Difference Between: Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs 2

Anyone who plays computer games on their gaming laptop, powerful gaming desktop computer, PlayStation, or Xbox game console, sooner or later, think about buying a gaming computer chair.

The time comes, and you begin to understand that playing for several hours in a row, sitting on the couch or an ordinary office chair, becomes very uncomfortable. 

The reason for all this, of course, is not that computer gaming chairs are decorated with logos of famous brands of gaming accessories or have bright original colors, but above all in a large number of adjustments, the possibility of customizing the chair for yourself and better adaptability for prolonged loads, when many hours of gaming sessions start to drag on, 2020 sent a huge number of people to remote work, students and schoolchildren – to distance learning, and, naturally, in such conditions, many wanted to work on the comfort of their home offices and play areas, and nothing better in terms of thoughtfulness and customization options.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Comfort

What Is a Gaming Chair

Any comfy computer chair is suitable for gaming. But there is a big difference in the market between a chair that you can play in and a gaming chair. Gaming chairs have taken a unique niche.

A gaming or gaming chair is a bucket seat in a vibrant racing style. The gaming chair was developed in the 90s for car simulator games. It fixes your body in a static position during sharp turns, which is important for maneuvers in online races. 


Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs 3


A gaming chair can usually be distinguished from an office chair because it is more visually striking. The chair’s upholstery is thicker, the back is higher, and it will almost always be cheerful colors. Players often go for this aesthetic to complete their bright installations.

While some people prefer this style, others will go for something a little more muted, like office chairs tend to be designed. That’s a lot of neutrals and metals – colors that won’t stick out like a sore finger in an office setting.

Your desk chair can be both practical and decorative. It’s all about finding a visually more pleasing chair to you, and that’s entirely subjective.


The main purpose of the chair is to provide comfort and support. Remember that if you’re going to be on your ass for most of your waking hours, you should consider your posture. Otherwise, in the future, you will experience severe back and neck pain.

To understand what level of comfort you can achieve with the right chair, let’s look at each part of the average gaming chair and how it measures to the office chair.

Bucket seats

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs 4

If you look at the seat of the playing chair, you will notice that its sides are raised. It’s what’s called a bucket seat, and that design was borrowed from racing cars. Does this have a real purpose? In the car, of course, there is. It keeps the driver from shifting from side to side during fast turns. However, being used as a desk chair where we are sure there will be no corners doesn’t seem to make sense.

It seems that the buckets of seats in the play chairs were purely aesthetic design choices. This gives the gamer the illusion that he is squeezed in the cradle and sits in a race car. This can go a long way when it comes to diving, especially if you’re into driving games.

Looking at it ergonomically, it would limit your seating space, giving you less room to move and change positions. Also, bucket seats can be tricky if you have a broader physique. You can’t be sure if there’s room to sit because manufacturers often include raised sides along the entire width of the seat. On the other hand, bucket seats are great if you want to feel cozy and reserved.

On the other hand, standard ergonomic office chairs have contour seats, but most have flat sides. You won’t feel so limited sitting on an office chair if you want to keep one leg or both legs off the floor because it holds more seats.


Ergonomic chairs usually have a high density of foam upholstery for a more even distribution of the weight of the nanny. This padding can be covered with anything from leather to soft tissues. When it comes to playing chairs, they usually have a leather coating or a fake alternative like polyurethane.

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Leather is an expensive material, so it radiates a luxurious feeling. However, of all the fabrics, it is the most difficult to maintain in working condition. You should keep it away from direct sunlight and treat it with some kind of leather conditioner from time to time so that it lasts a long time. On the other hand, it is not an insulator and does not retain odors.

Therefore, cleaning will not be painful even if an intense gaming session makes you sweat or spill a drink. A quick wipe will solve the problem, and you won’t have to worry about stains. The leather is highly durable and will be a great investment if you take care of it properly. If you’re paranoid about sweat and spills, you can always lay out a little extra for the cover on the seat.

Office chairs usually have a poly-mixture of coatings. They are easier to maintain, but they tend to retain body heat and smells and staining. In terms of strength, you can expect the material to disappear over time and some of the fibers will start to fail.

Sometimes the backs consist entirely of a filter. This type is more breathable, ideal if you lived in a warmer climate and didn’t have air conditioning.

