Compare: Jabra 85T vs Sony WF-SP800N

Jabra 85T vs Sony WF SP800N

The Jabra Elite 85t are one of the most complete TWS headphones on the market. Without being the best at anything, they are the best at everything and have no weak points. Of course, they have a fairly high price that, if you are going to take advantage of them, I think it can be very worth it.

The Sony WF-SP800N are very interesting TWS headphones because they have active noise cancellation, good sound and excellent autonomy. And yet, they are priced more content than many of their rivals.

Pros and Cons

Jabra 85TSony WF-SP800N
Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)Excellent autonomy
They do not move at all doing sportsANC
Accurate and well thought out buttonsGood sound quality
Sound qualityQuite a competitive price
Hands-free can be improved outdoorsTouch controls can be improved


Jabra 85TSony WF-SP800N
ColorsTitanium Black Black, Blue
Battery life30 Hours13 Hours
Weight7 grams (each)9.8 grams (each)

Jabra 85T

The Jabra Elite 85t are in-ear headphones ( in-ear ) that have a somewhat improved design compared to their predecessors, the 65t and 75t. First, the ear cushions are no longer circular, but are oblong (longer than wide) and fit more comfortably in the ear canal. Plus, the ear pads feature their own wax guard that prevents staining of the speaker grill and makes cleaning easier. By the way, there are three pairs of ear pads for us to choose the ones that best suit our ear.

Sony WF-SP800N

The Sony WF-SP800N are relatively large and bulky TWS headphones because they protrude a lot from the ear; and that contrast quite a lot with other smaller TWS headphones like the Samsung Galaxy Buds + that are much smaller and hidden. Even so, if you don’t mind this aspect, keep reading because the WF-SP800N (what a little name…) is very worth it.

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Jabra 85TSony WF-SP800N
Jabra 85T ViewSony WF SP800N View
TypeClosed, dynamicClosed, dynamic
Dimension64.8 x 41.1 x 28.5 mm (Box)165 x 121 x 50 mm (Box)
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight7 grams (each)9.8 grams (each)
Foldable DesignNoNo

Jabra 85T

Jabra 85T

Both the headphones and the case are slightly larger than the Jabra Elite 75t. The good thing is that the headphones have a more ergonomic design that fits better in the ear and does not move anything or doing sports. Thanks to that, it is not necessary for the tip of the headphones to go as far into the ear. They also have ventilation ducts that avoid the “vacuum or clogging” effect so they do not overwhelm anything or give the sensation of having a plugin in the ear and reduce the noise we produce when chewing.

On the outside of the headphones, we have physical buttons, not tactile, identical to those of the 75t. They are of quite high quality and with them, we can control all the usual functions: playback, pause, song change, volume change, hands-free, etc. In addition, with the Jabra Sound + application ( iOS, Android ) we can reconfigure them to our liking.

With the app, we can also update the firmware of the headphones, adjust the equalization, regulate the level of noise cancellation and much more. It is very well designed and is comfortable and easy to use.

Sony WF-SP800N

Sony WF SP800N

The headphones are relatively large and extend a bit towards the mouth, the good thing is that the adjustment system is quite good and they are very comfortable. The adjustment mechanism uses an inner fin or hook that conforms to the ear and the typical in-ear pads that are inserted into the ear. In the box are 2 pairs of hooks and 4 pairs of different sized earpads for a perfect fit.

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On the outside of the headphones, we have a touch button that allows us to control the different functions, although its sensitivity is somewhat strange and it is difficult to get used to so as not to miss the touches. On the inside, we have a proximity sensor that serves to automatically pause or resume playback when we remove or put the headphones on our ear.

With the Sony Headphones Connect application ( iOS, Android ) we can configure the equalizer, noise cancellation, update the firmware and much more. The box is also quite large and not entirely comfortable. It looks like it should hold upright, but it doesn’t, and its size makes it not too comfortable to carry in pants pockets. It can be worn, but you notice it.


Jabra 85TSony WF-SP800N
Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeYesYes
Stereo speakersNoNo
SensorsTouch SensorTouch Sensor


Jabra 85TSony WF-SP800N
Battery TypeLithium-IonLithium-Ion
Battery Life30 Hours13 Hours
Charging Time3 Hours3 Hours
Charging PortUSB Type-CPins

Jabra 85T

The headphones have a battery life of about 7 hours with the ANC off or about 5.5 hours with the ANC on. A fairly decent autonomy, but not spectacular. Even so, it is much better than the AirPods Pro or the Sony WF-1000XM3.

With the box, we can charge the headphones a few times and we can achieve a range of about 31 hours with the ANC off and about 25 hours with the ANC on.

Sony WF-SP800N

The battery life of the headphones is excellent. At medium volume and with ANC on, the headphones are capable of playing music for about 9 hours, well above the 5 hours on average for many competitors. If we turn off the noise cancellation, the autonomy is around a whopping 13 hours.

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The only bad thing is that the carrying case, as large as it is, only has the capacity to charge the headphones one more time. The box charges via USB-C (no wireless charging) in about 3 hours. The headphones are fast-charging and putting them in the box for 10 minutes will charge enough to play music for more than an hour with the ANC on.


Jabra 85TSony WF-SP800N
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth RangeApprox. 10 meterApprox. 10 meter

Jabra 85T

The headphones work with Bluetooth 5.1 and support the Bluetooth SBC and AAC codecs.

When they took out the headphones, the connection had quite a few stability issues, but they fixed it with a firmware update. Now the connection works fine and is stable.

A negative point is that the headphones work in master and slave mode, so if we want to use only one headphone, we have to use the right one (the master). One positive aspect should be noted and that is that the headphones have multipoint, although it is not as good as with the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2. We have to pause the playback on the main device before we can play the media on the secondary device.

Sony WF-SP800N

The headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 and the connection is quite stable, however, we have lost the connection a couple of times and had to turn the headphones off and on to get it back. I don’t know why it is, but in the mobile app I changed the setting from “sound quality” to “have a stable connection” and I have not suffered the problem again. Anyway, it does bother that something like this happens in such expensive headphones.

Another point that has surprised me badly is that the headphones do not support Sony’s own LDAC codec and are only capable of working with SBC and AAC.

Which is better!

Jabra 85T

The Jabra Elite 85t are worthy successors to the 75t. They are the best Jabra earbuds yet and are one of the most complete earbuds I have ever tried. They have excellent sound quality, noise cancellation is one of the best on the market, autonomy is quite good, they are very comfortable, the mobile app is useful and the physical buttons are really practical.

Their biggest drawback is the price, they cost more than 200 euros, And already put, the handsfree could be a little better.

Still, if you want a high-end TWS Bluetooth headset, I think the Jabra Elite 85t is the best option for most people.

Sony WF-SP800N

The Sony WF-SP800N are unique headphones that stand out in some respects, but I don’t think they are for everyone. They are big, bulky and the touch controls can be improved. However, their autonomy is exceptional, the sound quality is good and they cost less than other similar headphones. Therefore, if you do not care about their appearance, they are an excellent option.