Fnatic Streak65 Review: Compact Gaming Keyboard

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The Fnatic Streak65 is an ultra-compact mechanical keyboard, offering a 65% configuration. It is recommended for FPS players wishing to have a large space for the movement of their mice.

It features some of the most responsive low-profile switches on the market and offers excellent performance for competitive players. For around $142, it’s one of our current favorites and we recommend it with your eyes closed if it meets your needs.

Pros and Cons

Customizable RGB backlightingTightly packed keys
65% compact designExpensive
Detachable USB-C cable
Excellent build quality

The Fnatic Streak65. The manufacturer continues here on its momentum and offers us a new keyboard even more compact, in 65% format as its name suggests. A format that is still quite rare differs from the 60% more common keyboards by adding 5 additional keys to the right of the keyboard. A difference that has minimal impact in terms of size brings greater versatility to the paper.

Fnatic Streak65

In addition to its format, this new Fnatic Streak65 is distinguished by integrating new particularly responsive Low-Profile switches, with activation at only 1 mm. The technical sheet is also interesting, with reinforced aluminum chassis, removable USB-C cable, customizable RGB lighting, or pre-lubricated stabilizers.


Fnatic Streak65
Dimensions317 x 108 x 22 mm
Weight400 g
Number of Keys68
ConnectivityWired, USB type-C
Polling Rate1000Hz
Keycap MaterialABS
Cable Length220 cm
RGBRGB 16.8m Colors
Detachable No
Latency Wired 10.3 ms
Battery Type No Batteries
CompatibilityWindows, macOS
SoftwareFnatic OP software
Additional FeaturesCustom Low-Profile Keycap,
FN Layer Functionality,
Detachable Cable


Fnatic Streak65 Design

The design of the Fnatic Streak65 broadly resumes what we had already discovered alongside the MiniStreak. The manufacturer keeps a coherent range, and we stay on a model with a sober and minimalist look.

However, this change to 65% format is accompanied by a slightly thinner chassis than its big brother, and the addition of low-profile keys gives the whole a finesse that perfectly adapts to this new layout.

With dimensions of just 317 x 108 x 22 mm, this is one of the most compact keyboards we have had in our hands. Its featherweight 410g also makes it one of the lightest models in the industry. For comparison, the Corsair K65 RGB Mini and Anne Pro 2 models weigh over 600g.

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In the hands, the featherweight of the Fnatic does not detract from its strength. An aluminum plate reinforces the plastic frame on its upper part, and the whole is perfectly resistant to the worst tortures. The different finishes exude quality, and the model seems built to last, with no complaints.

Now let’s go to the details of this famous 65% layout. As explained in the introduction, the format takes the basics of a 60% keyboard, with a row of 5 additional keys on the left side. This design allows direct access to the directional arrows and 4 macro keys customized from the Fnatic OP software.

Fnatic Streak65 RGB

For the rest, it is strictly identical. The numeric keypad disappears, and the Function keys and those initially present above the numeric arrows are combined with other commands. All the actions remain accessible, but you will have to use the Fn key to access them.

In addition to the classic commands, additional shortcuts are also available, particularly to manage the various light effects and their intensity or to manage its media and sound volume.

To access all these secondary commands more easily, it is also possible to lock the Fn key using the Fn + Enter combination.

These changes obviously require a little time to adapt to a traditional keyboard during the first use, but you get used to it quickly. And for a pure gaming-oriented use, the impact of this 65% layout is even more forgotten.

More than the arrangement of the keys itself, this reduced format allows above all to limit the size of the keyboard once placed on its desk. You save a lot of space in front of a complete layout or even a TKL model to facilitate the movements of your mouse when playing with reduced sensitivity.

Regarding the design of the keys and as explained a little earlier, the Fnatic Streak65 is based on low-profile switches, where the Streak and MiniStreak models opted for more classic switches. We are getting closer to what we had already discovered on the Logitech G915 and G915 TKL, and it is delightful to use here. We come back to this in detail a little later in our review of keyboard performance.

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The keycaps are made of ABS plastic and only cover the top of the switches. We would have liked models in PBT to stand out from the competition and limit a little more the appearance of fingerprints on the keys.

In use, they offer good comfort, and the fingers slide easily from one key to another without ever tapping on the rim of the keycaps. The lighting effects also stand out very well, and it is possible to configure them from the Fnatic OP software. Note also the presence of 2 additional LEDs under the Space bar to maintain uniform lighting.

At the back of the keyboard, there are two retractable feet to manage the inclination of the Streak65. Only one height is available, and rubber pads ensure good stability to the whole.

On the upper edge, there is a magnetic plate with the logo of the brand. The MiniStreak can be removed and replaced with custom models that the manufacturer should soon offer on its website.

Finally, the connection is provided by a removable USB-C to USB-A cable of 2.2 m. The port is offset on the left part so as not to conflict with that of your mouse. Note, on the other hand, a slight play in the connection and a locking system would have been welcome to ensure never to suffer a possible disconnection.


The performance of the Fnatic Streak65; the great innovation is the appearance of low-profile mechanical switches.

They are designed by the Khail brand and are currently only offered in a linear variant. Designed to meet the expectations of competitive players, they feature a total stroke of 3.2mm and activation of just 1.0mm with a force of 45g.

Fnatic advertises them as the fastest switches on the market. Still, they are actually similar to Cherry MX Low-Profile Speed, offering 1mm activation for a total travel of 3.2mm. The recent Corsair OPX discovered on the Corsair K100 RGB also offers a similar technical sheet but the full format and not Low-Profile. Finally, the Logitech GLs opt for a shorter total stroke at 2.7 mm but an activation at 1.5 mm.

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More than the figures, it is the practice that will speak here. In use, these new switches are indeed high-speed and responsive. The activation is perfectly fluid, and they hit each other effectively. All the keys are very stable, and we take advantage of pre-lubricated stabilizers on the Enter and Space keys.

Using a G915 daily, the adaptation to these new switches was carried out very quickly, and we must admit that we quickly fell under their spell. It’s nice, comfortable and efficient. No complaints!

As for noise, the activation of the keys is more marked than on the Cherry MX Speed ​​of the Fnatic MiniStreak. However, the set is more discreet than the Roccat Vulcan TKL Pro that we tested recently, and we let you consult our video to get an overview of the rendering.


Fnatic Streak65 Software

To accompany your Streak65, it is possible to install the Fnatic OP software. Available free of charge from the manufacturer’s website, it allows you to configure up to 4 different configuration profiles.

The first “Lighting” tab supports RGB lighting effects. Fnatic offers different effects, and it is possible to configure each key individually.

The second “Key Biding” tab can be used to modify the keyboard key mapping. All the keys can be reconfigured, and it is also possible to assign a secondary action accessible in combination with the Fn key.

Finally, the third and last tab, “Competition Mode,” allows you to lock certain keys during gaming. We obviously think of the Windows key to avoid returning to the desktop in the middle of the game.


The Fnatic Streak65 is an excellent mechanical keyboard. Compact, solid, and efficient, it should meet the expectations of the most demanding competitive players.

We like its well-thought-out design, hiding complete and intuitive features under its apparent simplicity. Its 65% format does not ultimately limit gaming use while normally freeing up space for its mouse.

On the performance side, nothing to complain about. The new linear switches brilliantly combine reactivity and stability, and you quickly feel at ease.

Available at around 140 USD, this new Streak65 has plenty of room for itself in the compact gaming keyboards sector. It is also one of the few models at 65% to offer an AZERTY layout. Another great success for Fnatic is gradually establishing itself as a real benchmark in the peripherals sector.