Best Gaming PC Under 900 USD

Best Gaming PC Under 900 USD

After presenting the Gamer PC for 900$, here is the best Gamer PC for 900$. In this article, I will present the PC configs for a budget of 900$. This PC configuration allows a certain freedom of play due to its power while remaining within a relatively correct budget for a computer.

So, thanks to this 900$ gamer config, you can run all the games you want, including the most recent and greedy. Obviously don’t expect to play in 4K at 60 frames per second, but you will be able to play in 1440p as well as 1080p without any problem. Here are below the components of the gaming PC at 900$.

This 900 USD gaming PC is relatively well optimized and therefore has a number of advantages. First of all, the computer obviously shows excellent in-game performance. This performance is due to the very recent RX 5700 graphics card from AMD. This graphics card will give you comfortable gaming sessions for a few years to come. The price of this gaming PC is certainly high, but it remains affordable if we trust the conventional price of a computer. In addition, it should be seen as an investment, because the computer is a tool that we use every day.

However, it is not possible to have a perfect PC with a budget of 900 USD, and therefore despite everything this computer has a small drawback. Indeed, despite the performance of the graphics card, the latter is a “Blower” version which means that it has only one fan and that the heat dissipation is done from the rear. The “blower” GPUs are less expensive but tend to consume more and heat up, in particular on the AMD side. You will have understood it, it will be necessary to provide a well-ventilated box for our graphics card RX 5700. The consumption will, unfortunately, go hand in hand with the temperatures as often with AMD.

List of components

HousingCorsair Carbide 270R
MotherboardGigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3600
Graphic CardAMD RX 5600 XT
SSDCrucial 240GB SSD
HDD1TB Toshiba (7200rpm)
PSUAerocool 550W Semi-Modular (80+ Bronze)

Detailed Configuration

Processor AMD Ryzen 3600

Processor – AMD Ryzen 3600

The budget of 900 $ greatly restricts the choice of processor. Overall, AMD processors dominate the mid-range market with their impressive price/quality ratios. So we turned to the Ryzen 3600, a model offering similar performance to the latest-generation i5 from Intel, but for a much better price.

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This CPU has the particularity of offering equally good performance in gaming as in application. It has 6 physical cores and 12 threads and is factory clocked at 3.60GHz. It is, however, possible to overclock it slightly to achieve the performance of a Ryzen 3600X, but don’t expect to exceed 4.0GHz.

We will also appreciate the support for PCI-Express 4.0, which makes it compatible with the latest generations of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. In addition, it tends to consume little electricity and to heat little in intensive use. Finally, note that it comes with a Wraith cooler from AMD, which is very efficient for use without overclocking. So you don’t have to buy an additional cooler.


Graphics Card – AMD RX 5600 XT

After releasing the RX 5700 XT and RX 5700, AMD decided to tackle the market for more affordable cards by offering less expensive versions of the latter. For our $ 800 gaming PC, we needed an affordable graphics card that could run absolutely all the games of the day. So we turned to the RX 5600 XT, one of the latest graphics cards from AMD.

This offers 6GB of VRAM in GDDR6 and is based on a graphics chip engraved in 7nm. It, therefore, uses the latest technologies developed by the manufacturer to date. It sits above the GTX 1660 Ti from Nvidia, which is available at the same price.

Here we have selected the custom version from Gigabyte. This is one of the cheapest available on the market and includes a total of 3 fans for optimal cooling. Be careful, however, the card is long and cannot be installed in all boxes.

Motherboard MSI B450 Gaming Plus

Motherboard – Gigabyte B450 Aorus

We chose to install a Gigabyte brand motherboard in the configuration. Gigabyte offers reliable and robust motherboards for a relatively affordable price. Here we have chosen the B450 Aorus model. This motherboard model offers a total of 8 USB ports as well as an HDMI and DVI port.

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This motherboard is compatible with AM4 type processors, which means it will be compatible with our AMD Ryzen 2600 processor. The big advantage of this product is its price. Indeed you can get this motherboard for only 100 $. You will therefore have the processor/motherboard combo for barely more than $ 200, where you would have paid at least $300 for the equivalent at Intel.

As you can see, budget optimization is essential in a $ 900Gamer setup. Here we have managed to make great savings by choosing components a little less known to the general public. These savings will make it possible to buy a better model of the graphics card.




An essential component for a gaming PC, RAM! We have equipped this gamer config with 16GB of RAM, so no need to tell you that you will be wide at this level for a few more years.

This RAM memory is from the HyperX brand, a brand recognized and appreciated in the industry, and runs at a frequency of 3200MHz.

SSD Crucial 240GB

SSD – Crucial 240GB

The SSD is one of the components to absolutely have in its config in 2019. The budget has relatively limited us in the choice of the SSD but we finally went on a 240GB SSD, from the Crucial brand.

This amount of storage will allow you to easily store Windows, your main software (browser…) as well as potentially some games.

This SSD offers quite an impressive read and write speeds. Indeed in reading, you will be able to reach peaks of 540MB / s and in writing 500MB / s, which is generally above average.


Hard Drive – Toshiba 1TB

No surprise on this component, we have chosen one of the most reliable hard drives on the market to date, the Toshiba P300 1TB. This HDD type hard drive spins at 7200 rpm, giving it a higher speed than 5400 drives. This high speed is perfect for a gaming PC since it will reduce your loading times in-game.

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The 1TB capacity will allow you to easily store all your favorite video games. In short, there is not much to say about this hard drive, it is simple and efficient.

Power supply Aerocool 550W

Power supply – Aerocool 550W

The power supply for our gaming PC is a 550W Aerocool. The high power of this power supply is due to the RX 5700 graphics card which tends to consume a lot.

Our 550W power supply is semi-modular, which means that all cables are detachable and can be changed except those connecting the power supply to the motherboard. In addition, the power supply is certified 80+ bronze which means that it has better electrical efficiency and therefore consumes less. For a gaming PC, having this type of power supply is quite important because the components consume a lot more in the game, and therefore having a better performance ensures a lower electricity bill.

Housing Corsair Carbide 270R

Housing – Corsair Carbide 270R

Here is the last component of this PC configuration at 900$, the case. For this component, we wanted to keep it simple and take a case that is efficient while remaining sober and discreet. Our choice was therefore oriented towards this Corsair Carbide 270R case.

This case will allow you to accommodate a 360mm radiator at the front, a 240mm radiator at the top and a 120mm radiator at the rear.

The performance of the Gamer PC at 900 USD

Obviously, it would be stupid to buy a computer without knowing the performance that it will be able to deliver. This is why I suggest you discover below the performances that our config delivers at 900 $ in game. These benchmarks will be distributed by game, and for each of them you will have the graphic options and the resolution in detail.

  • On The Witcher 3, our PC averages 120 fps at 1080p with high graphics.
  • Far Cry New Dawn runs very well on this gaming PC, as it averages 118 fps at 1080p, all with maximum graphics on most graphics options.
  • Apex Legends meanwhile gets an average of 131 fps, still in 1080p this time with ultra graphics.
  • Finally, Grand Theft Auto 5 averages 101 fps with the graphics set to “very high”.

As you can see, all games have no trouble running on this $ 900 configuration. Obviously, if you play at higher resolutions, the frames per second may drop sharply.