The 2020 LG Gram is LG’s 17 inch model from the previous year many felt like it just wasn’t particularly impressive. This year however they tweaked a bunch of stuff. There’s a bunch of cool stuff going on now most of the changes are on the inside.

Dell announced it earlier this year along with the Dell XPS 15 they also offer a 17 inch model of the same model with some tweaks in specs. So many of you were more excited about the 17-inch version because we haven’t seen that in about 10 years on the XPS line.

General Info

Dell XPS 17LG Gram 17
Weight2.11 kg1.35 kg
OSWindows 10Windows 10
Dimensions14.74 x 9.76 x 0.77 inches15.0 x 10.3 x 0.7 inches
ColorsBlack, WhiteDark Silver


Dell XPS 17LG Gram 17
Display TypeIPSIPS
Display Size17.0-Inch17.0-Inch
Display Resolution1920 x 12002560 x 1600
Display TouchscreenNoNo
Display FeaturesInfinity Edge displayWQXGA display
Operating System TypeWindows 10Windows 10

LG Gram 17 – 2020

The screen is a 16 by 10 aspect ratio instead of your standard 16 by 9 so you get a little bit more vertical room and it’s a huge screen at 17 inches. It’s a solid screen it’s 1440p good brightness good color accuracy this resolution and aspect ratio combo are we mean it’s relatively unique to this device. It’s an LG panel on the LG laptop but it’s just a nice screen for people that are into any kind of creative work or productivity-focused workflows. This large 17-inch screen is really its most unique feature like it’s a big screen in a three-pound laptop just to put this into perspective this weighs less.

Dell XPS 17 – 2020

It has a gorgeous UHD plus 17-inch display that is absolutely stunning we absolutely love the display on this a full HD plus display, of course, a non-touch display now we have the dell XPS 17 with that beautiful UHD plus display with the resolution of 3840 by 2400. It has a really nice oversized glass touchpad really responsive two-finger scrolling working really well and of course, all your windows 10 gestures are working as advertised really excellent implementation here. Let’s talk about what we consider the star of the show it’s a gorgeous 17-inch UHD plus display with a resolution of 3840 by 2400 that translates into of course a 16 to 10 aspect ratio which is the preferred aspect ratio for getting work done.

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As well as consuming media it’s a nice blend between the two it has some really deep black some really excellent contrast excellent color accuracy and it covers the color gamut really well 100 sRGB 99 adobe RGB 91 of the p3 wide color gamut 96 NTSC making this a great choice for content creators. To do lightroom photoshop and of course video editing and just like the XPS 13 and 15 this has four equal bezels all around giving off a very sleek and modern look and at 526 nits this is one of the best displays out there. When it comes to brightness good for both indoor and outdoor use simply superb and as you can see not too many reflections of glare which is excellent also has excellent viewing angles.


Dell XPS 17LG Gram 17
Processor10th gen Intel i7 processorIntel Core i7-1065G7
GraphicsIntelĀ® UHD GraphicsIntel Iris Plus Graphics
RAMUp to 32GB16GB

LG Gram 17 – 2020

Inside there’s a couple of things that haven’t changed from the earlier model. Firstly they still have a single RAM slot so you get eight gigs that are on board as well as a single slot that you can upgrade if you want and there’s also the Wi-Fi card which is running the latest Intel card that supports Wi-Fi six. But three big changes on the inside are fantastic the first one is the drives this system is now running finally PCIe NVMe x’ which means that they’re super fast the old LG grams basically every single LG Gram that’s ever come out ever has run these slower SATA drives. That really weird to put into such a premium device like this these are now running super-fast PCIe drives.

Dell XPS 17 – 2020

A core i5 a full HD plus display, of course, a non-touch display now the dell XPS 17 with that beautiful UHD plus display with the resolution of 3840 by 2400. It also has a terabyte of SSD storage 32 gigabytes of ddr4 ram and that one comes in at 3049 which’s actually a little bit off of its initial asking price as well yes that is a hefty price to pay. But this is a premium flagship laptop let’s not forget that and it does compete with the likes of the Apple MacBook Pro 16 which is priced in a very similar manner. Here are an excellent premium build and construction now this is a very high-end laptop although not the lightest when you do go with that UHD plus display coming in at 5.53 pounds or 2.51 kilograms, of course, the non-touch will come in at a lower weight. This consumer laptop has the same chassis as its professional sibling the Dell precision 5750 one big difference, of course, is that titan grey color darker color than what you get on this consumer offering. They are the same size and they both enjoy the same vapor chamber cooling.

