Tablet For Kids: Learn, Play & Have Fun

Tablet For Kids

Devices with a display are an integral part of our everyday lives, whether a smartphone, TV, laptop, or tablet. Even our refrigerator can be equipped with a screen or touchscreen. So it makes sense if you introduce your child to digital media at an early stage. Children’s tablets are best suited for this, even if every tablet has a children’s mode.

The difference to standard tablet PCs is that children’s tablets are child-friendly to use and only offer age-appropriate access to learning apps, games, and media such as audiobooks, videos, and books.

On the one hand, apps are available with age-dependent filtered content, and on the other hand, you can customize the children’s tablet to your child in a password-protected parent account. You can use pre-settings to specify which content your child can use and when. For example, you can authorize the use of games and videos for screen time in the midday hours and only e-books and audiobooks for the evening hours. Or you only allow your child to play videos after using a learning app for 10 minutes. Otherwise, you can control the entire screen time per day with a timer function. You can adapt everything as you want and see fit for your child.

Light and sound conditions are also often adapted to the sensitive eyes and ears of children. Meanwhile, a colorful silicone cover protects the device from damage caused by falls or the like.

Children’s tablets are available for all age groups between 3 and 10 years. You can familiarize your child with the digital world even as a toddler. You enable them to deal with modern technologies and media in a barrier-free manner. It becomes a so-called digital native – a person who grows up with digital technology and uses it as a matter of course.

Children’s tablets also cost only a fraction of regular tablet PCs.

To keep track of this jungle of offers and decide which device is the right one for your child, you will find below our 3 most popular children’s tablets, which we will present to you in detail.

The range of children’s tablets is large and varied. Even if that is a reason to be happy, it can also seem overwhelming to deal with many different models. To make it easier for you to find something suitable for your child, we will introduce you to our 3 most popular children’s tablets in detail.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids 2021

The Amazon Fire HD 10 from the 2019 series is available in the Kids Edition from just under 170 USD and is a true all-rounder. The children’s tablet is suitable for children between 3 and 12 years of age. It provides your child with tons of activities: playing, learning, reading, listening to audiobooks, watching videos, or surfing the Internet. There are only the limits that you set for your child.

The selection of available apps is not limited to Amazon products. In addition to Audible, Prime, and Co., you can also provide your child with videos from Disney Plus, YouTube, or learning content from Anton, for example. You can deactivate in-app purchases within the games. The browser is deactivated at the factory and otherwise only displays pages that have been filtered for children.

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The content available for the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition can be obtained from the Amazon Kids + store. With the purchase of the children’s tablet, you automatically receive a 1-year membership. After 12 months, you have the option to continue your membership for a fee. You then pay $5 per month for one child, with an existing Prime membership of $3. If you have several children, you can take out a membership with up to 4 children for 10 USD or a Prime subscription for 7 USD per month.

The device’s impressive battery life of 12 hours ensures that you don’t have to watch the charging bar and have the charger at hand. So your child’s tablet is always available on a weekend trip – provided it is not in constant use.

The children’s tablet has a robust casing that protects the device from falls and hits. The silicone case is available in purple, pink, and blue. So every child can choose their color.

The children’s version is only a little inferior to the parents’ Fire tablet from Amazon in terms of hardware. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition has a sufficiently large storage space with a selection of apps, 5-6 short audiobooks, and two films. In the meantime, films can be viewed on the 10-inch LCD screen in a full HD image resolution inappropriately sharp quality without being pixelated. Otherwise, a powerful processor ensures that games can be played smoothly and do not irritate the children. The Amazon children’s tablet meanwhile has the Fire OS operating system. Similar to Android operating systems, it is open source and therefore very easy to use.

Compared to the competition, the children’s tablet is doing quite well. Only the weight of the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Version is a bit heavy, which can be a bit tiring on small children’s arms in the long run. Light and sound are also not reduced in a way that is suitable for children.

A newer version of the Amazon children’s tablet has been on the market since April 2021. Compared to its predecessor, this scores a tidy user interface that should be more pleasant to use for older children. Otherwise, the devices only differ slightly in the following: The successor model has a slightly larger RAM for more powerful tablet use, a higher rear camera resolution for sharper images, and a lower weight for better handling.

Pebble Gear Disney Tablet

The children’s tablet Pebble Gear is available for 90 USD and suitable for children between 3 and 8 years. It comes in a unique design and with amazing content that is sure to inspire your offspring.

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Pebble has cooperation with Disney. This means that unique games, learning apps, audio books and films with Disney characters are available on the tablet. Your child can play, learn and read with their favorite Disney character. In addition, the protective bumper cover of the children’s tablet bears the inscription from the Disney films Frozen II, Cars, Toy Story 4, or Mickey and Friends. The protective cover is also designed in color typical of the film.

