Smartwatch Comparison: Kospet Prime 2 vs Kospet Prime S

Kospet Prime 2 vs Kospet Prime S

For several years now, Kospet has been supplying the world market with a really great idea: Smartwatches with a full Android system intended to replace the smartphone completely. Anyone who believes in this dream and no longer wants to carry a cell phone with them can now read on.

Kospet Prime 2 3

The manufacturer Kospet could not really convince with the models Brave and Prime. Will that finally change with the new Kospet Prime 2, or does it have the same problems as the other watches of this type? Lets checkout here with the comparision Kospet Prime 2 vs Kospet Prime S.

Kospet Prime S 4


Kospet Prime 2Kospet Prime S
ModelPrime 2Prime S
Release dateApril 18, 2021
CompatibilityAndroid + iOSAndroid + iOS
Internal Memory4 GB
1 GB
OSAndroid 10Android 9.1
ColorsBlackBrown, Black
Kospet Prime 2 1

The Kospet Prime was just two years ago the first Chinese watch with Face Unlock and a battery capacity of 1200 mAh beyond. But now Kospet is going one step further in the form of the Kospet Prime 2 . This watch is no less spectacular than its predecessor and comes with at least three superlatives: world’s first 2.1-inch display on a smartwatch world’s first smartwatch with a battery capacity of 1,600 mAh world’s first smartwatch with a swiveling 13 MP camera These features are of course perfect for marketing such a device, but one might immediately suspect that there will be (a lot) shadow in addition to light.

Kospet Prime 2 2

At first glance, one thing becomes obvious: the Kospet Prime 2 is big – no, it is huge or, better yet, monstrous! At a massive 124 grams, it is by far the heaviest that we have ever tested. In addition, there are huge dimensions of the housing. This has a maximum diameter of 6.3 cm horizontally and an even diameter of 7.3 cm vertically. With a thickness of 1.9 cm, Kospet Prime 2 is also the thickest watch that we have presented to you so far. This “thing” is just huge, so it’s not surprising that it looks ridiculous on pretty much every wrist. The wearing comfort, if you can even talk about this monster, is therefore very modest. The 124 grams can be clearly felt on the wrist, and the smartwatch is extremely bulky under long-sleeved tops such as shirts or pullovers. Not only does it look ugly, but it also feels just as terrible. In short, the Kospet Prime 2 is too big for a watch – at no point was it fun to wear.

Kospet Prime 2 5

As with its predecessor, the top of the case is made of ceramic and looks really appealing. The underside is made of black plastic. As usual, you will find the optical pulse sensor and four charging pins there. The loudspeaker is also housed here. The microphone is located on the left side of the housing, and finally, two buttons and the micro SIM card slot on the right side. Cameras are not a real innovation in this smartwatch, but the Kospet Prime 2 still has a real unique selling point. A swiveling 13 MP camera is located on the upper edge of the case at the 12 o’clock position installed. This is directed away from the clock in the basic position but can also be folded upwards by 90 °. Then it is more or less a selfie camera and can be used, among other things, for the Face Unlock that was already available on the predecessor.

The silicone bracelets are 26 mm wide and 12.8 cm or 9.2 cm long. It is attached to the housing using a common quick-release fastener. This means that any bracelet (in the correct width) can be used with quick-release fasteners. The bracelets are closed by a classic pin buckle.

Kospet Prime S 3

The Kospet Prime 2 is probably the largest smartwatch with a real Android operating system, but unfortunately, that’s not a really desirable title. This device is huge and heavy so that all wearing comfort is actually completely lost.

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With its 54 x 17 millimeter round housing, the Kospet Prime S is not only thick on the wrist. The datasheet is also thick, for example, with IP67. Afterward, however, the note: “The clock is not for S Schwimmer suitable. ” That is strange, but the unsealed SIM slot of the Kospet Prime S would probably fill up underwater.

Kospet Prime S 5

The Kospet Prime S Smartwatch has an attached ceramic bezel. It is scratch-resistant and also feels high-quality. Including the bracelet, the watch is 265mm long and is held on the wrist by a standard pin buckle. So that the watch doesn’t look ridiculous, you should have a slightly thicker wrist. Including the bracelet, the watch weighs 68 grams.

A black plastic strap is included in the scope of delivery and is attached to the watch body using a simple quick-release fastener. This means that standard 24mm bracelets also fit the smartwatch. The Kospet Prime S has 2 cameras. A camera is executed for the user and intended for face unlock. But it can also be used to take selfies of questionable quality :). Unlocking with the face works pretty well with a short delay of 2-3 seconds. Alternatively, you have to enter your chosen pattern. The second camera faces “north.” So if you normally look at the watch, you can take pictures with the 8MP resolution to the front.

Kospet Prime S 6

On the right side are the power and function head at the top and the back button at the bottom. All sensors for sports tracking, the microphone, the loudspeaker, and the 4 charging pins can be found on the underside. The Kospet Prime S is basically well made and leaves a high-quality impression with its silver bezel.

