Corsair Gaming K65 RGB Mini vs Corsair K70 RGB TKL: Gaming Keyboard Comparision

Corsair Gaming K65 RGB Mini vs Corsair K70 RGB TKL

The K65 RGB Mini, Corsair is launching an extremely compact gaming keyboard with a decent range of functions for a purchase price of around 140 USD. So if you’re a fan of small and light keyboards, this Corsair version is worth looking at. In addition to the number block, it also does without the middle block and is perfect for gamers who want to stay mobile. However, the key layout takes some getting used to because it has many double assignments.

If you have no experience with such keyboards, it may require some training. The typing feel, on the other hand, is pleasant. The built-in Cherry MX RGB Speed ​​Silver switches impress a decent pressure point and a quick release path, thus ensuring a fast-reacting gaming experience. A nice visual extra is the chic RGB lighting, which, like the numerous profile and macro options, can be easily adjusted with the intuitive software. However, if you value comfort, there are better models because the K65 RGB Mini has no wrist rest and can only be used at one angle.

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The Corsair K70 RGB TKL is a flawless gaming keyboard aimed for tournament gamers and professional esports enthusiasts. It focuses on the essential features, so it doesn’t have a number pad, for example. This makes the keyboard extremely compact. Thanks to mechanical switches, the Corsair is robust and durable. You have four different switches to choose from when purchasing, but all of them are linear switches. Fans of tactile switching characteristics are at a disadvantage.

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The keyboard’s exterior is also quite sturdy, with an aluminium frame and unique keycaps designed to resist the usual wear and tear. RGB per-key lighting gives the K70 RGB TKL the necessary gaming look, while dedicated media keys allow you to control the music without interrupting the game. On the back is a latching secured switch that activates a tournament mode. This disables all macro functions and controls the lighting so you can focus on the match with minimal distractions. These are practical functions that hobby gamers rarely need at their desks at home.

Because at just under 150 USD, the Corsair is not exactly cheap. However, hobby players at their desks at home should rarely need it. Because at just under 150 euros, the Corsair is not exactly cheap.

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Pros and Cons

Very Compact designSpace-saving, durable build
Decent typing feelingPremium keycaps
Intuitive software with many setting optionsMedia keys
Missing palm restExpensive
No Height AdjustmentNo included wrist rest


TypeGaming KeyboardGaming Keyboard
Released16 March 202125 May 2021
Dimensions294 x 105 x 44 mm14.2 x 6.5 x 1.9 inches
Onboard Storage5 MB8 MB
Key technologyMechanicalMechanical
Size60 % Size87 % Size
Weight589 g952 g
Cable6 feet Detachable6 feet Detachable
Keycap MaterialDoubleshot PBT plasticPBT plastic
Multimedia KeysNoYes
SoftwareCorsair iCueCorsair iCue