5 Smart Accessories You Need For Smart Home Automation

5 Smart Accessories You Need For Smart Home Automation

We started with smartphones, quickly moved towards smartwatches, and now consumers have access to just about any smart accessory they can think of to create the ultimate smart home. While all smart devices promise convenience, flexibility, and home automation, not all are worth the hype. After all, how much more convenience can a smart toaster add to your life? Without offending devoted toast eaters, we’ve put together this useful guide to highlight the top 5 smart accessories that will add convenience and comfort to your day-to-day so you can experience the smart home of your dreams.

Smart Lighting Accessories

Coming in at the top of the list are smart lighting accessories. Nothing affects your home’s ambiance more than the light tone, brightness, and style you choose to implement. Cold, overly white lighting can have your kitchen feeling like a hospital room, while warm, exceedingly yellow lighting can make your contemporary living room feel antiquated.

With modern LED lighting accessories such as pendant lights, table lamps, and ceiling fans with lights, you don’t have to select just one light tone or brightness. Smart lighting accessories are often equipped with LED light kits that allow you to select between warm, neutral, and cool light tones and adjust the light brightness from 100% to 1% via smart speakers or apps. The versatility and elegance of modern lighting accessories allow you to alternate between light tones and dim the brightness to match your décor, mood, or activity.

Smart Speakers

Next up on the list are smart speakers. Imagine getting halfway through shampooing your hair and realizing you forgot to turn on your favorite shower playlist. Admit it, we’ve all been there and we’ve nearly risked our lives slipping and sliding out of the shower only to drip water all over our phones and speakers.

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With smart speakers, you can easily start playing your favorite tunes no matter what you’re busy doing. Smart speakers often integrate artificial intelligence, much like Alexa and Google Assistant, to process voice commands and complete requests. This means you can enjoy hands-free access to your speaker from anywhere in your home.

Smart Home Security Cameras

Number three on the list is smart home security cameras. While security cameras are meant to monitor suspicious or illicit activity that may take place in your surroundings, every so often, they can accidentally set off your alarm system for something other than an emergency. You are then forced to rush home early from work for a completely unnecessary reason.

With smart home security cameras for your apartments near High Point, you can remotely monitor your real-time camera feed to deactivate your security system for false alarms, answer for packages, and easily check on your home from any location. More than remote access, smart home security cameras allow you to enjoy peace of mind whenever you are away from home.

Smart Thermostats

Coming in at number four are smart thermostats. Your home’s temperature can quickly alter the moods of all your household members. We’ve all experienced the irritability that comes with feeling sweaty and uncomfortable in the heat. And it’s not like you can just turn on the AC to automatically bring the temperature down. You have to wait for the AC to kick in and gradually begin to cool your home.

With a smart thermostat, you can change your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world. Skip the sweaty and moody waiting period and begin to cool your home before you even arrive. You’re going to thank yourself when you come home to a fresh and relaxing space after a long and arduous workday.

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Smart Home Appliances

We’re finally at the end and saved the best for last: smart home appliances. Two hundred and five randomly selected Americans were surveyed by Thermador, and more than a quarter indicated upgrading home appliances would be their top priority when improving their homes. Even though some people fall in love with the home improvement, they will not make the purchase due to the fact that smart home appliances are pricy.

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, it’s likely that you own a smart oven. It uses sensors to evenly prepare meat without drying it out. As the oven will adjust the temperature and bake time while you walk away,

If you are a tech lover and also looking to upgrade your bedroom lighting and ventilation without breaking the bank, A smart ceiling fan with lights is probably your best choice. It comes with different light temperatures that you can configure for any ambiance. Using the schedule function on the app or simply using Alexa or Google Assistant voice commands, it is effortless to adjust the fan speed and light brightness. Plus, a modern ceiling fan with lights comes in elegant designs to perfectly complement the décor in your bedroom, living room, and even kitchen.


While product developers are constantly on the hunt to find new ways to streamline consumers’ daily home lives, not all are as effective as you’d think. We have highlighted five smart home accessories that will transform your traditional home into a smart one. You won’t see ordinary appliances the same way ever again after experiencing advanced home automation.

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