Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built-in Lumbar Support Review

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 5

Already present on most accessories for PC gamers, Razer was surprisingly absent in the gaming chair sector.

A delay is now filled by the arrival of the Razer Iskur, a “Racing” type model that seems to be able to stand out from the competition thanks to an innovative lumbar support system. The manufacturer has opted for a unique armchair and not a simple rebranding” of an already existing model.

Proposed around 500$, can it compete with the best current models and establish itself as a new benchmark in the sector? Response after ten days at his side.


Once the set is unpacked:

  • The back and seat of the Razer Iskur
  • A metal foot with 5 branches
  • A box of accessories containing the piston, the 5 rollers, the mechanism managing the ergonomic adjustments, plastic covers, and the tools necessary for assembly
  • A pillow for the head
  • An assembly guide and some extra paperwork

Razer Iskur Mount

Regarding the assembly of the chair, it can be done in about fifteen minutes by a single person. Here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Fix the seat and the back using 4 screws. It will be necessary here to align the holes present on the seat with the branches of the backrest.
  • Step 2: Fix the plastic side covers using 2 screws
  • Step 3: Turn the chair over, then fix the cable of the lumbar support mechanism under the seat
  • Step 4: Fix the adjustment mechanism under the seat, taking care to check its direction of installation
  • Step 5: Insert the 5 wheels on the chair leg
  • Step 6: Insert the jack and its protective cover in the center of the foot
  • Step 7: Attach the foot to the center of the adjustment mechanism
  • Step 8: Turn the chair over in the right direction, then position the headrest cushion

Faced with Secretlab models, we may regret the absence of small details such as a side hinge on the seat or magnetic protective covers. Given the high-end positioning of the Razer Iskur, it’s a bit of a shame not to have made these efforts.

The various parts of the chair are guaranteed for 3 years by the brand.

Design and finishes

Before going into more detail on the comfort and the various ergonomic adjustments of this Razer Iskur, a small point concerning its general design and the quality of its finishes.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 8

For this first model, the manufacturer does not take too many risks in terms of looks and opts for a “Racing” style chair rather than a design approaching so-called “ergonomic” chairs, like the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 or the Herman Miller x Logitech.

Despite its main target, the armchair retains certain sobriety in this entirely black color. It will adapt to most setups, from the most eccentric to the most minimalist. The brand’s logos are inlaid reasonably discreetly on either side of the backrest, and we find the famous slogan of the brand “For Gamers by Gamers” at the front of the seat.

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Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 6

For players looking for a slightly more flashy model, note that the Razer Iskur is also available in a version with fluorescent green accents, always dear to the brand.

The chair is designed for players of average size, and Razer recommends it for those measuring between 1m74 and 1m81. We will come back to this a little later, but the model seems a little narrow to us for the heaviest users, and we would instead recommend moving towards a Secretlab Titan XL, for example.

The depth of the seat is 55 cm, but in practice, it is not possible to take advantage of its totality with the presence of the integrated lumbar support. Width is measured at around 39cm, followed by a fairly pronounced ‘tub’ design. The structure is somewhat reminiscent of the one we had discovered alongside the Secretlab Omega.

The entire seat is covered with synthetic leather upholstery which seems, at first sight, to be of good quality, with no marks to be highlighted after ten days at its side. A topstitching set then completes the whole and forms a texture reminiscent of snakeskin. We’ll let you make up your mind on that.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 2

The chair’s backrest is designed in two parts, with the main structure on one side and the imposing lumbar support on the other. The lower has a width of about 35 cm, while the upper part of the backrest is a little wider, with about 52 cm at its maximum ends.

As for the seat, we are once again on a “bucket” structure, designed to envelop the user as much as possible and maintain their posture as well as possible. Comparing the Iskur to other gaming chairs, we also notice that the upper part of the backrest is slightly tilted forward and not completely straight like the competition.

On the side of the armrests, we find a design quite similar to those present on the Secretlab armchairs and the two brands are most likely equipped with the same supplier. They are of rather good quality, with a metal structure and mechanisms. The upper part benefits from a lightly padded and rather pleasant to the touch coating.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 3

For the chair’s base, there is a matt black metal foot with 5 slightly curved branches. There is nothing to say here, it seems perfectly solid, and the diameter of 70 cm allows you to enjoy good stability.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 4

No surprise either on the side of the wheels, with 6 cm models similar to those found on the majority of high-end armchairs.