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Dell XPS 17LG Gram 17
ClockspeedUp to 4.5 GHzUp to 3.90GHz
Graphic ProcessorIntelĀ® UHD GraphicsIntel Iris Plus Graphics
Processor10th gen Intel i7 processorIntel Core i7-1065G7

LG Gram 17 – 2020

You can think it’s, not an amazing performer it’s still an LG Gram so in the realm of ultrabooks, it’s average maybe even slightly below average because the Gram uses a 15 watt CPU instead of the more common 25 watts. But this year it can finally maintain a slight turbo clock unlike before these are running the 10th Gen Intel C so they have pretty good CPU performance and significantly better GPU performance than their previous generation. So they’re good for photo editing and usable for video editing. But because of the lower CPU wattage is not as powerful as some other ultrabooks. But the overall takeaway is that this is a way better performer than any other LG gram previously gaming performance. If you’re interested in gaming performance then it is okay it is playable for games that aren’t super demanding but it’s not a gaming laptop.

Dell XPS 17 – 2020

The performance and really good benchmarks here this has the core i7 108 75h that’s an 8 core processor a 10 gen processor from intel and 32 gigabytes of ram. It also has a dedicated GPU the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 with Max Q design and as you can see from the numbers really good not only for everyday use but to do things like video editing and of course to play games. Now when it comes to gaming as you can see we think the sweet spot is the high settings 1080p getting very playable frame rates.

With some of the more popular titles again this is not a dedicated gaming laptop, but of course, if you want to connect to an external GPU you can that’s because this has four thunderbolts 3 ports, so that is an option. But again as a gaming laptop, this is pretty capable as you can see now as this employs vapour chamber cooling and in theory, it’s actually been pretty good it works actually very well for cooling the temp.

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Dell XPS 17LG Gram 17
Speakers2 Speakers2 Speakers
Microphone Jack3.5 MM Jack3.5 MM Jack
Wireless LanYesYes
Sd Card ReaderYesYes

LG Gram 17 – 2020

They should just have a USB C charger to use PC charge everything. It’s got three EPA’s which is nice and a micro SD slot. This is good for some people but a full-size SD card slot would be better but we think the overall port selection on this device is fair. The speakers are located on the bottom again they don’t sound great but you shouldn’t expect too much from them.

Dell XPS 17 – 2020

With this laptop on the left side is a Kensington lock port two Thunderbolt three ports moving over to the right side two more Thunderbolt 3 ports a full-size SD card reader and a 3.5-millimetre audio jack. Now the missing ports, of course, are given to you in a dongle an HDMI port, and a USB port nice touch something that apple doesn’t do with its MacBook pro 16. As far as the internals and user upgradeability it’s easy to get into this laptop inside you have two ram slots for you to upgrade which is good.

The two M2 SSD slots for you to upgrade the storage that’s also really good. It has killer Wi-Fi six with a Bluetooth 5 combo that’s soldered into the motherboard so you won’t be able to upgrade that. Although you get some really good uploads downloads and strong connections. This system comes with four speakers two 2.5 watt speakers and two 1.5 watt tweeters giving off some of the best sounds you’ve heard on a windows laptop still not quite as good as the MacBook Pro 16.


Dell XPS 17LG Gram 17
Battery TypeLithium PolymerLithium Polymer
Battery Life97WHr80 Whr

The battery life of the LG Gram 17 – 2020 remains exceptional. The 2020 Gram comes with an 80Wh battery (last year was 72Wh), and it will return you nearly 10 hours total battery life from it. on the other hand, while the performance of the Dell XPS 17 (2020) overwhelmed you, something that will truly surprised you is the battery life, it will return you around 12 hours of battery life.

Which is better!

LG Gram 17 – 2020

Compared to previous generations of LG grams you’re getting something that feels appropriate right like the whole package feels uncompromised. They’ve done a good job this year so if you’re interested in something that’s super thin super light it’s literally the lightest 17-inch device in the world right now and has good performance considering what you’re getting check out the LG gram.

Dell XPS 17 – 2020

It’s actually worked really well and one of the best 17-inch laptops you’ve ever used. It’s a great all-arounder shrinking down the bezels here looking like a really compact 17-inch laptop. Although not the lightest of course at about five and a half pounds. It really is pretty portable for a 17-inch device although it does have a little bit of half. As far as gaming you can certainly game on this laptop thanks to the GPU on this it’s the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 with Max Q design pair that with 32 gigabytes of DDr4 ram terabyte of SSD storage which is easily upgradeable by the user to get inside upgrade the ram there are two ram slots on this two SSD slots for you to expand the storage really good.