Oriveti OH300 vs FiiO FA7 IEM: Earphones with Detachable Cable

Oriveti OH300 vs FiiO FA7 IEM

ORIVETI OH300 is a new generation hybrid headphones developed by ORIVETI, which are the popular, highly rated successors, and recommended by many users of New Primacy. The OH300 features a redesigned design and many sound enhancements based on the well-known driver configuration.

Oriveti OH300 1

The hybrid FiiO FH5 has emerged as an interesting color spot in the world of ear canal monitors. It looked promising despite the fact that both his voice and appearance must have divided those interested. The manufacturer has now raised the bar further and they really don’t seem to be kidding – the FA7 is a struggling contender and ready to get into the ring with real high-end ears!

FiiO FA7 IEM 1

Pros and Cons

Oriveti OH300
A vibrant, immersive, extreme-resolution, almost indefatigable sound character.
Better comfort than its predecessor.
Modular cable and usually demanding garnish (eg, connectors, protective case).
Excellent dynamics even at low loads.
Slightly loose ear hook design, which does not guarantee stability during more intense exercise.
Not suitable for phone calls (although this will not be a problem for everyone)
A very potential challenge for other HUF 100,000 in-ear monitors in terms of both sound quality and services.
Excellent stability.
Modular cable.
A thick, warm sound that is smooth won’t work for any musical style.


Oriveti OH300FiiO FA7 IEM
ColorsSilver and BlackGrey, Red/Blue


PlasticOriveti OH300FiiO FA7 IEM
Driver TypeDynamicDynamic
Noise CancellingNoNo
Dimensions earphone120 x 20 x 20 mm
Foldable DesignNoNo

The OH300 features stylish black hand-crafted shells to achieve the best acoustic chamber positioning and driver placement. The enclosures are ergonomically shaped for a comfortable fit and long listening experience.

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Oriveti OH300 2

The FA7 headphone casings are 3D printed to create a one-piece headphone shape around the emitters. Both Fiio and HeyGears are involved in their manufacture. The use of modern industrial-level 3D printers with DLP technology allowed us to achieve a print resolution of up to 25um. Production of each pair of headphones in parallel allows for perfect match and consistency of each headphone and reduces resonances that prevent music from flowing cleanly.

FiiO FA7 IEM 4 scaled


Oriveti OH300FiiO FA7 IEM
Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeNoNo
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz20 Hz to 40 kHz
Impedance13 Ohms23 Ohms

Oriveti OH300 1

The high-quality MMCX connector that integrates perfectly with the enclosures. This allows users to easily change cables and connect alongside classic, balanced versions or cables with a built-in Bluetooth receiver.

The ORIVETI OH300 uses hybrid technology with one 8mm dynamic driver for bass and Knowles’ dual armature driver for mid and high frequencies.

The ORIVETI OH300 is a premium product, so owners should expect a rich set of accessories. It includes a high-quality handmade silver-plated copper cable, a leather carrying case, adapters, and a set of various attachments.

  • Hybrid scheme (2 + 1)
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Handcrafted cases
  • MMCX connectors
  • 8-core cable
  • Conductor – Silver Plated Copper
  • Impedance 13 Ohm

FiiO FA7 IEM 5 scaled

Each FA7 headphone houses 4 Knowles BA balanced emitters; the CI-22955 emitter is responsible for the bass, a high-quality elastic fast bass due to a larger diaphragm relative to other BAs. In the middle is the robust ED-29689, with its sweet yet dense confident sound. Treble fulfills dual SWFK-31736 specially modified for Fiio.

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In addition to the excellent four emitters, the Fiio FA7 has a perfectly tuned 4-channel crossover for each frequency range. You will always experience dynamic bass, crystal vocals, and clear but not harsh highs with these headphones.


Oriveti OH300FiiO FA7 IEM
Connection Type3.5 mm 3.5 mm
Cable Length1.2 m3 m

Oriveti OH300 – updated hybrid headphones, – Hybrid circuit (2 + 1), Ergonomic shape, Handcrafted enclosures, MMCX connectors, 8-core cable, Conductor – silver-plated copper, Impedance 13 Ohm.

Oriveti OH300 3

Fiio FA7 in-ear headphones with four reinforcing drivers, one-piece housings, Quad Knowles four balanced drivers, frequency range 20 Hz – 40 kHz, sensitivity 110 dB, detachable cables length 1.2 m, weight 5.3 g.

FiiO FA7 IEM 2


The Oriveti OH300 requires a quality music collection and electronics. If we provide them with these conditions, we have given a headset; Your physical abilities may not be perfect for everyone, still, because of their beautifully crafted sound character and long-term comfort.

For those who require hard beats, full-bodied bass, the studio-like character of the FA7 may be a little dry. True instrumental music, on the other hand, sounds true to it by omitting unnecessary embellishments. A mandatory accessory is added to the symmetrical cable.