Compare the Best: MacBook Air 2020 vs DELL XPS 13

MacBook Air 2020 vs DELL XPS 13 Comparision

We always talk about some good comparative windows laptops that we think would be better in terms of performance over the current MacBook Air. And one of those laptops happens to be the Dell XPS 13.

MacBook Air 2020

MacBook Air 2020 front

DELL XPS 13 front


Pros and Cons

MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
Loaded with Useful AppsSmooth keyboard and trackpad
Great battery lifeInfinityEdge display
Storage starts at 256GBThin and compact
Larger TrackpadOptional 4K display
Webcam 720p resolutionAverage battery life

General Info

MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
SeriesAir 2020XPS 13
Weight1.29 Kg1.28 Kg
OSMacOSWindows 10 Home 64-bit
Display13.3 Inch13.4 Inch

MacBook Air 2020 vs DELL XPS 13 Size differences

Design-wise they’re very similar in terms of weight 2.8 pounds for the MacBook Air compared to 2.6 to the Dell XPS 13. The 13 is also smaller it has a smaller form factor the actual thickness of the laptop is thinner, it’s just an easier laptop to carry around. But we will give the MacBook Air this though, it is a much better-built laptop there’s more finesse in the aluminium the CNC job is superior. It’s not the XPS 13 is bad they did a fantastic job it’s just there are no clean cuts around the sides, there’s more of an angular cut making it feel a bit more rough compared to the Air.


MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
Processor NameIntel i5-1.1GHz
Intel i7-1.2GHz
Intel i5-1035G1
Intel i7-1065G7
RAM8/16 GB DDR4 8/16 GB DDR4
Storage256 SSD
Configurable to 512GB, 1TB
512 GB / 1 TB


MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
Graphic ProcessorIntel Iris Plus GraphicsIntel Iris Plus
Clockspeed1.1 GHz2.3GHz
ProcessorIris PlusIntel HD 520

MacBook Air 2020 vs DELL XPS 13 Geekbench scaled

Now performance is obvious we know the Dell XPS 13 has a more powerful u series i5 processor compared to the modified y series processor inside of the MacBook Air. If you’re a developer and you’re willing to install Linux or even use windows you’ll find that your compile times will be faster with the Dell XPS 13. The MacBook Air on the other hand always runs hot it’s just the way it was designed, it’s not overheating it’s just apple allows its thermals to hit a hundred degrees.

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MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
Display TypeIPS DisplayHDR Display
Display Size13.3 Inch13.4 Inch
Display Resolution1680×1050 Pixels4K anti-reflective 500 nits (touch)
Display TouchscreenYesYes
Dimensions304.1 x 212.4 x 16.1304 x 235 x 15.0  mm
Aspect ratio16:1016:10

The displays on both of these laptops are good but there are some key differences. First of all 13.3-inch display on the MacBook air compared to 13.4 on the Dell XPS 13. The other thing to note is the bezel size the MacBook Air looks like it has significantly chunkier bezels compared to the Dell XPS 13. They’re not huge but they’re definitely noticeable sitting beside the windows laptop. The other thing to note is that you do get more pixel density with the MacBook Air this is a QHD display compared to full HD on the Dell XPS 13. However, you do have to use a glossy glass display which will give you more reflections on the Air. The Dell XPS 13 is using a matte display so there’s very little reflection.


MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
Web-cam720p FaceTime HD camera720p camera
FeatureDolby Atmosstereo speakers
Microphone JackYesYes
Usd Slots22
Wireless LanIEEE 802.11a/b/g/Wi-Fi 6

MacBook Air 2020 vs DELL XPS 13 Size difference

The sound on both of these laptops are great Dell XPS 13 is one of the better sounding ultrabooks this year. Speakers are still downward-facing but they did a good job of getting them loud and getting them to sound nice and crisp. MacBook Air, on the other hand, we personally think sounds a bit better than the Dell XPS 13.

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MacBook Air 2020Dell XPS 13
Battery BackupUp to 12 hours12-19 hours
Battery Adapter30W USB C Power45 W AC Adapter W
Battery TypeLithium‑polymerLithium‑polymer

Battery life is also better on the Dell XPS 13, 15 hours of use before needing to charge compared to 8 to 10 on the MacBook Air.

Which is better!

The MacBook Air is a nice update from the previous model and it offers a lot more finesse over the Dell XPS 13. However we personally feel that the Dell XPS 13 offers a lot more value, it’s a lot faster, it has better battery life. There’s a bit of expandability you have the options of getting different types of displays and you have slightly more ports. The MacBook Air on the other hand gives you what most people want when they’re looking at a MacBook and that’s mac OS if you prefer mac OS over windows.