Raised anterior lip

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs 5

Another thing you’ll notice in a gaming chair is a raised front lip. It was also borrowed from the seats of racing cars. It should slightly raise the driver’s legs so that he does not have to strain to reach the pedals. So in a driving scenario, it’s completely logical. In the game scenario, this will only limit the space for sitting and slowly interrupt blood circulation to the legs.

Office chairs rarely have raised front lips, making them more ergonomic in this regard. One of the criteria for an optimal sitting position is bending the knees at a right angle (90 degrees), with both legs located on the floor. It is much easier to enter this position if the seat has the edge of a waterfall. Nothing prevents blood flow to your feet, and after sitting for a long time, you will not feel discomfort in the back of things.

There are play chairs that break off the raised design of the front lips. However, most of them still have this design flaw.

Winged backs

Game chairs usually have winged backrests – another design lifted from racing cars. They are designed to keep the driver in place during sharp turns. Even the most energetic video games won’t shake you off your chair if you think about it. So again, it seems that winged backs are another aesthetic design choice. From an ergonomic point of view, there is no reason why you will need it. If you have a more comprehensive design, such a seat will make you feel cramped.

Office chairs are often wingless so that they won’t limit your upper body movements. You don’t have to lean forward to stretch out your arms or fight for more elbow space.

Head and lumbar pillows

Most of the day, sedentary work will cause muscle tension. You may have noticed that after a long day of playing or working, you have a slit in your neck or pain in your lower back. Play chairs have pillows for the head and lower back, often removable, to solve these problems. Does that help?

The short answer is yes; they help a lot. Since these removable pillows can be adjusted, you can maintain a precise area of the back and neck that needs additional cushioning. These simple accessories are also supported by science. The head and lumbar pillows are located to keep the spine in a neutral position, keeping the pain and pain in the bay.

This kind of adjustment makes the gaming chairs suitable for almost anyone experiencing muscle tension and pain. It also makes gaming chairs more versatile because you can remove these accessories if you don’t need them.

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As for office chairs, most of them have fixed support for the lower back, which can help you a lot if you have a medium body type. Upper-end office chairs also have an adjustable head and lower back support that adapt to most body types. Office chairs generally don’t offer less support, especially the more expensive ones that have had a lot of thoughts to put into their projects.

Head restraints

Thanks to the high backrest and fixed headrest, you can spot a playing chair a mile away. The strap on the removable pillow for the head and your neck and legging will have all the support they need during gameplay. This support is a must if you tend to lean back more often.

Ergonomically speaking, middle- and low-back office chairs won’t offer this support at all. To illustrate this, even more, think of your chair as a bed. Without a headboard and some pillows, most people won’t get a good night’s sleep. In a chair where you won’t be a soup, you’ll still get the same bassinet with a headrest and a head cushion.

If you look hard enough, there are office chairs with adjustable headrests, making them superior because they are not fixed. In some models, you can even adjust the height and angle of the head restraint. For most people, a fixed headrest will do a great job.

Adjustable armrests

Since you’re buying a desk chair, one of the primary considerations you probably have is armrests. There are many configurations – from 4D to 2D. 4D can be adjusted in four dimensions – up and down, forward and backward, and left and right. 3D cannot be adjusted from left to right. 2D can only be adjusted up and down, but they can be rotated at the angle you want.

As you can tell, 4D is the best option because of its increased ergonomics. Gaming chairs usually have armrests 3D or higher. You can customize these armrests to match what you’re doing, such as typing on a typewriter or playing with a controller. Office chairs often have 2D armrests, which shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t like to switch hand positions so much.

Reclining Back

Most playing chairs can be thrown quite far back, some even full 180 degrees. Some people say that folded seats are not the most ergonomic position to take while working or playing. It’s common knowledge that if you want to improve your posture, you have to sit upright. But is this scientifically reliable?

Studies show that a sitting position with an inclination reduces the load on the disks, as this reduces their load. So if you have constant back pain, tilting your back, perhaps sometimes lying your entire back, will help relieve some of these pains.

The most optimal seating angle, which creates the most negligible load on the back, sits quite at 135 degrees. So, if you have a gaming chair, you can easily make this adjustment. Sitting all day is not the best practice, and it helps a lot to put your body in a different position during the day. If you have the opportunity to turn a chair into a makeup bed, then it’s a plus that comfort seekers should be everywhere.

