Glorious Model D 2 Pro vs Model O 2 Pro: Gaming Mouse Comparison

Glorious Model D 2 Pro vs Model O 2 Pro

Glorious Model D 2 Pro vs Model O 2 Pro: Glorious is back with a bang, revamping their popular Model O and Model D mice. In this post, we’re diving into their latest upgrades – the Model D 2 Pro and Model O 2 Pro to help you decide if it’s time for an upgrade or if one of these new mice should be your next pick.

The Glorious Gaming O 2 Pro and D 2 Pro are not your typical gaming mice, and that’s a great thing! Unlike the original Model O and Model D, which had a honeycomb design and colorful RGB lights on the sides, the Pro versions are simpler. They have a single, solid body without any RGB lights. This makes sense for pro-level gaming mice, as RGB lights can use up a wireless mouse’s battery faster.

Glorious Model D 2 Pro vs Model O 2 Pro
Glorious Model D 2 Pro vs Model O 2 Pro

At first look, the Model O 2 Pro and the Model D 2 Pro might seem the same, but they’re actually different enough to suit your personal taste. Both have the same features, except for their weight. The Model O 2 Pro and its 4K/8K versions are lighter than the Model D 2 Pro and its versions. Also, they feel different in your hand. The Model O 2 Pro is more balanced and good for both left and right-hand use, while the Model D 2 Pro is shaped more for right-handed users.

Each mouse has six buttons, including the usual ones and two on the side, plus a button to change the mouse’s sensitivity (DPI). You can customize these buttons with the Glorious Core software.

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Design and Features

Model D2 Pro

  • Shape and Size: The Model D2 Pro is 128 mm long, 67 mm wide, and 42 mm tall.
  • Grip Suitability: More suited for palm grip users.

Model O2 Pro

  • Shape and Size: The Model O2 Pro follows the original Model O’s shape, not the Model O2’s. It measures 128 mm in length, 66 mm in width, and 38 mm in height.
  • Grip Suitability: Ideal for fingertip and claw grips.
  • Design Change: It lacks the side walls for resting fingers found in the newer Model O2 design.

Both models have undergone weight reductions, now weighing between 57 to 62 grams.

Revamped Specs: A Closer Look

Both the Model D 2 Pro and Model O 2 Pro come in 4K and 8K versions, differing in price ($129.99 for 4K/8K and $99.99 for the 1K edition). What’s noteworthy is the subtle differences in battery life and weight, alongside the prominent 4K and 8K options.

Shape and Ergonomics: Comfortable and Familiar

model d 2 pro
Model D2 Pro
model o 2 pro
Model O2 Pro

The shapes of these mice are inspired by classic designs. The Model O 2 Pro resembles the FK1 and Viper V2, while the Model D 2 Pro takes cues from the Zowie EC2 but with slightly different dimensions. Both mice offer comfortable grips and are suitable for various hand sizes, making them great for long gaming sessions.

Weight Matters

The 4K/8K versions are slightly heavier than their base models. For instance, the Model D 2 Pro 4K/8K weighs 63.4g, while the regular version is at 62g. The Model O 2 Pro shows similar differences, but in hand, this weight difference is barely noticeable.

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Build Quality: Solid but Not Flawless

Glorious has addressed some build issues from previous models. The primary models used (Model D 2 Pro 4K/8K) showed no creaking or flexing, indicating a robust build. However, there are some concerns with the buttons, particularly in the Model O 2 Pro, where the back button can feel mushy, especially when pressed at the back end.

When it comes to build quality, both models shine. The Model D 2 Pro, including the custom Nacho version with a unique Pikachu-themed finish, boasts excellent build integrity. There’s minimal flexing or creaking even under pressure. The Model O 2 Pro also stands out for its solid build.

Optical Switches: Impressive Tactile Experience

Glorious Model D 2 Pro Ergonomics 1
Glorious Model D2 Pro
Glorious Model o 2 Pro Ergonomics
Glorious Model O 2 Pro

Glorious has done a great job with the optical switches on these mice. They offer a deep, tactile feel, reminiscent of Razer’s Optical implementation. However, there are minor issues with Mouse 4 and Mouse 5 buttons, like pre-travel in the Model D and post-travel in the Model O 2 Pro, though these don’t majorly affect gameplay.

Performance and Experience

Wireless Capabilities: Both come in a standard 1,000 Hz wireless version, with an option for up to 8,000 Hz onwi and 4,000 Hz on wireless.

Optical Switches: The mice feature new optical switches, potentially similar to those used in other high-end gaming mice.

Switching to the performance aspect, the 4K dongles provided a seamless transition from other high-end mice, like the Razer DeathAdder. The transition in polling rates from 4K to 1K is noticeable, with the higher rate offering smoother cursor movements. Yet, this isn’t a game-changing feature but rather a subtle enhancement in user experience.

While the shapes and build quality impress, the performance issues, particularly with the Model D 2 Pro’s connectivity, are a concern. Until these are resolved, potentially with a firmware update, it’s hard to give an unreserved recommendation.

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Comparing to Competitors

When placed against competitors, the new Glorious mice stand out for their spec upgrades and solid builds. However, they still have minor flaws that might matter to a discerning user, especially considering the price point.

Final Thoughts

The Glorious Model D 2 Pro and Model O 2 Pro are solid contenders in the gaming mouse arena, with excellent build quality, comfortable shapes, and good optical switches. However, the connectivity issue with the Model D 2 Pro is a significant drawback.

The new Model D 2 Pro and Model O 2 Pro are commendable for their enhancements but fall short of being flawless. If you’re considering an upgrade or a new purchase, weigh these factors to make an informed decision.

Remember, whether you’re upgrading or buying new, it’s all about finding the mouse that feels right for you!