Logitech G102 vs G203: What Is The Difference

Logitech G102 vs G203 What Is The Difference

Logitech G102 vs G203: What Is The Difference

Logitech G102 vs G203: What Is The Difference: The Swiss manufacturer, Logitech, has been around since 1981. The company began to see widespread success near the turn of the millennium. Although its primary focus is on manipulators, Logitech also makes headsets, webcams, console accessories, and a plethora of other products.

The Logitech G102 and G203 mice are the focus of today’s in-depth examination. Despite its conventional appearance, the manufacturer claims that the Logitech G Hub software allows for unlimited personalization for use in both gaming and other applications.

Logitech’s G series of wired gaming mice is the perfect solution. In terms of popularity, the Logitech G102 and G203 Prodigy gaming mice show a remarkable likeness. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of these two top-rated gaming mice.

G102 Gen 2 Lightsync and G102 Progidy are the two current market versions of G102, each with a distinct price tag. The price of G102 Progidy is expected to range from $30 to $40

Box Includes

The mice come wrapped in a neat package that shouts “Logitech’s signature quality.” Inside, you’ll find the mouse, a Logitech sticker, a thank you note (a small detail many users will appreciate), and warranty papers. The packaging subtly indicates that the company values its customers.

Pros and Cons

Logitech G102Logitech G203
Right Fits all hand sizes wellRight Fits all hand sizes well.
Right Feels very well-builtRight Feels very well-built
Right Great software supportRight Great software support
Right Good optical sensorRight Good optical sensor
Right Customizable RGB lightingRight Rainbow effect lightsync RGB
Wrong Compatibility issueWrong Cable isn’t very flexible


Logitech G102Logitech G203
TypeGaming / E-SportsGaming / E-Sports
Cable Length210 cm210 cm
Connector TypeUSBUSB
Sensitivity8,000 dpi8,000 dpi
Latency1 ms1 ms
Dimensions4.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches4.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight3 oz3 oz
ColorsBlack, WhiteBlack, White
SoftwareLogitech G HubLogitech G Hub


There is no difference between the Logitech G102 and G203 in design. The Logitech G102 (left) and G203 (right) are identical save for the G’s colour, which varies from one hue to another due to its RGB lighting.

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Logitech G102 vs G203 Front

That’s correct; the Logitech G102 and G203 are almost identical gaming mice, and that’s because they are. Logitech initially released the G102 in Asia before rebranding it as the G203 in the US.

As a result, the Logitech G102 and G203 Prodigy mice sport the same traditional housing inspired by the Logitech G100S mouse, which was a popular choice for eSports professionals in the past. They are comfortable to handle and use thanks to their symmetrical design and soft matte finish.

Logitech G102 vs G203 rear

There is an LED strip on each side of the G-series logo that may be configured to light up as desired. It’s called LIGHTSYNC technology from Logitech, and it’s capable of illuminating 16.8 million colours. In either white or black, this faint RGB illumination adds a lovely touch to the mouse.

Logitech G102 vs G203 3

The Logitech G102 and G203 contain six customizable buttons that may be used right out of the box, just like most gaming mice. The DPI buttons on the bottom of the mouse wheel allow you to adjust between up to five different sensitivity levels, while the rubberized, notched wheel makes accurate scrolling possible.

Logitech G102 vs G203 2


Both the G102 and G203 come with:

  • LIGHTSYNC RGB: Offers customizable lighting colors and patterns.
  • Programmable Buttons: These mice have six programmable buttons to enhance your gaming or working experience.
  • DPI Range: Adjustable between 200 to 8000 DPI, catering to all types of users. The higher the DPI, the more sensitive the mouse is.
  • Response Time: A fantastic 1 millisecond! This makes a significant difference in fast-paced games where every millisecond counts.

Both the G102 and the G203 from Logitech offer the same set of capabilities. The Logitech G102 and G203 come with 6 buttons that can be linked to each other in order to make your gaming experience more efficient. Most games allow you to do this directly in-game, but the Logitech G HUB software, a full customization suite designed exclusively for the G-series gaming mouse, also allows you to do so.