Regular office chairs don’t recline that far back. It’s probably because no one wants someone to be in the office. Sitting folded chairs promote relaxation, which is not the best way to increase productivity in the workplace. People who would like to focus more on the task at hand shouldn’t mind not laying their chairs straight.

Other things to consider

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs 1

“One chair” should be durable. So, what makes a sturdy chair? First, check the frame. The best gaming chairs usually have tubular steel frames and load-bearing parts. They’re light enough to ride in a circle but sturdy sufficient to carry a lot of weight. Bearing parts refer to gas-filled springs and rollers. If you’re on heavy talk, make sure you get a chair with a higher maximum load capacity than your weight.

You should also check the base and videos. Standard office chairs usually have plastic cast bases that can crack over time. A good base should be made of cast aluminum or maybe something more substantial like steel.

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It’s also helpful to note that gaming chairs may require a more tedious build than office chairs because they usually have more parts. Some models even include things like retractable footrests, massage features, and built-in speakers.


If we exclude all cheap options for both games and office chairs, their prices are almost the same. For example, the cost of both chairs with a 4D armrest will be about $ 300. For chairs below $200, they are already considered budget.

If you want to make a real investment, you can count on $400-500 for premium models. There are many mules to do this; gaming chairs at this price point will come with all the features desired by gamers everywhere. Office chairs will be more like what the CEO will have in his office, with wooden and leather accents.

If you’re on a budget, you’ll undoubtedly get more features with a gaming chair, but as we discussed above, it’s not necessarily the best choice for everyone.

Typical characteristics of a gaming chair

  • Racing style bucket seat
  • Multicolor logo design
  • Full recline angle
  • Basic simplified mechanism
  • Cheap vinyl upholstery
  • Comparatively limited range of motion
  • Hefty import markup compared to an office chair
  • Short warranty period

Differences Between Gaming And Office Chairs Are As Follows:

  • Full customization and adaptation to the user’s parameters – height, weight, body features are taken into account – specialized mechanisms make it possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the backrest with subsequent fixation in any convenient position, raise / lower and rotate the armrests, raise/lower the seat to ensure the correct bend of the knee joint in which the legs will not swell (is 110 °)
  • Stability in any position – they are not afraid of tilting, maintain a measured sway, which has a calming effect on the nervous system
  • The materials used in gaming chairs are resistant to wear and tear, deformation, promote free air circulation, do not absorb water, are easy to clean, withstand a lot of weight, and quickly recover their shape. Specially designed for operation in different, sometimes extreme, conditions; hence such models serve much longer than their office “counterparts”
  • A variety of design solutions – here is a wide range of not only color schemes but also executions in the style of characters from your favorite games
  • Availability of additional options – headrests, waist pillows, ventilation holes, stands for keyboard, mouse, food, drinks, monitor stands, lighting, fan, heating, massage inserts. There are entire game modules, including tables, joysticks, a steering wheel, pedals, built-in speakers, and special hydraulics that set the whole structure in motion—designed specifically for racing enthusiasts.

Key Factors Found in Most Gaming Chairs:

The anatomical shape of the seat. It follows the body’s natural curves and provides the necessary orthopedic support from the pelvis to the neck. Reliably fixes the spinal column correctly, relieves muscles and does not interfere with proper blood circulation.

The presence of a lumbar cushion and headrest. A unique cushion supports the lower back, the problem area of ​​all gamers, and eliminates pain. And the soft headrest will allow you to relax the cervical spine as much as possible in a short break.

Customization. Various adjustment mechanisms allow you to customize the chair for the individual characteristics of the gamer: height, weight, arm span, and even your favorite position. The more settings, the higher the comfort level during the gaming session.

Durable padding. Eco-leather has established itself as the best option. It is a fabric-based material with a modern polyurethane coating. The practicality of eco-leather as an upholstery material is confirmed by many hours of professional tournaments. Even with active use, the chair looks new.

High strength components. During the most stressful moments of the game, the chair’s stability can play an important role. In the production of gaming chairs, reinforced crosspieces and rollers, seat frames, and high-density filler are used. Which is often rarely seen in ordinary office chairs.