In addition to the charging adapter, the scope of delivery includes brief instructions. A screen protector is included, and another is already applied. Unfortunately, it was misused and was therefore removed immediately. However, it is a glass display, so you are well protected from scratches.

Technical Specifications

Kospet Prime 2Kospet Prime S
Screen Size2.1 Inch1.6 Inch
Touch ScreenYesYes
Screen Resolution320 x 320 pixels400 x 400 pixels
PPI Density348 PPI323 PPI
Sensors– Pedometer
– Beidou
– Heart rate
Battery Capacity230 mAh1050 mAh
Battery2 days2 days
Camera13MP Rotating Sony IMX214 AFFront 5 MP
Side 8 MP
Water-Resistant5 ATM5 ATM
Dimensions265 x 47 x 13.3 mm274 x 50 x 17.7 mm
Weight50 grams86 g
Kospet Prime 2

The Kospet Prime 2, with the Helio P22 Octa Core, the watch is actually the world’s first smartwatch with an eight-core processor. This is joined by 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. These numbers sound more like a budget smartphone than a smartwatch. Sufficient computing power is definitely available here. However, the performance also seems necessary because the watch comes with a full Android 10 operating system.

This is also a real novelty, at least in this version. So far, the Android smartwatches we tested had a maximum of Android version 7.1 on board, but more on that later. What immediately catches the eye with the optics of the Kopet Prime 2 is, of course, the swiveling 13 MP camera.

The Sony IMX214 AF sensor is used here. The camera can be used in two positions thanks to the swivel mechanism. For this purpose, two individual cameras were required in the previous model. With enough light, the image quality is actually quite okay for a few snapshots. However, the images have a slight bluish cast, and the contrast is relatively weak. If you use the camera when it is opened, it can also be used for face unlock.

Of course, the Kospet Prime 2 also has its own GPS module installed. The reception of GLONASS and Beidou is also supported. First and foremost, when you think of GPS in a smartwatch, you think of recording sports activities. However, this idea is almost impossible with the Prime 2 because it cannot actually be worn properly during sports due to its size. The use of, for example, Google Maps in conjunction with the GPS makes much more sense here. Nevertheless, the tracking of at least 9 different sports (jogging, hiking, indoor running, cycling, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, and jumping rope) is supported directly on the watch. However, the selection of sports is quite special.

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The equipment of the Kospet Prime 2 is quite generous, even if some common smartwatch functions are not supported, at least “Out Of The Box.” The sense and possible uses of such an Android smartwatch (not to confuse the Wear OS smartwatch!) Of course, it remains questionable. However, the Kospet Prime 2 has enough power and storage space to function as a mobile phone replacement on the wrist. The scope of delivery of the Kospet Prime 2 includes the watch and bracelets and a SIM needle, the charging cable, and an English-language instruction manual.

Kospet Prime S 1

The Kospet Prime S has two processors on board. According to the manufacturer, a Unisoc SC9832E quad-core processor ensures a smooth Android system. There is also a second chipset, the NRF52832, which, in addition to Bluetooth, also evaluates data from the sensors when the watch is in sport mode. The four cores of the Uniscoc SoC clock with a maximum of 1.4 GHz and thus ensure smooth navigation through the Android 9 system of the watch. You shouldn’t expect updates. The Antutu value of the processor should be between 50 and 60000 points. Multitasking is not the strength of the Prime S due to the system and is also limited by only 1GB of RAM. With 16GB of internal storage, however, you should easily get by.

The rest of the equipment is otherwise the same as a perfectly normal Android smartphone. It also includes GPS reception, Bluetooth version 4, a 1050 mAh battery, and WiFi 4. A nano-SIM card can also be inserted into the Kospet Prime S, and 4G reception is possible on the following frequencies: B3 / B7 / B20. Why you do without NFC with this Android watch is an absolute mystery to me. The full Android system would even have made it possible to pay with Google Pay. The watch’s main camera is a kind of stopgap solution:


Kospet Prime 2 1

A 2.1 inch IPS panel is used as the Kospet Prime 2 . This resolution is 480 x 480 pixels. The color rendering is astonishingly good, although an AMOLED display is a bit better here. The display’s brightness can either be adjusted in the status menu in 25% steps or directly via the settings using a slider. The maximum brightness is sufficiently high to be able to read the display even in direct sunlight. However, the Kospet Prime 2 does not have an Always On Display.

The digitizer also does its job to satisfaction. My entries (including keyboard entries) could be correctly implemented at any time, even on the edge of the display. Overall, the display of the Kospet Prime 2 can convince me. It’s just the largest of its kind I’ve seen on a smartwatch so far, but it actually does its job quite well.

Kospet Prime S 2

For the Prime S, Kospet relies on a 1.6-inch IPS display with 400 x 400 pixels. This results in a razor-sharp 354 pixels per inch. The colors look more accurate than crisp, and the contrast is not a strength of the Prime S. In return, the brightness is 380 lux, pretty good at the highest level. Even on bright days, you can easily read the content on display. The viewing angle stability is also excellent. The clock is basically round, but you can also force apps into an angular mode. Then you lose picture space, but apps from the Playstore, in particular, can then be used better. Either way, the keyboard is not displayed in a square shape.