Logitech G102 vs G203 1

It’s possible to build button mappings ranging from simple keys to shortcuts and other keyboard instructions using the Logitech G HUB. As a bonus, you can use macros to do numerous actions at once. Your animation can be timed to other compatible Logitech peripherals or keyboards using the LIGHTSYNC wave pattern and colours available in the app.

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There are five preset levels of sensitivity to choose from with the DPI cycle button on the Logitech G102 or G203. In the G HUB options, you can alter these levels to acquire the control you prefer for any game.

Logitech G HUB saves your preferences in the G102 and G203’s internal memory, allowing you to use them on various computers with the same results. If you have many gadgets, it’s a terrific way to increase your quality of life by just plugging them in.

Logitech G Hub software

Logitech G Hub software

The Logitech G Hub software unlocks all the cool features of the mouse. In the “Settings” tab, which you’ll find in the top-right corner, you can change things like the time the backlight stays on, the language, and some other choices. Want to change the mouse’s light? The lighting chart lets you control the glow, make your own lighting effects, and even match the light with other devices. And there are so many colors to choose from!

If you hop over to the “assign” tab, you get to decide what each button on the mouse does. You can set them up for certain actions, create macros, or even change some controls that work all over your computer. Want to change how fast or slow the mouse pointer moves? In the 3 sensitivity tabs, you can adjust the DPI speed. And guess what? You can even set it by steps of 50, starting from the lowest DPI.


With a DPI of up to 8000 and a response time of 1 millisecond, both the G102 and G203 ensure top-notch performance, especially in gaming scenarios. Most users might not max out the DPI, but it’s nice to have the option.


Cable: One of the main differences between the Logitech G102 and G203 is the cable. The Logitech G102 has a braided anti-quality cable, which some people find too thick, while the Logitech G203 has a smooth, flexible rubber cable, which is more standard.

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Plastic texture: The texture of the plastic on the Logitech G203 is slightly rougher compared to the G102. However, this difference is negligible, and they are essentially the same.

Middle button: The middle button on the Logitech G203 seems better than the G102, as it is not as hard to press and is quieter.

Weight: The Logitech G102 weighs around 85 grams, whereas the Logitech G203 weighs approximately 80 grams. The difference in weight could be due to the different materials used.

Sensor: The Logitech G102 has a 3366 sensor, whereas the Logitech G203 has a sensor that performs at approximately 80% as well as the 3366. However, the Logitech G203 performs just as well as the Logitech G102, with no latency issues or tracking problems.

Price: The Logitech G203 is significantly cheaper than the Logitech G102, making it a more affordable option for those who want a high-quality gaming mouse.

Conclusion: Logitech G102 vs G203

The Logitech G102 and G203 are perfect gaming mice for beginners who are watching their budget. You can customize their components, enhancing their adaptability and impressive capabilities. They both offer many features like DPI, lighting effects, software, and buttons.

Both G102 and G203 have a universal shape, so you can use them with either hand easily. They fit comfortably in your hand, whether you use a palm or claw grip. The mice are made of durable plastic that won’t bend under pressure and won’t make a creaky sound.

Are you into gaming or just want a versatile mouse? The G102 and G203 will serve you well. Even though they might not look fancy, they deliver top-notch performance. You might even want to take a chance with the G102 mouse.

To sum it up, the Logitech G102 and G203 are very alike, with only slight differences in their cable, plastic texture, middle button, weight, and sensor. The G203 is more budget-friendly, making it a top pick for gamers who don’t want to break the bank for a quality mouse.

Is Logitech G102 and G203 the same?

Logitech G102 and G203 are two different types of mice with similar features.

What is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech G Hub is software that lets you customize and control various features of your Logitech gaming devices, including mice.

Is the Logitech G102 suitable for a claw grip?

Yes, the Logitech G102 made specifically for the claw grip, and many users who prefer this grip style have given it positive reviews.

Does Logitech G102 have RGB?

The Logitech G102 supports Logitech LightSync RGB, which offers 16.8 million colors.

Is the Logitech G Hub software compatible with all Logitech devices?

The Logitech G Hub is mainly designed for Logitech’s gaming range of products. It’s best to check the compatibility list on Logitech’s website.