ASUS TUF M4 Gaming Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

ASUS TUF M4 Gaming Wireless Gaming Mouse 1

The Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless mouse is good, ergonomic, efficient, and adaptive with good battery life. It will delight with its sober design and its many completely customizable performances.

When looking for a gaming mouse, several criteria come into play. The first is performance; however, that is not everything, and very often, consumers turn to the brand of their other peripherals to maintain consistency in their setup. Asus offers us today the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless to allow you to push the integration of the brand on your desk for more or less 50 USD.

ASUS TUF M4 Gaming Wireless Gaming Mouse 4

Feels very well-builtLacks of RGB lighting
Decent overall performanceSlightly simple design
Excellent handling
Agile design


Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless
Release Date‎Dec 9, 2021
TypeGaming Mouse
Weight62 g (86 g with AA battery)
Material PTFE
Dimension126 x 63.5 x39.6 mm
Sensor PAW3311 Sensor
DPI12,000 DPI
Polling Rate 125/250/500/1000 Hz
Battery TypeAAA or AA
SoftwareArmoury Crate


The mouse is made of plastic. The surface is rough, not slippery. The body consists of two main parts: upper and lower. At the top, there is a glossy ASUS TUF Gaming logo in the area of contact with the palm.

ASUS TUF M4 Gaming Wireless Gaming Mouse 2

The keys go under the top case. It uses hinges and constant contact schemes to avoid gaps and backlash.

The case is almost symmetrical except for the side buttons on the left. The mouse is more comfortable in the right hand; however, it is pretty comfortable in the left. Side buttons are another matter. They can only be used with the thumb; others are not options. Therefore, the mouse can be considered conditionally universal for different hands. There is no superior ergonomics for the right hand. The wheel is in the center, where it should be.

On top of it is wearing a black rubber ring with tiny grooves. They are not very deep, and tactile is noticeable, but there is no slippage even with wet fingers. Inside is a black plastic wheel. You need to remove the Teflon feet and unscrew the two screws to get to the insides.

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The lower sides of the case are made with excellent grooves. In addition, the plastic surface itself is rough, a confident grip is obtained, and nothing slips. There are two buttons on the side of the case. On some models, they change, but here they are non-replaceable.

ASUS TUF M4 Gaming Wireless Gaming Mouse 3

The mouse can be comfortably held on the sides with both hands. The case is durable, and there are practically no extraneous sounds. Of course, if you squeeze the mouse with your hand, you will hear a slight crackle.

At the level of the palm, we notice the presence of the Asus TUF logo in glossy black. We quickly see that the part under the palm can be removed to reveal a battery for the power supply and the dongle storage.

Of course, you have batteries. One can indeed ask the question of the relevance of a battery, nevertheless, a battery allows a high battery life as well as ultra-fast recharging. It will not take more than 20 seconds to go from 0% to 100% battery, in fact, simply changing the battery. However, Asus has planned its move, is provided in the box a battery adapter, allowing to make a AAA battery in an AA.

There are the two classic buttons on the left side that can be operated with the thumb of the right hand. As for the left side, there is nothing special.

Now let’s talk about the underside of the mouse. We find on the upper part two pads in 100% PTFE; they are accompanied by a pad for the optical sensor also in white PTFE. Under this sensor, there is a connection type management button and power management. There is also a large PTFE pad on the lower part of the mouse, optimizing sliding on all mousepads.

The Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless wears superior PBT plastic with Asus Antibacterial Guard. The Asus Antibacterial is an ionic silver antibacterial treatment that helps prevent bacteria from staying on the mouse and slipping off it quickly.


The Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless sensor is an excellent optical sensor, offering a sensitivity range of 200 up to 12,000 DPI, which will be a boon in gaming and especially in competitive play. This point should delight gamers among you. For competitive or high-level FPS, it will be necessary to favor the sensor’s sensitivity and reduce the game’s sensitivity to having more precision.

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It should be noted that the mouse sensor allows accelerations of 35G; this in itself is sufficient even if we would have liked to approach more than 45-50G as on the Asus ROG Gladius III Wireless. However, it’s already difficult, but not impossible, to get a sensor with 35G off the hook, which is why getting closer to 50G is ideal for high-level gaming. That said, for use in classic games and for everyday life, there is nothing to worry about

We also notice the gaming specialization of a mouse with its maximum FPS management. Here the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless has a leading control of 300 FPS. This means that the mouse will follow the refresh rate of a screen up to 300 FPS.

As for the polling rate, the mouse can go up to 1000 Hz and remains graduated by various slices:

  • 125Hz
  • 250Hz
  • 500Hz
  • 1000Hz

Of course, it will be necessary to leave the basic configuration, which is in 1000 Hz for better fluidity.


Asus Armory Crate software provided by Asus allows the complete configuration of the Asus TUF Gaming M4 Wireless. However, it will be impossible to manage the backlight because the mouse does not have it. On the other hand, all the buttons are configurable very easily, and you will be able to manage the function of the clicks of the mouse. It will also be possible to manage performance so precisely adjust the sensitivity of the sensor according to the needs of the four, and it will be possible to choose what you have configured directly from the mouse.

One can also find a battery management tab and firmware updates for your mouse. It is effortless and intuitive to use. Thanks to Armory Crate, it will be possible to configure three different profiles based on the settings seen previously, which can be extremely useful depending on the type of game you are playing.

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Battery Life

Battery life varies significantly depending on whether AA or AAA batteries are inserted into the mouse. Indeed, here is the data from Asus on the mouse and its battery life: 

The mouse with an AAA battery and its adapter, we reached more than 50 cumulative hours of use before our battery gave up. Likewise, in Bluetooth, it is more than 90 hours guaranteed. For the rest, the mouse remained on standby; it’s time that we didn’t count, but it is still energy-intensive. Overall, the mouse respects its commitments well.


The TUF Gaming M4 Wireless is a great all-around mouse. It implements several interesting solutions at once, which makes it very attractive. The new ASUS has a powerful optical sensor that provides excellent performance on any surface.

The mouse glides perfectly on a cloth rug and a laminated plastic surface thanks to large Teflon feet. The sensitivity mode switch button is located right on top, making it possible to switch directly during the game or other activity. It is equipped with an indicator with different colors for each mode.

The mouse is almost symmetrical, so left-handers can use it with a stretch if they adapt to press the two side buttons with the little finger and not the thumb. One AA battery is used as batteries. One is supplied in the kit, and there is also a special AA type adapter for installation inside the AAA element. It happens that there is only one type of element at hand, and it is urgent to replace it, and this is an excellent solution.

A pleasant surprise is the presence of two wireless communication standards at once. First of all, this is a regular 2.4 GHz radio channel. For these purposes, there is a unique transmitter in the kit, which is supposed to be the main means of communication. However, Bluetooth is provided for absent-minded people.

The mouse lies well and slides on a flat hard surface; it is difficult to tear it off or turn it over. On a soft rug, too, everything is fine thanks to the large legs. Glide is excellent on any surface. The only drawback of large portions is sensitivity to surface cleanliness.

The software is very convenient, and all the main parameters are configured. You can also synchronize profiles in your ASUS Armory Crate account, where all settings are made, including updating the mouse software, including its firmware (firmware). Overall, the TUF Gaming M4 Wireless is a great all-rounder that is suitable for most tasks.