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Compare: Audeze EL-8 Open-Back vs Bose QuietComfort 25

Hey guys we are back with some interesting stuff for you. Here we have two over-ear noise-canceling headphones, Audeze EL-8 and Bose QuietComfort QC 25. The QC 25 known as well established player in the market whereas the Audeze EL-8 is known as a value for money proposition. So we will compare these two to help to choose a better product between these two.

Audeze EL-8Bose QuietComfort QC 25
Easily drivenQuite Comfortable
Stunning DesignGood Sound Quality
Midrange is quite goodStrong build
Veiled soundBulky
too laid backSlightly expensive


Audeze EL-8Bose QuietComfort QC 25
TypeGaming HeadsetGaming Headset
ColorsBlack,Silver Black, White
Weight460 Grams6.9 ounces

The Audeze EL-8 headphones are not mostly recommended for public usage, however, their excellent audio performance outshines
several design difficulties. On the other side In the last few years after the Bose QuietComfort 25 did launch, there are some other class-leading headphones that had come toward the exhibition however without a doubt QC25s remain without moving anywhere amongst one of the best noise-canceling headphones present in the market.


Audeze EL-8Bose QuietComfort QC 25
TypeOver EarOver Ear(Closed)
Noise CancellingYesNo
Weight460 Grams6.9 ounces
Foldable DesignYesYes

The build of Audeze EL-8 is good and one thing you will feel is that these feel incredible in the hand they are ridiculously solid. They are some of the most solid feeling headphones you’ve ever used. But it’s just a feeling you can’t see this on but the hinge on this side moves very easily this does not there you can easily move with one finger this one I bend my headband you have to physically take and turn to make it move there’s a lot of inconsistencies in the build which is relatively disappointing the paint on top all of this paint scratches very easily. They are glued on so you can’t really change these out unless you want to one Voyager warranty and to glue on new pads and overall you will feel like they’re lacking in comfort the band on top is not very sufficient and they weigh a lot, means these are ridiculously heavy.

When it comes to the design and build quality the QC 25 is well-thought-out and it makes incremental improvements over the QC 15 on almost every front, for example, smart enhancements were added to this headphone. Just like the rubber guard around the ear cups, this not only improves the comfort but it’s also functional by protecting the finish of these headphones. When laying them down on a table or storing them in their case as the ear cups won’t scratch against each other when being folded up the QC25 is minimized a contemporary design has less flash than its predecessor. With a choice between either a gray and black look or the tan and white combination you also have the option of personalizing your headphones through color wave which is available through Bose’s website for an extra hundred dollars. In terms of build quality, these do have a plastic feel to them just as the QC 15 did but they’re still well built and durable. You can stretch the headphones horizontally or bend them sideways without causing any damage regarding comfort the QC25 is one of the most comfortable headphones in existence.

They are incredibly light for an over your headphone weighing in at just 6.9 ounces without the cable the headband is added with a bit of cushion inside for extra comfort and like the QC 15 you can also adjust the size of the headphones using a click adjustment, there’s plenty of room here even if you have a large head also you don’t have to worry about these slipping off your head because they give a secure fit without being clamping at all the ear cups have plenty of room even if you have larger ears and they also swivel 90 degrees for easier storage. The earpads are very plush feeling and you can comfortably wear these all day long without any discomfort around your ears head or jaw.


Audeze EL-8Bose QuietComfort QC 25
USBDAC/3.5mm3.5 MM
Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeNoNo
Stereo speakers

Talking about the features. For Apple users, these headphones make some good sense to you. These headphones not only get a lightning cable plus a mic/remote. Audeze worked all excuses and delivered in a DAC and amplifier. And also not forget about the Audeze app, which appears including a host of equalizer functions. The EL-8 seems not comes with active noise cancellation (ANC) technology like the Bose QC 35 though the noise isolation through the passive noise cancellation is great. They come with an in-line control option with the lightning cable which sounds great for apple users. 

Each headphone manufacturer does give amazing individual features, making their headphones different from others. In controls, the QC 25 has an auxiliary port on a left earcup toward the point of contact for the included three-foot 3.5mm cable with inline controls. When it comes to active noise cancellation Bose is simply the best and the QC25 truly decimates all low-end noise airplane engines and similar type noises disappear on these making them perfect for use on airplanes, trains, and buses in the subway. Even just walking next to a road it’s impressive how much these dampen the noise of passing cars. 


Audeze EL-8Bose QuietComfort QC 25
Bluetooth Range

As all, we know both these devices do not come with Bluetooth functionality. The regular headphone cord combined with the EL-8 attaches to each ear through Audeze’s “zync” connections and ends within a 3.5mm plug. An 0.25-inch headphone jack adapter also you will get with it. You can additionally pick from a mixture of cords you will get beside your headphones. The QC25 does come with a cable which also comes with an in-line mic. This cable connects to a 3.5mm headphone jack for seamless connectivity.

Which is better!

Both of these headphones are good but in terms of every perception, the Bose QC 25 is better than the Audeze EL-8. This means QC 25 does comes with better sound quality, better build quality, and comparatively with a better ANC feature. So we can straightly recommend you that you should go for the QC 25 than the Audeze EL-8.


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