached connection of Beats headphones or AirPods.

Which one is better…

Both these products come from different, so it is very up to you which type of headphone you like. If you want an earbud with ANC and superb sound quality, then you should go for the AirPods Pro. But if you want an on-ear headphone with great sound quality with very long-lasting battery life, then you must go for the Beats Studio 3.

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