Compare: Soundcore Spirit X2 vs Soundcore Spirit Dot 2

Soundcore Spirit X2 vs Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 comparision

Soundcore Spirit X2 and Soundcore Spirit Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds are two new offerings by Soundcore in a pretty busy true wireless earbuds market. Both have a good sound quality and some unique features but they both have their own pros and cons. So today we will compare both of these earbuds to know which will best be suited for you.

SoundCore Spirit X2

SoundCore Spirit Dot 2

SoundCore Spirit X2SoundCore Spirit Dot 2
Seriously powerful audio with subwoofer-like
Powerful, bass-forward sound signature
Excellent waterproof ratingUnique charging case design
Wide array of accessories for
super-secure fit
Wild bass response isn’t for everyoneConfusing on-ear controls
Ear hooks can interfere with the
temples of eyeglasses
No track backward or volume controls


SoundCore Spirit X2SoundCore Spirit Dot 2
Release date
Battery life36 Hours16 Hours
Weight430 grams98 grams

Today we’ll be continuing our look at Soundcore’s newly revamped audio lineup. So we are turning my attention now to the spirit series they’re secure fitting earphones designed for sports. The new Spirit Dot 2 and spirit x2 are boasting all-new designs full of sweat and waterproofing and epic bass. In this post, we’ll be covering all of their specs and features explaining the differences between the two earbuds, and also seeing how they compare against their previous-gen predecessors let’s take a look.


SoundCore Spirit X2SoundCore Spirit Dot 2
TypeIn EarIn Ear
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight430 grams98 grams
Foldable DesignNoNo

SoundCore Spirit X2 vs SoundCore Spirit Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds

Starting with the charging cases these are both made from high-quality materials which you can immediately see and feel the Spirit Dot 2 has a pill-shaped case which is made from smooth premium plastic and has a nice graphite-colored finish. With some silvery gold accents, the larger pebble-shaped Spirit X2 case instead has a soft touch finish which feels nice in the hand. But is a huge fingerprint magnet so you might struggle to keep this looking clean and new the Dot lid slides open with the satisfying mechanism. We saw with the liberty 2 which then locks open to reveal the earbuds the X2 case opens with a magnetic clamshell design. But unfortunately doesn’t lock open and the lid can slam shut by itself opening the lid illuminates the case’s LEDs which you can also check manually with this button on the x2 case and these lights indicate the case’s remaining battery life.

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The Dot 2s use a combination of silicone ear tips and new zero pressure air wings which can partially deflate to conform to your ear shape. They’re designed for a more comfortable fit whilst maintaining the security offered by having wingtips. The x2s use silicon ear tips and wingtips as opposed to air wings but have flexible ear hooks too for guaranteed stability.

The earbud materials are very similar to their respective charging cases with a more rubberized texture to the x2s and the finish and build quality of both earbuds seems to be of really high quality. The twos felt pretty secure in my ears and you could confidently wear these whilst running although you didn’t feel as though these locked as tightly in your ears as the liberty neo did. The neo’s rigid wingtips gave a more secure unshakable fit the dot 2’s air wings were more comfortable which we think makes the trade-off worth it.

The earbud shape conforms nicely to my ear and this creates a tight seal in the ear canal too so you can keep focused on your music without the distraction of external noise. They remained comfortable even after a few hours of listening but you may find the air wings cause some soreness after extended listening periods so it might be a good idea to switch out the air wings.


SoundCore Spirit X2SoundCore Spirit Dot 2
Music ControlsYes, Touch SensorYes, Touch Sensor
Quick Charge
Stereo speakers

Both earbuds offer excellent water resistance rating ipx7 for the dot 2s and ip68 for the x2s this means that you can fully submerge both earbuds underwater. But only the x2s have additional protection against dust ingress Soundcore spirit series are also protected by the sweat guard technology which uses unique coating and processing technologies to offer protection.

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Both earbuds each offered excellent passive noise isolation and blocked out a lot of external noise this also minimized the amount of sound leakage and at reasonable volume levels. You shouldn’t have to worry about the person sitting next to you being able to hear your music you’re given a plethora of ear tips wingtips and air wings too. So there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a combination that works well for you there’s no active noise canceling here which you typically find in much more expensive earbuds. But more importantly, there’s also no transparency feature either this can take on many different names. But this is the feature that turns on the earbuds microphones and then pumps in the outside noise to let you hear your surroundings.

With Soundcores companion app which means no access to customization or extra features one good thing though is that you can use either the left or the right earbud on its own and in fact, they’ll seamlessly switch to the mono mode. When you place one of the earbuds back in the case and then back to the stereo mode when you take the earbud back out.


SoundCore Spirit X2SoundCore Spirit Dot 2
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth RangeApprox. 10 meterApprox. 10 meter

Getting into the connectivity the earbuds both used Bluetooth 5 and offered a stable connection from my devices throughout your home even through multiple walls. You will also found there to be no latency at all on ios or android so these are both great for watching videos they’re missing some premium connectivity features like multi-device connectivity.

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At the rear, we have the USB-C charging ports which are protected by rubber seals, and though the cases themselves aren’t waterproof this does help protect the ports from accidental dust or water ingress with both cases the earbuds snap into place and are held by strong magnets which is a crucial element for ensuring that the earbuds both charge correctly and power on and off automatically now obviously the Dot 2 case is smaller and more portable you might struggle to carry the x2 case around in your pocket but we think this case is more in proportion with the size of the earbuds.


SoundCore Spirit X2SoundCore Spirit Dot 2
Battery TypeLi-polymerLi-polymer
Battery Life36 Hours16 Hours
Charge TimeApprox. 3.5 hrsApprox. 2 hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C

Talking about the battery life starting with SoundCore Spirit Dot 2 True Wireless Earbuds it will give you a total of 16 hours of battery life, 5.5 hours of battery life with the earbud, and 10.5 hours of battery life with a charging case. On the other side SoundCore Spirit X2, you will get a total of 36 hours of battery life, 9 hours of battery life with an earbud, and additional 27 hours of battery life with the case.

Which is better!

Both these earbuds are very good in terms of sound quality, design and durability, and features. But when it comes to choosing from these two we suggest you go for the SoundCore Spirit X2 because it has a very good sound quality and overall better life as compared with another one.