The watch can, of course, be optically adjusted, some watch faces are already preinstalled, and many more are available for download. Unfortunately, no watch face looked really well thought out and modern. The brightness can be quickly regulated in 4 steps in the watch’s quick start menu, but unfortunately, there is no automatic adjustment. For the price, you have to make compromises somewhere.

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Activity Monitoring

Kospet Prime 2Kospet Prime S
Step counterYesYes
Calories burnedYesYes
Distance traveledYesYes
Raised floorsNoNo
Sleep monitoringNoYes
Measuring stress levelsYesNo
Date & Time DisplayYesYes
Alarm ClockYesYes
Heart rate measurementYesYes
Calorie intakeNoYes
Hydration levelsNoNo
Other Watch Functions– Make call
– Accept and Rejecting Calls
– Social Integration
– Reminders
– Make call
– Face ID
– Waterproof
– Calling
– Music

Especially with the integrated micro SIM card slot and the WLAN, the Kospet Prime 2 turns from a smartwatch to a smartphone (replacement) on the wrist. A micro-SIM card can be inserted via the SIM card slot, similar to what is known from a smartphone. The Prime 2 offers full 4G-LTE support, and therefore the LTE band is also 20 on board. The reception works fine for me in the test (Telefonica network). Telephoning directly with the watch as well as the mobile internet worked without any problems. With the microphone and loudspeaker, the person you are speaking to is straightforward to understand via the watch, even if the maximum volume could be slightly higher. The other person can also understand the voice input from the Kospet Prime 2 very well. Of course, headsets or TWS headphones, etc., can also be connected via Bluetooth 5.0. This means that the quality of communication is just as good as when using these devices on a normal smartphone.

Kospet Prime S is integrated with a SIM card slot. With a Nano-Sim, the watch can make phone calls and use mobile internet via the 4G (LTE) network. In practice, that worked perfectly with my Telekom SIM card, and with Volume 20, you are well-positioned in the German LTE network of all providers. The call quality is definitely solid, and the caller is understood well. Your own voice is also transmitted well with some reverb, as long as you hold the watch a little closer to your mouth. You can also pair TWS headphones via Bluetooth 4 and then make a phone call via them, which is also a bit more private.


Kospet Prime 2 6

The battery of the Kospet Prime 2 has a capacity of 1,600 mAh, making it the world’s largest battery (measured by capacity) in a smartwatch. However, Kospet does not provide any information about the battery life that can be achieved because it depends very much on how you use the Prime 2. If you use it in smart mode with a connection to the smartphone but without an inserted SIM card or WLAN, you can get 2-3 days of battery life.

However, if you use the watch in stand-alone mode, i.e., with a SIM card and WLAN, the battery can be empty after a day, depending on the intensity of use. The superlatives of the battery don’t really bring much because the predecessor model already achieved similar values.

The Kospet Prime 2 is charged with the supplied charging cable. This is held by a magnet on the back of the watch. A full charge takes just under 2.5 hours.

Kospet Prime S

With a 1050 mAh battery, the Kospet Prime S is not the smartwatch with the largest battery, but as a mobile phone with a 1.6-inch display, this value is not that bad. In practice, with the SIM card inserted and one hour of DOT (time with the display switched on) a day, I managed to run for exactly 2 days. Anyone who sprinkles in a running unit or surfs a bit will more or less use it for one day. Somehow that is completely normal with such watches. Without a SIM and only as a fitness tracker, the running time is significantly longer, but I also find its use as complete nonsense. You are better served with all competitors.

A full charge takes a little under 2 hours. The magnetic mechanism on the charging cable could be a bit stronger because once the watch did not charge.

Smart Features

Kospet Prime 2Kospet Prime S
Smartphone notificationsYesYes
Wireless paymentsNoNo
Music storage and playbackYesYes
Streaming servicesYesNo
Virtual AssistantYesNo
MeteorologyWeather forecastWeather forecast


The Kospet Prime 2 the superlative smartwatch? Yes, absolutely. Unfortunately, both in a positive and a negative sense. With its size, the swiveling camera, and the “huge battery,” it naturally has a few features that we have not seen in other smartwatches. Especially concerning the size, there is a legitimate reason for this: nobody needs such a monster on their wrist! There is really no wearing comfort here. This is definitely the biggest weakness of the Kospet Prime 2 because it means that this watch quasi questions itself. As with all other watches of this type, the full-fledged Android 10 can only be operated to a limited extent. The battery life is quite acceptable, but no really new standards could be set here either.

If you want to do without your smartphone forever or at least temporarily, you can include the Kospet Prime S on the shortlist. However, there is a need for optimization in many areas. Synchronizing the contacts on the watch was a challenge in itself. Anyone who has waited for the full Android system in the Smartwatch is basically not doing anything wrong here, but you should definitely not expect a mature system.