Finally, a small point concerning the headrest cushion is a rather convincing model, thanks to memory foam. It is strapped to the top of the backrest to be placed on the top of the neck and provides additional support when maintaining good posture.

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Ergonomic adjustments

In terms of ergonomic adjustments, the Razer Iskur takes up what we are used to seeing in the gaming chair sector while standing out with its unique lumbar support system.

First of all, there is a height adjustment via a first lever positioned on the left side of the chair. The seat’s height can be adjusted between 43 and 53 cm and the brand recommends its Iskur model for players measuring between 174 and 181 cm for a maximum weight of 130 kg.

Still, on the right of the chair, a second lever allows you to manage the backrest’s tilt up to 139° to opt for a more or less relaxed position.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 7

The inclination of the seat can also be adjusted by a few degrees via a lever placed under the left side of the chair. As often, this adjustment is accompanied by a large knob to manage the resistance of the inclination according to your preferences and especially your weight.

On the side of the armrests, the Iskur opts for 4D models that can be adjusted and locked in the position of their choice. You can make them go up or down, move them forward or backward, adjust their spacing or even rotate them by a few degrees. In the vast majority of cases, you can line them up with your desk to enjoy perfect posture, or on the contrary, slide them under your desk if you prefer not to use them.

Finally, we end with the great novelty that accompanies this first Razer chair: its adjustable lumbar support system. Directly integrated into the backrest, we can more or less pronounce its depth via a trigger placed on the seat’s right.

The idea here is to marry the lower back and the spine and possibly maintain the best possible posture when you spend hours behind your PC. If the system may seem a little strange at first glance, once the buttocks are firmly in the chair, it takes on its full meaning and provides more convincing support than the standard cushions or the internal systems found on some premium models.

You will have to play with your position a little during the first uses to find the setting best suited to your morphology, but once in place, you are perfectly wedged in this Iskur chair. Too bad the brand did not push the idea a little further by also allowing the height of this support to be adjusted to adapt perfectly to all morphologies.

If you have the bad habit of leaning forward a little, this adjustable system also allows you to maintain lumbar support even when you are not entirely wedged in the backrest. On the other hand, it is a little difficult to understand why Razer allows its help to get out of its file so much, and it is difficult to see how a normally constituted person could find an interest in this position.

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Now that we are a little more up-to-date on this Razer Iskur chair’s design, finishes, and settings, let’s get comfortable.

Razer Iskur Gaming Chair With Built in Lumbar Support Review 1

After a fortnight at his side, the chair stands out from the competition with its excellent back support and promotes good posture when you spend hours behind your desk.

As explained a little earlier, the system to support the lumbar brings here a real plus compared to the cushions usually delivered with most gaming chairs.

However, if this design promotes good posture, it can be a little more restrictive when you want to opt for a more relaxed position. This is particularly the case when you tilt the backrest to enjoy a series or a live stream on Twitch comfortably. Indeed, removing the lumbar support is impossible, and it may tend to interfere in this position.

As for the padding, the chair is doing very well with foams that are neither too soft nor too firm. You can sit in the chair for long gaming sessions without feeling any pain.

Note, however, that the chair’s design remains quite narrow and that it will probably not be suitable for the most imposing players. On our side, with 1m78 and 68 kg, it fits perfectly, and we feel well enveloped and supported by the Razer Iskur.


For a first attempt in the world of gaming chairs, Razer succeeded rather well and stands out from the competition thanks to effective and innovative lumbar support.

Suppose the design of this Iskur armchair does not revolutionize the sector with style now seen and reviewed. In that case, the brand does not however make the mistake of offering yet another variation of an existing model to which it would have only badged one of its logos.

The general finishes are more than correct, and the various adjustments offered to allow you to enjoy an excellent posture when you stay behind your desk for hours. The back is better supported than on most other “racing” chairs, and the very structure of the chair helps maintain good posture.

If this choice is probably the most effective in terms of health, it may not be to the taste of all players and especially those who are used to opting for a more relaxed seat.

Then there is the question of price. With a manufacturer price of around $500, the Razer Izkur is one of the most expensive gaming chairs on the market, a notch above models from Secretlab and Noblechairs, for example.

The customization options are also much less complete than with the competition, with only coating and only two colors available.