Compare: HyperX cloud core 7.1 wireless vs Cloud stinger wireless

HyperX cloud core 7.1 wireless VS Cloud stinger wireless

We are back again with another interesting comparison. HyperX is famous for its value for money gaming peripherals. Also, the gaming headsets from HyperX is quite popular among gaming lovers and pro gamers. So, today we will compare two headsets from the HyperX which are Hyperx cloud core 7.1 wireless VS Cloud stinger wireless to know which one better for your choices.


HyperX cloud core 7.1 wireless

Cloud stinger wireless

Pros and Cons

17 hours of battery life.Comfortable fit.
Great fit.Comfortable ear cups.
Microphone quality is top-notch.Reasonable price.
Feature-light software.Tough to adjust fit.
Competition has way better audio.No customization.


Release date5 August 202011 February 2019
TypeOver EarOver Ear
Battery life17 Hours17 Hours
Weight508 g270 g

When it comes to gaming the gaming headsets are paly very vital role gaming accessory to play gaming with great perfection. In this article we’ve got two different Hyperx wireless headsets we’re going to compare got the cloud stinger core and we’re going to compare that to the cloud stinger both of these are advertising 17 hours battery life 40-millimeter drivers. They’re both also compatible with the PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS4 Pro. So the cloud stinger core is currently 79.99 on online selling platforms. And we think that the Cloud stinger is just a little bit less pricey than that of the Cloud Stinger Core.


TypeOver EarOver Ear
Noise CancellingYesYes
Weight508 g270 g
Foldable DesignNoNo

HyperX Cloud Stinger Core Wireless

Cloud stinger wireless

The Cloud Stinger Core these are pretty lightweight they’ve got sort of a cloth material on the ear cups nice and, thick, and feel pretty soft. Also, pretty good padding on the headband with the same mesh material you’ve got your flipped mute microphone, which seems nice. You’ll be able to put that in just about any position also on the left-hand side. You’ve got your power button, volume wheel, and USB Type C charging port. Besides this, you will get pretty typical metal adjustable sliders, and it looks like it opens up to pretty much anyone size head. Also seems pretty durable when you flex it, and you don’t hear any creaking, so that’s good, and unfortunately, this one does not fold flat. But overall a pretty nice-looking headset, especially if you’re looking for a white one.

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So now let’s take a look at the Hyperx Cloud Stinger and see how it compares. Unfortunately, this one is a micro USB instead of USB Type C. At first, you will think this one is a little heavier but it’s not by much. If it is this feels a little bit higher quality especially the ear cups they’re super soft. It’s got to be a memory foam material it just feels a little bit cheaper on the core compared to another one. Plus you will like the leatherette material over the cloth mesh. The same thing with the headband it feels nice and soft with the leatherette material even though this is a similar design as the stinger core. The ear cups on this one fold flat which is always nice to have looked like you’ve got pretty much the same fold the mute microphone on this one. Although for some reason it flips a lot harder there’s a lot more resistance on this one. Also, you will get the same metal sliders on this one. Now the control on this one is a little bit different you’ve got the volume wheel on the right-hand side and then your power and charging port on the left. So overall very similar build quality as the stinger core and you can see them next to each other they’re pretty much the same size, this one has pretty much the same adjustability. When it comes to how far you can spread the ear cups apart and they seem pretty durable as well you will feel like you get a little bit more high-end or premium feel with the cloud stinger over the core. But overall you like what you will see on both of these gaming headsets.

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Music ControlsYesYes
Quick ChargeNoNo
Stereo speakersYesYes

All we knew that the gaming headsets won’t come with a host of features and especially the budget gaming headsets, will only offer the primary features which are essential for gaming. They both get a very useful mute function, and also have control is placed on the device which is a very good thing.


Battery Type1 Lithium Polymer1 Lithium Polymer
Battery Life17 Hours17 Hours
Charge TimeApprox. 1.5 HoursApprox 1.5 Hours
Charging PortUSB-CUSB-C

In terms of battery life, both headsets are very good and stand with claimed battery life pretty well. Both of these are advertised to have a 17 hours battery life, which we think more than sufficient. And you could surely enjoy your long gaming sessions without any issues.


USB Sound CardYesYes

Both headsets are working with the wireless dongle which works pretty well. Plugging these two headsets into the PC or PS4 is truly a plug-and-play scenario. There were no drivers to download updates or bloatware necessary, simply plug in the dongle, turn on the headphones and put them on playing control sounds, and then just enjoy your game.

Which is better!

Both of these headsets are very identical in terms of design and features. But they have a little price difference. So we suggest that you should spend a little more money and go for the Hyperx cloud core 7.1 wireless to get good sound quality, mic quality with a genuine premium and luxurious feel.

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