The enormous range of games, videos, e-books, or learning apps is available via a pre-installed GameStore app that you can use free of charge for 12 months. After this time, the content will still be available to you via prepaid. You then have the choice between the following price options: for one month you pay $5, for the quarter 13 USD and one year 40 USD.

The use of the content is free of advertising and in-app purchases. However, Pebble only prevents external apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Anton, and Co.

In terms of hardware, the Pebble Gear children’s tablet gives you a solid entry-level basis. With the available storage space, you can provide your children with 5–8 apps, 2–3 audiobooks, or a 90-minute film in children’s mode. The display resolution is small. The front camera also shoots sharper images from the competition. Only the rear camera can keep up with the comparison.

A blue filter protects your child’s sensitive eyes. The brightness of the display is also reduced to protect children’s eyes.

Otherwise, the children’s tablet with the Android operating system is absolute lightweight. So your child can hold it for a long time without any problems and has it safely in hand when jumping from room to room or on the move. With 9 hours of battery life, the latter is possible without worrying if the device is not running in continuous mode.

Kurio TAB Lite

The Kurio Tab Lite 7 children’s tablet, which you can buy for $80, offers your child the opportunity to combine digital play and active movement with its Kurio Motion app. Your offspring can control a character by moving in front of the front camera of the children’s tablet. For example, your child competes in competitions such as swimming or skiing. This is how you motivate them to jump through the living room in the digital environment too.

Kurio Tab Lite 7 is suitable for children between 3 and 6 years of age and offers an overall package with its app selection: Videos, games, audiobooks, learning apps and the like are fully available via Google Play. There are no membership fees, only for paid apps – if desired.

Thanks to a cooperation with Toggo, your child will also have access to content from their favorite TV series, such as Dragons or NINJAGO.

It is also interesting here: There is a children’s store that you can activate. Here your child can manage their apps independently thanks to a virtual pocket money function. It can delete apps in its account that it does not need and download those it finds interesting and would like to test via the children’s store. Your child only has access to age-related apps in the Children’s Store.

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The lightweight is handy and manageable with its small widescreen. The display’s brightness is reduced in a child-friendly manner and is easy on your child’s eyes. However, the screen resolution of the Kurio Tab Lite 7 is below the recommended minimum for the sharp game and video playback. This is sufficient for more minor children, but the competition offers more.

The pastel-colored protective cover is available in blue, pink, and green. So your child can choose their preferred color.

You can find an overview of the most important features below.

Amazon Fire HD 10Pebble Gear DisneyKurio TAB Lite
Amazon Fire HD 10Pebble Gear DisneyKurio TAB Lite
Screen10 inch7 inch7 inch
Storage32 GB16 GB16 GB
Battery pack6,300 mAh2,700 mAh2,580 mAh
Battery lifeUp to 12hUp to 9h Up to 8h
CameraFront 2 MP
Rear 2 MP
0.3 MP
2 MP
0.3 MP
2 MP
Processor2GHz octa-coreQuad-coreQuad-Core (4)
OSFire OSAndroidAndroid
Weight778 g280 g303 g
Age bar3 to 12 years3 to 8 years3 to 6 years


The features and functions of children’s tablets are very different. Which tablet you choose for your child depends on what needs and wishes you have for your child.

If you plan to entertain your children primarily on the go with the children’s tablet, weight and battery play a significant role. Like the Pebble Gear or the Kurio Tab Lite 7, a light device can hold your child safely and securely in their hands in the stroller or car. On the other hand, the battery should last as long as possible on the go because a charging option is not always available. A short, fast charging time has also proven its worth.

For a child who uses a large selection of content, a children’s tablet needs, among other things, a lot of storage capacity or at least the option of expanding this with a microSD card. All of the children’s tablets presented here have this expansion option. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition has the most significant internal storage space.

If your child uses games and videos more and more, it makes sense if the children’s tablet has at least 4 processors with a decent clock frequency. A high image resolution is pleasant for children’s eyes. At least HD quality with 1,280 x 720 pixels is recommended here. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition and the Pebble Gear keep up well here.

Do you prefer solid hardware and a large, unrestricted selection of apps? Then you are well served with the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition. You get exclusive access to Disney content such as games, audiobooks, films and a child-friendly screen with the Pebble Gear. If membership-free, available content and the connection between games and sports are essential, the Kurio Tab Lite 7 is interesting for you.

One thing is sure: All children’s tablets allow your child to have the ultimate play and to learn fun under maximum parental control. Your child will spend educational, fun, and entertaining time with every available children’s tablet. So let’s go: choose one.